Best Bollywood Action Scene EVER. Endhiran (The Indian Terminator)

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Dwayne Cox : For any Marvel fans out there...... This thing put Ultron to shame.

Timefliesbye : After watching a Russian dub of an Indian Bollywood movie.... there is nothing left for me in this world...

FandomMisfit : There's no such things as physics in India.

Lobster with Mustard and Rice : Now I can die in peace.  This is just.. the best thing I ever saw. Michael Bay can learn MUCH from these guys.

Cosme Fulanito : Plot twist: it wasnt a film, it was a documentary

Stephen Budders : Clearly American film makers have much to learn

AG Shark : This is what happens when the director plays gmod

Tony BrickSlayer : Me at first: "this is stupid" Also me: (jumps out of chair in excitement) "hurry up and put in the codes they are getting in!!!!"

RobTi : Cool video! However, during one scene (I can’t remember which one), I think they used CGI.

christopher9000p : The WTFness is over 9000.

Pol Subanajouy : I have so many questions.

Richard C. : Still better than terminator 3.

Nihilizmus : He could defeat thanos

Mason Stahl : So now I know where World War Z got it's inspiration from

Mohammad M : Translated from Indian to Russian, with English title. Amazing.

BadwolfGamer : Still looks better then Feminator 6.

TheVikingMiner : It's, it's beautiful

Fraser Bisset : Anyone here from pewdiepie

Wonder162 : I wonder how much of it was CGI?

romy saputra : india, so much idea that we as a human species wouldnt think of

Joao Teixeira : I never see a scene so good

DogsRNice : I wish all movies were like this

MatrixxSoundlab : This is the most wild thing I've ever seen in my life!!!!!

Joseph Yanes : Well that's enough YouTube for today lol

Kavinth Amirthanathar : Dude, it's not an indian version of the terminator. Watch the film with subtitles or something before misleading ppl

Midian aka Jeremy : This is way better than Hollywood and I'm not sarcastic cause this one is indeed epic.

duenodelustucru : Just because brown skin it's ridiculous. And if it's white call it Amazing !

KynVids : Category : Education WHAT THE HELL YOUTUBE!!!

Valerio : I've never seen anything like that

The Indian Boy : This is the only south indian movie with logic.

Kavinth Amirthanathar : Not Bollywood

Solar Snake : I saw this while tripping on acid years ago. Almost threw up from laughing so hard for too long.

Justin Green : Make it a musical, and you've got a hit

KirbyLinkACW : 0:19-2:07 Since I've seen nobody else mention this, am I the only one who wants to hear this music track isolated?


A11 : How high were the directors of this movie?

Shruti Suanand : Enthiran is not Bollywood it’s kollywood

The Guy : 2.0

dreska : Jokes aside, I think this is the best use of CGI in every Indian movie.

Mario Losberg : Indian

Joep Adams : here because of the pewdiepie video

tank butt : People in hollywood getting bored over the same bland action with cgi. Over here in India we get over the top action that not even john woo can pull off. Almost every few days.

J.E.Rajaraja chozhan : before commenting watch this movie entirely and comment it

Dialektics : Using little robots to make a bigger robot - before Big Hero 6!

Eldy Dy : still better than any malaysian action movie

Akshit Rathod : Now think that this movie is just a teaser as compared to 2.0. How much grand 2.0 is. I just can't wait to watch it tomorrow.

Greg David L : Yes. Because that makes sense. An Indian film with a Russian guy speaking over it. But even if it was in English I don’t think it would make sense

futsal : Whos here after pewdiepie roast😂😂😂

Dynamic Dua : No Login only Magic 😅😅😅 What the F**k

レオン : めちゃくちゃすぎてワロタ