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Dolan Dark : Best of luck legond

Inaudible Fuzz : During his goodbye video you could see the hurt in his eyes, hear the pain in his voice. We all find passion in different things whether it’s sports, hobbies, movies, music, etc. While our interests vary greatly our ability to feel for those around us remains constant. When this man was down the community came together and showed him love and support. Now, he’s willing (and able) to pick up the pieces and move forward. Seeing everyone come together for the greater good of this one man was a beautiful thing! Well done.

Devin Orner : Strike me down and I shall comeback stronger then you shall ever imagine

Black Ops Gaming : Hey republicattak reopen the page we will donate more so you can hire a personal investigator to figure out who did it and bring him to justice

wounded IdIoT : My friend, please consider monetising your videos!

I have no content 4 u : Let us give you more money so you can buy better security

Ramen Otter : Never let any bastards like them steal your passion again. Your work is amazing and i look forward to seeing what amazing things you do with your creations. May the Force be with you Republicattak

Hunter West : House gets broken into, Legos destroyed. Solution: Build a lego security system and defense system

HeroBird _3000 : I came to your channel because of a video by another youtuber. I think you have showed a lot of strength by picking it all up again, i probably couldn't have done that. Definitly subscibing right now! Go on with making content and building lego's because if that is what you love it is definitly what you should do, goodluck mate!

Frank Bros : Nice

Michael Hunt : You my friend are a beautiful human being, stay humble, good things will happen to you!

Emma320c : You are gonna keep making Lego videos right!?🙏🙏

james whitmer : my legos got taken and I was devastated. was all the legos from my childhood that I had collected over the years! I feel you man...

toadstyle101 : Glad to see you didn't turn to the darkside dude (though if you manage to build a working lego death star that is fully armed & operational to hunt the bastards down, then I'd understand).

YouOnlyLiveTwice : This is one of the best stories on Youtube. THIS is what Youtube should be about.

AMAZEING : I really don’t mind if you put upwards of 10 ads on your videos, me and many others will watch them all if it helps you get back on your feet 😃

Halo Breakdown : Hey man, I want to say I’m sorry all this happened to you. I teared up hearing your anguish and I’m so happy you got your money back. I cannot wait to see your upcoming videos! I’ve subscribed because someone with as much passion for your art deserves to be recognized and keep your head up. I’m pretty sure I can say this for most people on here when I say follow your dreams and keep moving forward!

hitmandl : i don't care about legos at all, but im utterly disgusted at the criminal, the coward who did this just out of sheer malice to try to hurt you and i'm really happy that you aren't giving up on your passion, and all this support people have given you it's just one of those things that restore my faith in humanity

CharlieCRW : You are part of LEGO history!!


Jamez channel : Keep doing it. Those people stole it and broke it because there jealous and they know they can never be a master builder like you.

Flappymlg360 : Thank you legend 😚❤️


Boku : when i first heard what hapend tu you you had like 12 000 subs or less and few weeks later 395 000 :O :O :O

CMSgamer LOL : whoever Destroyed your legos they realy hated you but you have a whole comunity trying to help you.

Fish Smell Bad : I'm so happy for you. Don't rush it. Do what you need to do. Just know that we're here for you. I guess the internet can be a good place after all.

Chris M : May the Force be with you, republicattak.

Malin Gunasekara : Legends never die.

Lex : I saw what happened on some other guy's channel where he was reacting to your Goodbye video and it made me feel so bad for you. I felt I had to come and support you however I can. You make amazing projects and I can see you are truly passionate about it. I'm so sorry for what happened to you but trust me we are all here for you. Much love, new friend. Keep making these and we will absolutely watch and support you!!!!

Green Man : There are more good people than bad . You were sadly visited by one or two bad people . But you were embraced by many many more good people ! Regards .

MandRproductions : So glad to be able to help. Can’t wait to see you build your collection back up!

Cute Crafts : Do you have like a p.o box like some way we could send you legos

Zeus : It's time to get security cameras

Epic gaming Ya : I'm so sorry that happened your an awsom e person

- 9 : Add one more to your strength. Subbed.

EckhartsLadder : This makes me so happy :). Really good to see the community come together these days.

A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House : Hey, don't ever let anybody stop you from doing what you love!

????? : Glad you feel better now ❤️pls don't quit YouTube 🙏

Get Off Your Bass And Lets Fish : Build strong and prosper 💪🏻🧐🥂😃👍🏻


Epic Benjo : You now have a SILVER PLAY BUTTON!! CONGRATS!! 😁😁😁

Jamo : Let’s go 400k good job man

Gabriel the Gaming Reactor : I really hope you feel better bud. A lot of us (If willing) will find that jerk who did what he/she did.

Yellow Team : God bless you bro I hope God do you justice in the name of Jesus.

just just : Keep do this

Coffee Cat : what I really hate is that who ever stole it could've stolen money and other devices, but the fact that they went straight to the legos means they either know him and want to hurt him, which can be anyone he knows, or they can be random robbers who knew how expensive it was, thus they're probably gonna try to sell it, I know people got him the money back which makes me so happy, but you still can't give him back the time he spent building it, I really think you should inform the police, and they should be on the lookout for any sets being soldoff,, I really really wish those F***ing A**holes pay for what they done,, I spent the whole day thinking about it Believe me I know how it feels ,, I know whats it like to have your passion stripped from you, and I'm so happy to see you bounce back up,, and I'm looking forward to see your next project,, Goodluck.

Eclips3 Official : Your back! Yessss just keep up with the work!

vadere absquenomen : Internet Fam got your back!

Jason Laurie : I like Lego starwar dase moc