Bull Whip Vs Mini BodyBuilder

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TheBellLife : Trey gets to feel the pain this time😂😂 Please Like/Share and as always SUBSCRIBE👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 #TheBellLife #CrazyWhiteBoyz

STS Telecom : LMFAO!!! These guys are a cure for depression.

Yxng_jason05 : Recommended what have u come to 😂

Sam m. : Since when does the guy that gets whipped Bully the guy that's whipping him.

isioma ekome : That guy looks walks and talks like Brock Lesnar

Marty P : Can you imagine how terrible it was for slaves. Some guy just cracking that thing as hard as he can. Just brutal man.

Jc Garcia : Asks to get whipped Gets whipped Gets angry for getting whipped

Its Rewtastic : YOU’RE A MOLE! 😂

Maximized pixelized : When you have the whip but run away from the guy getting whipped

Fiori : Easy choice, how could I not click on this

Guarishi : asks to be whipped gets whipped gets mad for being whipped

Riv & Reb : Calling a body builder "Mini body builder" probably cut him deeper then any bull whip ever could

Hypher_ LegendYT : He ask to get whipped Gets whipped Gets angry for getting whipped

So Awesomesauce : LMAO YouTube recommendation Working today

Sports Seb : The bell life from taco bell

-xOpTiiCx- : Oh yah bull whip is nothing it’s even worse for me

Mr Tony : Your a mole,lmao

sneakytashi : You two are freaking hilarious.

Logan James : In my opinion, all really buff guys are midgets that have a problem with society.

noah curtis : He's such a grumpy and mean brother he went through with it

Sexy Beast Nation : Most of the video is him yelling at him for hitting him and for not hitting him😂.

Tomo Roly : YOUR A MOLE

Chase The Heat : Hilarious.

bizzy bone : I swear I almost threw up laughing. U guys are awesome

Mackenzie Hunt : 4:34 look is face is so funny 😂😂😂

Hollow Eyes : Is he your dad?

noah curtis : Anger issues

Cody Weiss : Mini body builder: Gets whipped and fights through it Me: Gets the smallest paper cut and cries for days

Michael Duncombe : Trey your such a WIMP lol you would be no good as a Under cover agent. If you was getting interrogated you would be booing like a big girl sissy baby 🍼 lol 😆

charlie Ford : 👶this is jerrry 👕he is 0 👖how old can We get him 1 like=1year

Chris Leung : Pepper spray each other with Bear Pepper Spray until one quits.

Mike Gratacos : This has to be my favorite video on YouTube

Redskins Fan : Anyone that would thumbs down is a unfunny liberal lol

wyatt jones : More evidence this father is rude

Ooffed : Good memories, brings back flashbacks

hermis8 : Roid rage af 😁

James LaForge JR. : Good video father and son have a good relationship 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Nick 420 : Trey may be bigger and older but hes such a big baby!!

Jonathan S : Never in my day would I ever think I would see a white man whipping another white man 🤣🤣🤣

Mario Buenrostro : Uhh man that was my head 😂

Just TB : Should be titled “how to turn friends against each other”

David Anderson : I started watching your channel and I haven't laughed so hard in a long time...tyvm I needed it :-)

Rage G P : I see someones got ad's playing in their vids

Tristan White : He gets so angry even though he wanted to do it

Hizza Bizza : Roid rage?

jam emann : I thought this was felony fights when i saw the thumbnail 😂😂

Chris Vill : "Your a mole!" 😂

burnit 01 : I love when he is getting mad. LOL

the bull : Mini body builder, max roid rage.

1,000 subs a few vidz : *Just listen to the sensational sound of the whip cutting threw the wind*