Bull Whip Vs Mini BodyBuilder

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TheBellLife : Trey gets to feel the pain this time😂😂 Please Like/Share and as always SUBSCRIBE👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #TheBellLife #CrazyWhiteBoyz

STS Telecom : LMFAO!!! These guys are a cure for depression.

Riv & Reb : Calling a body builder "Mini body builder" probably cut him deeper then any bull whip ever could

Big Meats : Roid Rage

Tristan White : He gets so angry even though he wanted to do it

Kent Brian : Mini Brock Lesnar

Zilvr : Tyler1 in 20 years

Christopher Meyers : I wish Dumb Dumb would have used all his force on the last one then haul ass out of there. It's funny seeing Trey get mad. I love this channel lol.

WHITE BOY DANCER : I have not laughed so damn hard in my life !😂😂😂

SkinnyJC : It hit you in the mole “your a mole”😂😂😂😂

Lotion : Now that’s a lot of damage

Luka : roid rage

Bishop Medcalf : Take it like slaves did

Gavin D. : Alright guys. Drinking competition. That's what I want to see. Enough of this hurting each other, let's see which brother can drink the other under the table! GO

Daniel Garrett : Finally dumb dumb gets some pay back.. 😂😂😂... can't wait to catch you all on Wednesday..

Doug : we dont even got to whip these white mf's they will just whip themselves.

Josh : haha this big strong guy taking a few little whips and he's whining....dang, Jesus taking the cat of nine tails whip shredding apart his back 39 times over; that's pretty intense. I'm very glad I have never been whipped.

Sam R : More Trey as the “victim” of these please. His reactions are hilarious. Best video y’all have done in a while!

arthur kitchen : Dude, have you not seen slave pictures? There should be a large, bloody, line where it hits!!!

Joe Carney : "You're a mole!" You guys kill me. Love it

Ufc Prodigy : You guys should have at this point like 1.3 million subs to 1.7 million at this point right now honestly just got a new sub

Chris Mcquay : i feel like im trying to poop😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Danny R : "He is the brother" and "YOUR A MOLE!" Lol you guys are fun to watch. Way to step up to the plate Trey 🛎life keep the videos coming

Davis Smith : Yesterday on my day off I spent my time watching every video y’all had this is definitely my new favorite channel on YouTube

Chris Sisco : Where's the paper towels!!!!

Jared Hill : 😂😂😂👍👍👍👍 You should have a bench press competition and after every rep you get tased.

Jay Walker : Mini body builder ..lol i love ya .guys ... and we all love Houston vs.... ..hahaha get his ass with that whip .lol your awesome guys keepem coming..hahahaha

Batashi Waw : Can't wait for the day when Trey cracks dumb dumb' skull😂😂😂😂

JY 25 : Oh man, the whole time Justin was terrified. He was ready to run for his life after every crack of the whip hahahahahaha. Hilarious hilarious hilarious. Damn that made my day.

Trash_EU_Pin g : Roid rages holyyy

Travis Holmes : What with the awkward shirt holding?

triflind : So gay!!

Raymond ebjr : Almost thought trey was gonna try and pop your head off lmfao. Excellent video

Jeff Beaird : 5:28 “Turn the other way” haha made me spit out my Popeyes chicken..!!! Holy crap you guys are hilarious..!!!!!

Shawn White : I've never laughed so hard ever... I love you guys..

Michael Boyd FAM : Meow! You need to take your loving heart out and submit to slaving for anything to be a perfect successful. You two need hollwood MTV or something

Jeff P : You guys are awesome!

MikeUltra : Hahaha, i swear on everything that makes me walk.

i couldnt think of a username : Rather kinky

Skimo : gachiBASS Clap

MarshyJCars : This is so funny, haha

Vanessa Jones : Omg these videos are so funny the way you both ran lol im glad a came across this channel! Hello from Australia xo

Yung Trunks : lil roid rage

Steve Parker : HAHA this was like the three stooges, but with two of them😂, Trey seems to have a slightly lower pain tolerance. Haha 😂😂😁

Brandon Holland : If you breathe again I’m gonna punch you brains out

Random Swedish dude : ”I feel like im trying too poop”😂

Froggins : GachiBass

Frans Kokule : Hahah

mightybuffoon : Shoot some paintballs at that big guy. It will be easier to not hit the same spot.

out2 getme : You guy's are the best. My new favorite channel. You guy's are really funny.