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I'm astonished by the turn my previous video took. Thanks to your great support and very friendly messages, I'm so grateful and all your energy helped me to take the decision to pursue. I'll release more informations on my Twitter as things goes on:


Something Is Up : Don't be sorry for your accent it is beautiful!

Small Chungus : make a LEGO knife and stab them Several times

FuegoRicky : Where is mr.beast

Ruben Manning : Lego must donate like if u agree

Babyman Jr. : He protec He attac But most important he is coming back

Alfiesmilitaria_98 : Yes, please put ads on your videos we want you to make money πŸ‘πŸΌ

Crankshot 69 : Who ever disliked is subbed to t-series

Little Fighter06 : He loses everything YouTube community :”hold my bear”

Love for Ms.Dorsha : Monetize your Chanel my G, you're awesome

FATASS MCGEEE : We did it boys. Something that the internet is proud of

Yolovich : Maybe you have to make timelapse you making those legos

FBI : Hope working for you again! -Your FBI agent

- taylor : your accent is so cute especially at 2:33 when you said β€œetc” :)

PREFACED Rex : Whoever destroyed his Lego is pure evil, my little brother watched this Chanel when he was 3, 5 years ago

Kyjack98 : Monetize your videos dude. You deserve to get monetary support for your craft

Ok Cool : DONT QUIT with your passions! Im happy that ive found your Channel 😊

Aqua Golem : So I have 2 questions 1. Is he coming back and 2. Did that God damned burglar get caught?

Everything Forest : Thank you to everyone whos helped this man, sorry that your collection was stolen, i hope the criminals get caught/ arrested

sun zu war lion : I don't like lego but I know a good thing when I see one

Jacob's Weather : They wanted you to quit, but you went on like a trooper

callum and the great adventures of bs : I LOVE THIS HE LOOKED SO SAD WHEN HIS LEGOS GOT ROBBED Poor dude

Xeta6 : When small YouTubers need help we do what we can do help out by either subbing, sharing videos, creating GoFundMe, or contacting big companies to come in and help. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜

Jared Wootton : shaggy used 0.75% of his power to make this man happy again

Yash Nayakawadi : *I'm proud of this community* πŸ‘

The Blue Turtle : Monetize your vids! We want to give you money!

Wayne Halls : God bless you and the best of luck with your creations- they are great keep up the good work!

Vizariii : For the first time, I am honestly so proud of this community.

Sultan Ag : Iam gonna find those 648 who disliked and make them step on a Lego

RYDER : full happiness greatly thankful pure kindness good life great joy all it takes are those things to experience the people of the other real world

Sean Barker : Please monetize your channel, I think it's completely fine. Like if you agree, so he can see

Rorend Faye : You actually restored my passion for Legos. I haven't felt passion about anything for a long time, but your video woke something in me.

Thorben JÀger : I am you're 500000 sub I have Screenshot ❀️

Michelle Holt : New sub! I love that you got your happy ending! Bless you!

YAK0SEI : I'm so proud that so many of us came together to help, I'm also glad you've got your spirit back. I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Good luck. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Voodoo Beats : You should do streams while building your projects! I think a lot of people would love to watch u doing lego:)

Angels : JUST hit 500k keep up the good work buddy :D

Hydra : So cool! Glad you could bounce back like this, makes me really happy to see people cared enough to help you! P.S. Your accent is wonderful and if anyone says otherwise punch them in the throat!

Thejackshack 336 : Keep going bro we want to see you some build some more Lego builds

DarthInvaderZim : You should go get a play button now

deathstar542 : The fact that you didn't accept more donations than were needed really shows what kind of man you are, and where your heart is. It would be so easy for anyone to just let the donations rack up to amounts they don't need. That's really moving man, you're an inspiration.

Patrick2332 : So sorry to hear about the stolen legos. Keep building my man πŸ™Œ

Yotahead 420 : Are you going to make more videos?!?! I sure hope so

Artin Jey : keep it upπŸ™πŸΎ. you got my support

Healer 7 : Broo lets goo you made it to 500k you deserve this

Beyond the Brick : So happy the amazing LEGO community stepped up to help! Keep building and making videos!

GameX Pil : Vim pelo g0ulart

Itz Dimitar : Man im so glad you will be back soon. I am really sorry for what happened to you. PS: I cried in the goodbye video.😁

kilsol kun : Muita fdptagem que fizeram com o maluco mano que fdps (vim do goularte)

Aqua Milos : Yea boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Lego man bacc