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Dolan Dark : Best of luck legond

Luca-Sebastien Barret : *MoNeTiZe 👏 YoUr 👏 ChAnNeL 👏 pLeAsE 👏 tHeRe'S 👏 nOtHiNg 👏 WrOnG 👏 wItH 👏 mAkInG 👏 mOnEy 👏 DoInG 👏 wHaT 👏 yOu 👏 LoVe 👏*

Hugo Aparicio : Please monetize your channel 😊 you deserve it!

EruptRazorYT : Please put ads on your video

Neko Mew : From 4K subscribers to 495k in months. 👏

Beyond the Brick : So happy the amazing LEGO community stepped up to help! Keep building and making videos!

FuegoRicky : Where is mr.beast


Jack jack : i have never meet you. i havent even watched your videos. But as of now you have a new fan. just seeing some of the masterpieces you have created makes me feal like a kid trying to build the old AT-AT kit on a multy colored carpet after christmas. there are thousands of people like me that watch your videos subscribe to you now. :-) do us all a favor and never change unless you want to. the things you make are more then just builds they truely are works of art. hearing your story and the hardship that befell you reminded me of when i was teen back in russia and my father gave away thousands and thousands of my old legos when i was in the military, the connection the fealings behind it. if anyone remembers the old rock raiders sets i had 3 of every one. I learned somthing though that you can only learn the hard way. you will never relize teh impact of somthing untill it happens. whe you told the world you would have to be done, the world spoke back a coris of thousands saying how can we help. and i hope i can be one of thoes voices waiting for your next masterpiece to be built. by that time i will of watched your videos 10 maby 50 tiems each. take heart in this one thing though, you are teh first youtuber in years to make people care about youtube like in the old days where a channel was a community. and thats what i feal looking at the comments hearing your plans, and i am happy i get to see you move foward i hope you get to read this, and more so i hope it helps you remember if tiems are tough we are here not as viewers wanting content but as fans wanting to see you continue and prospure. and if people can pleas if you know how help me get this comment to him

Lilimutz owlol : Dont stop pls u can do it...

EckhartsLadder : This makes me so happy :). Really good to see the community come together these days.

Adam Williamson : Let's hope you can revive your lego awesomeness!!Your a great guy n jealous ppl ruind it.

Heimerdinger Is OP : Dont Stop.. SO MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE THAT U ARE GONNA BUILD IT ONCE AGAIN 😢 thnk u for making us happy for building ur Creation

Something Is Up : Don't be sorry for your accent it is beautiful!

Cory Fiume : Please come back with updates of your progress. People want to see your inspiration return to youtube. Please do not let thieves take the best of you and hinder passion. I'll be waiting for any future video Sir. Best of luck to you.

Fish Smell Bad : I'm so happy for you. Don't rush it. Do what you need to do. Just know that we're here for you. I guess the internet can be a good place after all.

Yolovich : Maybe you have to make timelapse you making those legos

WazzuP : Buddy i wish i can give you a hug on what happened but im too far away so i have to say Best Of Luck and its almost New Year i feel bad for you and at the same time im angry at those people who stole youre legos cause Im A Huge Lego Fan most of my legos are Ninjago (LOL) and hope you have a great day And Plus If You Ever Feel Down Dont Worry There Are 400,000+ People Are Here For You And Wanted You To Be Happy

Sh4d0_W : Do not worry. We are here to help you.

CAR SPOTTER ATOM : 259k likes and 625 dislikes. Just wow

Michael Hunt : You my friend are a beautiful human being, stay humble, good things will happen to you!

suryoyo oromoyo : Thank you man for you are the most honest youtuber ❤❤❤❤

beaner nigger : Monetize your Chanel my G, you're awesome

Clover : I just heard of the news of you getting robbed which is two months from now (I am so late) and just subscribe, I hoped that the one who robbed you has met karma

Christopher Jorge : I hope you bounce back fam

I have no content 4 u : Let us give you more money so you can buy better security

Golem Bros PRODUCTIONS : So I have 2 questions 1. Is he coming back and 2. Did that God damned burglar get caught?

Seth Druckenmiller : Hey man I hope you keep doing these videos. In this day and age there are very little good youtubers left. I hope you know that you should 100% keep doing this. Never give up on your passion. And life’s going to hit you hard. U just got to get back up. Also I think that a battle on Endor would be very cool. P.S. I know I’m late on this topic.

Patrick2332 : So sorry to hear about the stolen legos. Keep building my man 🙌

Ok Cool : DONT QUIT with your passions! Im happy that ive found your Channel 😊

KING_SKOBE YT : I was so sad when you stoped your channel and when i saw the thumbnail of this video it made my day

Thejackshack 336 : Keep going bro we want to see you some build some more Lego builds


Chris Snow : Rappelle toi que pendant tout ce qui arrive et pendant toute les choses que la vie te lance, nous resteront et nous seront toujours ici pour toi et nous allons toujours te supporter prenant n’importe quoi qui arrive. On Écoute.

99Eclipse 99 : WE LOVE YOU BE HAPPY :D

Runningback02 : the internet really can do great things

Trey : Would love it if you made more videos and monetized them

Steve Your Average Hamster : Hallo m8s you got carrots? Asking for my friend, *Big Chungus* 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕

Itz Angels : JUST hit 500k keep up the good work buddy :D

Ciro Sotomayor : *I'M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE*

A.F.F : For once I feel proud to donate to you instead of other streamers, good heart guy, i love your work, don't stop, best luck mate

Cjthegamer27 : you are so freaking pure! The people who stole from you need to step on legos barefoot every day for the rest of their lives

mr. funnyguy : don't stop making lego ✌✌✌✌✌✌

hamza kingdom : من طرف جلايوس 😘😍

XetaSphere : When small YouTubers need help we do what we can do help out by either subbing, sharing videos, creating GoFundMe, or contacting big companies to come in and help. 👌👌😁😁

MandRproductions : So glad to be able to help. Can’t wait to see you build your collection back up!

Chris Snow : Je me sens vraiment mal pour toi parce que j’aime aussi les lego, Alors j’espère que t’as passé un joyeux Noël et continue à faire ce que t’adore faire et laisse personne t’arrêter!

DonnyDyke : Bless you Hopefully one day you try To rebuild in the future and Start over We love you dude.

Steve Your Average Hamster : Hallo m8s you got carrots? Asking for my friend *Big Chungus* 🥕🥕

Varunastra : The best thing about LEGOs is that even when they're knocked down or destroyed, you can always rebuild. Life is the same way. When you're knocked down & having a hard time, you can pick yourself up and try again. Don't give up and hang in there. Things may look bad now but they'll get better. Look at this as a chance to rebuild & make each model better than before. Never lose your passion, it's a work of art that's appreciated by thousands around the world