Mommy Dead And Dearest : Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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Reny Putman : She shouldn’t be in prison, she needs mental help not a cell. She was being abused big time, poor woman

Leslie May-Popps : I met Gypsy Rose in 1999 in New Orleans when my newborn baby was undergoing tests for a condition he was born with. I remember a bright, friendly little girl of about 8 years old with a doting mother. She had a sweet face and a fairy voice. She introduced herself to me and I explained why I was there and that my baby boy was in the PICU. She hugged me and assured me that everything was going to be okay. I never forgot that interaction. It breaks my heart to know what abuse she experienced and continued enduring. Her mother got what she deserved in my opinion, just unfortunate that it had to come about with Gypsy’s involvement. It is a terrible injustice that Gypsy has this sentence. She should be allowed time already served under the care of that wretched woman.

Esteban Andres Villanueva : 😷 What about the surgeon's operating on her when there's no need to ? 💉 She was also drugged up & confined to a wheelchair all her life by force 💊.. Major abuse, totally fucked up, put her in a hospital... now I'm going to feel weird if i go to Disneyland.. 🤢

Vikki Smith : I honestly feel sorry for the girl she needs professional help not a jail cell what happened to her is so traumatic

Sorvea : In the first clip, she might have truly believed her mother was still alive. She spoke on Dr Phil about how she was still on her pain medications, because she thought she needed them, and was taking too many of them, so at this point at the interrogation room, she was coming down and detoxing from them. She said the only thing she knew was a lie, was that she could walk, she genuinely believed that she had all the illnesses her mother told her she had, that's why she took some of her medicine with her.

Kanooodle : What a monster her mother was

Aury Naranjo : This really is such a bad situation for everyone involved but i feel like the light at the end if the tunnel is the relationship she will be able to have with her dad and his wife. That gives hope that she has a better future ahead.

toni hynes : She never stood a chance. With her mother and then boyfriend.

titania maximoff : ironic how she like tangled and what happened to her seems similar. the manipulating mother, she and the boyfrined., . and disney., some kids can see their life through your fairytales and learn them the hard way, its just sad


Georgia Williams : What dede did to her daughter is so disgusting! Even more so the Doctors/Surgeons giving her procedures and medications that her body doesn't need. But dede was so manipulative I guess everyone was blinded. I feel so sorry for Gypsy😔 Her mother is an abusive manipulative liar and her boyfriend isn't the "Prince Charming" she's wanted. This poor girl was put through so much.

teascalz : The doctor who documented Dee Dee's abnormal behavior and lack of consistency with family history should have reported it. That is abnormal behavior and a potentially abusive situation, it doesn't matter if no one would believe him because of the publicity Dee Dee and Gypsy were getting. He should have reported it. The system failed this girl, and I am sending her my prayers.

Danielle Wagner : The stepmother is a freaking saint I swear. My heart hurts so much for Gypsy, I can’t imagine living through the horrible things her mom put her through. The system absolutely 100% failed this girl. I pray when she is out with the help of her dad and step mom she can begin to live and understand normal life

Anna Marie : Flush that in the toilet!

Lps Mint : Is the father Scottish? He sounds southern at times but also sometimes sounds Scottish. He definitely rolls his r’s like the Scottish language...

Oleo Lenry : Holy screwed up!

Kim Jong Dos : what in fresh tarnation.

licxie flores : I feel so bad for the daughter, I can't imagine how horrible she felt that she thought her only way out was to kill her mother. How can doctors do surgery like that? Is there any tests? Is there any labs being made? I don't get it. Everyone failed her and her mom did even more.

Carissa Guidry : Her dad talking bout they had a great relationship but she almost killed your wife & took out credit cards in ur name and did all kinds of bad things...Really?! I guess! The nephew is a whole mood, I like him...LOL!!!!!!

CrazyKooKooKachoo : Plain and simple, The world failed Gypsy

RinaTheDr4gon : BDSM YES MAAM !