Best Bollywood Action Scene EVER. Endhiran (The Indian Terminator)

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Dwayne Cox : For any Marvel fans out there...... This thing put Ultron to shame.

Lobster with Mustard and Rice : Now I can die in peace.  This is just.. the best thing I ever saw. Michael Bay can learn MUCH from these guys.

FandomMisfit : There's no such things as physics in India.

christopher9000p : The WTFness is over 9000.

Imabagel50 : That was the most coolest yet TOTALLY RIDICULOUS SCENSE I EVER SEEN!

Kavinth Amirthanathar : Not Bollywood

KJTEJ : Plot twist: it wasnt a film, it was a documentary

Timefliesbye : After watching a Russian dub of an Indian Bollywood movie.... there is nothing left for me in this world...

Fraser Bisset : Anyone here from pewdiepie

Pol Subanajouy : I have so many questions.

Wonder162 : I wonder how much of it was CGI?

Tony BrickSlayer : Me at first: "this is stupid" Also me: (jumps out of chair in excitement) "hurry up and put in the codes they are getting in!!!!"

The Guy : 2.0

RobTi : Cool video! However, during one scene (I can’t remember which one), I think they used CGI.

AG Shark : This is what happens when the director plays gmod


Joep Adams : here because of the pewdiepie video

Eng lary : The best indian movie ever hhhh XD

romy saputra : india, so much idea that we as a human species wouldnt think of

Mason Stahl : So now I know where World War Z got it's inspiration from

Shruti Suanand : Enthiran is not Bollywood it’s kollywood

A11 : How high were the directors of this movie?

The Indian Boy : This is the only south indian movie with logic.

Mario Losberg : Indian

Zeroroute : THAT...WAS...SICK!

Nihilizmus : He could defeat thanos

Dialektics : Using little robots to make a bigger robot - before Big Hero 6!

Justin Green : Make it a musical, and you've got a hit

DnA Talkies : Its Not An Blooywood Film ..... It's An Kollywood Film ... Acted By Our Thalaivar Rajinikanth ...

Shabadu : And you are somehow proud of this?

123 L : At long last, my proudest fap!

Mohammad M : Translated from Indian to Russian, with English title. Amazing.

TheVikingMiner : It's, it's beautiful

Flashpoh : на русском! круто!

DogsRNice : I wish all movies were like this


Kavinth Amirthanathar : Dude, it's not an indian version of the terminator. Watch the film with subtitles or something before misleading ppl

Greg David L : Yes. Because that makes sense. An Indian film with a Russian guy speaking over it. But even if it was in English I don’t think it would make sense

Stephen Budders : Clearly American film makers have much to learn

Solar Snake : I saw this while tripping on acid years ago. Almost threw up from laughing so hard for too long.

Cybertronian Something : Holy hell

Radioactive : Weird, I don’t remember *The Matrix Reloaded* looking like this.

Eldy Dy : still better than any malaysian action movie


Joao Teixeira : I never see a scene so good

Beavus And Bomber : Also i heard this movie is also getting a seaqule

Edward Leung : really great how bollywood managed to insert dance-like scene into even sci fi

Kingandhorse : whats the name of this movie?

BrentD2010 : Makes no sense.

branco86 : I've never seen anything like that