Hey You! What Song are you Listening to? NEW YORK

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*Subscribe* more videos coming soon. Asking random New Yorkers with headphones on what song they are listening to. Tracklist: 1 The Bee Gees: More Than A Woman 2 Fenix TX: Abba Zabba 3 Eminem: Not Afraid 4 Keni Burke: Keep Rising to the Top 5 Beyonce: Smash Into You 6 LCD Soundsystem: Dance Yrself Clean 7 The Black Keys: Too Afraid To Love You 8 Kanye West: Blame Game 9 Kinky: Mas 10 Lil Wayne: Lollipop 11 Oasis: What's the Story Morning Glory 12 Frank Sinatra: The Best Is Yet To Come 13 Korn: Counting on Me1 14 Britney Spears: How I Roll 15 Panic! At the Disco: From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins 16 Kid Cudi: Day 'n' Night 17 Bob Marley: Buffalo Solider 18 Wiz Khalifa: Black & Yellow 19 Big Punisher: Still Not A Player 20 NPR2 21 Tub Ring: No One Wants To Play 22 Lady Gaga: Just Dance


IsseTV : My God. She is listening to Frank Sinatra while walking in New York. Who is that wonderful lady.

savannahlighthouse : @2:48 i absolutely love the way that woman says Frank Sinatra :)

T Cook : There is just something cool about this :)

Berrymouse : Of course Mr Bob Marley is at 4:20

Seth Gaertner : This is great video. When you listen to music on headphones, it's like you're in your own world. It's interesting how we can have one idea of a person and then hear the song they are listening to and our idea changes.

Steven Estrada : The woman at 2:42 always makes me smile. "By who?" "Frank Sinatra!"

S k : Panic at the disco girl was unorthodox cute


Julian Sp : 5:35 Gotta love friendly people answering him and all. He even threw the banana into the bag for it.

NeutralObjections : 2:46 Man, I'd buy that lady a drink, if I could.

el ayaychi amine : That woman listening to frank sintara know what's upp

Hugo Conceição : done in 2011? omg more of this please... Dude @ 2:30 Oasis! yeahhhhh

Hautch : "What song are you listening to?" "Darude - Sandstorm"

Kidbx175 : we need another video for 2014

Ben Phone : 2:33 is that a cork city fc hat ? hahahahaha what a small club to reach so far

TMIN TUGH : was Kid Cudi listening to his own song?

Stephanosaurus : That girl at 3:45 was very pretty and had a beautiful smile and im gay...so no hetero i guess ... idk xD

Bruce Wayne : Frank Sinatra is the best for NYC 

Leunam : I feel like the guy that said lollipop by lil Wayne was trolling by his facial expression

Swiss MT07 : It's since 2011 when this video came out that I have been watching it ahah we need a 2016 version!! 😁 for some reasons it makes me happy everytime I watch it

lucyha : I think my favorite part of this video is the dude at the end who just casually drops his half-eaten banana into a plastic bag so he can get to his iPod.

Blonde Ambition : That girl at 3:44 is so cute! I loved her song too

Chris Koelsch : why does no one know what the hell they're listening to without looking

Vinicius Ferreira : Dude, that girl at 3:57 . . . I would love to meet her.

Nikita Serov : "Korn - Counting On Me" - great song

guess I'll die : 3:46 That gurl has some good taste

PHC D : what lovely people.Funny how they all were willing to talk and yet cocooned themselves with earphones.

Artofficial : Was not expecting dat Fenix TX

jackhands31 : Thanks to the guy at 01:18 for introducing me to LCD Soundsystem.

Kevtb87 : There's something really beautiful about this video.

marquee moon : Bless that guy who's listening to Oasis.

TheSpongeyFrog : I was pissing my self when the guy at the end dropped his peeled banana into his bag lol.

Gabriel Gilbert : Frank Sinatra!

Dennis Smedsrud : 5:33 Throws whole banana into the bag

boomslang1812 : Thanks to the guy in 1:36, i knew the black keys and i'm grateful for that :)

Armando G. : Astonishing. The girl that was listening to Panic! At The Disco was extremely cute.

Crusader Knight : 4:28 i SO saw that coming, that guy's awesome xD

percyspanda : Someone was listening to Panic!


Felix Ihejetoh : Darude- Sandstorm

peanut : Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

Saad Alam : 5:30 did that guy just throw away an entire banana!?

RLR PLP : Barcelona - 175,000 views Berlin - 283,000 views Amsterdam - 251,000 views LOL New York - 3,100,000 views WOO HOO :D

Answer4canceR : They keep looking down at something.. Are you wearing some sort of sign?

MaxBrilhart : 1:20 The guy likes LCD Soundsystem!

Alex Bruce : This makes me happy for some reason.

nieckq : Haha wtf did that guy in the end just put his banana in the plastic bag? :')) Hahaha

Mershell : 1:16 thanks to this dude, dace yourself clean is one of my favourite songs now :D

Noah jo : Darude - Sandstorm