Norm MacDonald - David Letterman - 01-07-1998

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schmidtzcargolbull : Norm is so humble about the whole situation. Doesn't want to bad mouth anyone and acts as if the world owes him nothing.

Aleander : What happened to THAT Letterman? He's not been this enganging for YEARS.

Miles Finnch : A perfect line for Norm would of been, "You know that Don Oholmeyer guy....that guy's a real jerk

Nate S : You got any gum?!

Cate M. : 7:43 "He said to me, he says to me, he says..."

wonderguardstalker : No wonder Norm cried when Letterman went off the show. Letterman is just so fucking nice.

primitivodemetrio : Norm MacDonald > Seth Meyers

drbryant23 : This is outstanding comedy - serious topic, and very little appears prepared.  Amazing how good Norm was back then and Letterman is perfect

whitedevil2 : Letterman is such a douche.  he has nothing good to say about anyone from NBC, ever.  accept apparently Norm.  the whole time he's trying to get Norm to say something inflammatory about his still current employers

Paul Ainsile : My two most favorite entertainment funny fellas. The old man would tell me Johnny Carson was the master, nobody would come close. Letterman,in my opinion, is the b's knees. At 12 years old I thought he was zany, enigmatic, funny. At 42 I realize I lack the vernacular to elucidate the monumental influence he and his [comedic] peers have bestowed. Comedic potency is gifted to the very few, not unlike the ability for melodic structure. The beatles, The Stones, Simon and Garfunkel etc. Comedy prowess, to me, should be thus rewarded. Then again, someone farts, i still laugh.

Davis Nafshun : 7:40 - One of the best lines from Norm: "He said to me he says to me he says .... (Pause for Laughter)" - hilarious

Nikki K : Norm is so sexy!

ladamaperfecta7 : I could watch Norm all day :)

Peter Bonde : My two heroes!

ViolentLee : What makes Norm great is his jokes seem to come from discovery. Like he's finding out the punchline the same time we are.

Chester Snapdragon McPhisticuff : I like how they were playing "Purple Haze" during the commercial breaks

MKM : "All of a sudden I realize that my father's dead", hahaha. Oh man that was so damn funny.

Adam Smith : Even if I'm flat broke and homeless, I would buy Norm a beer.

gribbleparts : Why did LM duck calling on Norm's behalf? He could have tried. All his offers to help dissolved into nothing or jokes.' Norm was fired because he made fun of OJ and the producer and OJ were friends .. that's the reason most likely.

NeopantomIme : Weekend Update Hasn't Been The Same Since Norm Left ->.

lynagy him : I love how much Dave loves Norm.

Emil Osorio Llanos : In all honesty, this has to be one of the best entertainment interviews ever.

funforalgernon : You guys are ridiculous. Letterman had Norm on several times as the first guest in the months following the firing, which helped keep Norm in the public consciousness until he landed his next gig with the ABC show.

FilipM1 : As a Norwegian, I can tall you (few individuals who maybe care) that Quisling was an actuall person - Vidkun Quisling. He was a Norwegian politician who, after Germany invaded Norway, supported them and took their side during the war. After the war ended he was labeled a traitor and sentenced to death. And from there you get the saying; being a quisling.

snuff meister : this might be the oldest video on youtube i ever watched.

TheGuitaristNate : Don Ohlmeyer: "Yeah, I'm firing you from the show." Norm: "Oh, that's not good. Why's that now?" Don Ohlmeyer: "You're not funny..." Norm: "Oh, lord, that's even worse news." This story made me laugh to tears. Norm's a genius.

Larry Davis : Lol the transition music is Purple Haze

bobby brown : i love how letterman is standing up for norm, hes a comedy original.

Bondek : the man, the myth, the legend.

John Burwood : I laughed so hard my guts hurt. Does Norm have no mercy? lol

nomadcowatbk : would they had fired Norm if Dole won in 96?

Christopher Holcomb : Norm McDonald is a true hero of mine.

Tanmart Selby : This is Grade-A shit stirring.....and I love it!

John Cook : On netflix I watched every episode from SNL 1990 to 1998 and saw all of Norm's Weekend Update episodes. He was the best weekend update anchor ever on SNL I loved it!

Matt Stevens : I saw this interview when it first aired. Laughed my ass off then and laughed my ass off now.

1 AlaskanAssassin : "But then I sobered up and I realized that ah....I still had some Whiskey left!"

Karemaker : Letterman doesn't like many people and you can tell the majority of his guests he secretly can't wait to see them leave, but he genuinely likes Norm

Densemankat : Late 90s and everyone is loving the "tell the boss to go screw" angle. Stone Cold Norm Macdonald.

Davis Nafshun : You walk into a room and then everybody will stop talking, and then so you go "Hey were you just talking about how you were glad I got fired from the update?" and they go "No, no, we were talking about HATS".

David Curry : NBCiles haha get it

Herman Nugent : I watched it when Norm was doing Update and it was crazy funny. He dragged jokes out over and over again and it was genius. The fact that OJ got away with murder and how he made fun of that EVERY CHANCE HE GOT was brilliant. In comes the president of NBC who was friends with OJ and didn't find the jokes funny and fires him from Update. Total bullshit! Colin Quinn ISN'T FUNNY THE WHOLE TIME, after! LAME! I love how Letterman supports him and pretty much calls out everyone's BS at NBC. Awesome!

Roman Bielskis : 8:13 Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze

Chris Turton : Happy Hour Don!

Brian Dawkins : that whiskey line kills me every time

ScruffyMoltisanti : best letterman interview I've ever seen. he actually seemed like a funny and decent guy. and he let Norm go on for about 6-7 minutes more than the guests usually get. canæt blame him, Norm is funny everytime he opens his mouth.

CR King : norm leaving snl was the final nail in the coffin for the show; it was no longer funny afterwards

neapolitan500 : Dave and Norm have a great chemistry.

Chris Slonske : Colin is a good writer. He has his own style of comedy. You're right though. He wasn't good at Weekend update one bit.

The Crawdad : "he also thinks OJ is innocent" HAHA keep hittin that norm haha.

Bjørn Helge Nesheim : SNL hasn't been funny since the days of Eddie Murphy. There've been a few good performes, (like Norm) but the show itself is shit. Farley, Spade, Sandler and Nealon have never been, and will never be funny.