BATTLETECH | Release Trailer

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Narwhal Productions : For some reason I was 100% sure that this was supposed to be a Stellaris DLC...


Kissamies : 0:28 0:53 Giant enemy crab! Attack its weak point for massive damage.

TheRedRayBeam : I only wish there was a battletech game that actually did combined arms warefare with tanks jets and mechs. Everyone focuses on mechs.

Felix Mortem : Paradox is partnering with Harebrained Schemes, that's cool. I've liked Harebrained Schemes since Shadowrun: Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong, it's always nice to see two of my favorite game studios coming together to make a game

Ren3gaid : I can already see the 10 DLCs

Werriers : Victoria 3?

Avtarangel : This game is Battle Tech I'm only 4hrs in and it feels true to the IP and I've been playing in this universe for perhaps 20 odd years. Can't wait till I can jump back in, and surprisingly Decker is still alive :)

Mark Jenks : Damnit.. And here's me stuck at work!!!

CyberRulzTV Hayranı : Where is dlc ?

Tripp Fields : I wish we could side with the Uncle to shake things up. The story is kinda spoiled right at the beginning.

Vegard Dahlen : Okay im going to buy it right away

GUnit2214 : My actuators are ready !

Timothy Nelson : Woooooooooooo!!!! As soon as i get off work im going to play!!

Reoh : All systems nominal.

Эрвил Тейн : Hello, am I a fan of the battletech universe and I care about a very important question to the developers, since I live in Russia, when will the Russian language be in the game?

1337W422102 : Kerensky HAS returned!

Modighen : I used to play the tabletop a long time ago, and this is everything I'd have wished for back then. Smooth mechanics, messy carnage, landscape that helps you visualize the effects of terrain and still all beer-and-pretzels turn based action. : It is finally here!!! <3

Fercyful : Unpacking !! Cheers

Scott M. : This looks VERY familiar. Was this a tabletop game that was played on HyperRPG livestreams?

IMMentat : Time to find out if you frontloaded the interesting features in the campaign. :)

Zaku II Zaki : Where is the Kaiju?!!!! ^^

oO : PPC

Char Mass : Neo Zeon! Neo Zeon! Neo Zeon!

Jean-Baptiste Perrin : Downloading like crazy!

Michael Patterson : notification squad represent!

Funny Stop Motion and more : Noice!

ximo yu : This game is trash. Anyone who kickstarted this needs their head checked.

Андрей Ждановский : Где обещанные локализации? что за обман, за что МЫ платили вам? Wo sind die versprochenen Lokalisierungen? Was für Betrug, für was wir Sie bezahlt haben? where are the promised localizations? what for fraud, for what we paid you?

Brendon Lumgair : Happy to hear about PI's acquisition of HBS! This is excellent because I really am enjoying Battletech because it brings me back to the board game version (circa 1990!) vs. FPS mech combat. With this capital investment I look forward to tonnes of DLC for the game to expand the universe. Hopefully the player will be able to command an entire Company of Mechs!

ThatJerseyBloke : Have fun folks and looking forward to your videos. Wish I could play it but my older Mac doesn't meet the system requirements and I'm not buying a new computer until I escape the U.S. west coast. This will be a purchase after I finally move back east.

susaku zero : Hm cool Trailer but im curious why dont they just show the Ending of the Game as a Trailer like they did at the fucking beginning of the Game ? Dont get me wrong the Game itself is actualy good but dont expect a real Story in the Campaign at least not a good one.

RogueScholarBlue : Damn, I hope this does *insanely* well across the board so there's even the smallest chance of a decent console port. No rush though. I'm happy enough to just live vicariously through gameplay videos and, hopefully, fantastic Metacritic scores and sales, i.e. proof that the Mechwarrior IP is still strong and we get more content (story oriented) to come for Battletech.

brutallyhonest123 : Anyone else remember the Virtual World gaming centers that had Battletech mechs?

Elijah Barongan : Should I get this game if I'm not really a gamer? I suck at those combat rpg games like Assassin's Creed or whatever but I thoroughly enjoyed all the three Shadowrun games.

Diamond-D : Is this a spin off from a PC game?

Marek Homsi Andráši : Honor + Profit = Hrofit!

quadro beam : Place your bets: how much dlc

srpska zabava : Instead of (sort of) copying war robots, I recommend you focus on your main kind of games, grand strategy. We need Vicky 3

StreakerGore3 : Looks like supreme commander and xcom mix together

Ferdinand Andre : Paradox : Making great Sci-Fi 4X games Firaxis : Making great Historical 4X games Wonder what happened if they collab?

Marcus Hicks : So very glad I checked if I could pre-download the game. Means its already downloaded for me to play 😊

Eugen Lovin : Damn, every game this company makes is amaizing. So many things happen in their game examples :playing as Japan in ww2(hearts of iron), playing the Roman empire(europa universalis 4 with the extended timeline mod, or leading the humans into the VERY, VERY BIG GALAXY(stellaris), building the best city(city skylines) and now this. GG Paradox, you deserve all the fans and money you get. Also you give us a lot of content after release, yes most of it its dlc but they are fun, also the nodding community is amaizing. Just wanted to say that. I have hope in this and the next games to be as fun or more fun as the ones that are now.

Midnight Caretakers : Steam needs to unpack faster...But I cannot wait.

TheCraftyDawg : I have the pre order im going to be streaming this on twitch as soon as i take care of business IRL. Wewt !!

Paradox : Graphics look dated as hell

Cannibal713 : It looks beautiful and is getting good initial reviews. I'm glad it's closer to the table top game than any other game to date.

Tom Hammer : Can I play white men too or only women and colourds?

Antonio Wright : LRM'S all dey err dey.