BATTLETECH | Release Trailer

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Narwhal Productions : For some reason I was 100% sure that this was supposed to be a Stellaris DLC...


Kissamies : 0:28 0:53 Giant enemy crab! Attack its weak point for massive damage.

TheRedRayBeam : I only wish there was a battletech game that actually did combined arms warefare with tanks jets and mechs. Everyone focuses on mechs.

Ren3gaid : I can already see the 10 DLCs

Göktuğ Hamutcu Hayranı : Where is dlc ?

Werriers : Victoria 3?

Felix Mortem : Paradox is partnering with Harebrained Schemes, that's cool. I've liked Harebrained Schemes since Shadowrun: Returns, Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong, it's always nice to see two of my favorite game studios coming together to make a game

Mark Jenks : Damnit.. And here's me stuck at work!!!

Vegard Dahlen : Okay im going to buy it right away

Fercyful : Unpacking !! Cheers : It is finally here!!! <3

Funny Stop Motion and more : Noice!

GUnit2214 : My actuators are ready !

Timothy Nelson : Woooooooooooo!!!! As soon as i get off work im going to play!!

Reoh : All systems nominal.

1337W422102 : Kerensky HAS returned!

Tripp Fields : I wish we could side with the Uncle to shake things up. The story is kinda spoiled right at the beginning.

Jean-Baptiste Perrin : Downloading like crazy!

Scott M. : This looks VERY familiar. Was this a tabletop game that was played on HyperRPG livestreams?

Michael Patterson : notification squad represent!

Char Mass : Neo Zeon! Neo Zeon! Neo Zeon!

Zaku II Zaki : Where is the Kaiju?!!!! ^^

ximo yu : This game is trash. Anyone who kickstarted this needs their head checked.

oO : PPC

Avtarangel : This game is Battle Tech I'm only 4hrs in and it feels true to the IP and I've been playing in this universe for perhaps 20 odd years. Can't wait till I can jump back in, and surprisingly Decker is still alive :)

IMMentat : Time to find out if you frontloaded the interesting features in the campaign. :)

quadro beam : Place your bets: how much dlc

Galamere : Mechs com

Geoweb35 : Waw nice game

GetmanKIR : Where is Russian localozation?

SeriousFox : i got my ass kicked on second main mission :o

Prich319 : Cant even get through checkout, my card keeps getting declined even though I have enough cash on it.

Thesaurus Rext : so wait, in this version do you pilot a single mech like a WASD/FPS/Simulator style ? OR are you directing mech units in a Tactics/Real time Strategy style?

TheCraftyDawg : I have the pre order im going to be streaming this on twitch as soon as i take care of business IRL. Wewt !!

Ferdinand Andre : Paradox : Making great Sci-Fi 4X games Firaxis : Making great Historical 4X games Wonder what happened if they collab?

Modighen : I used to play the tabletop a long time ago, and this is everything I'd have wished for back then. Smooth mechanics, messy carnage, landscape that helps you visualize the effects of terrain and still all beer-and-pretzels turn based action.

kor'vre : why does every animation include the same mech wiggle

Marek Homsi Andráši : Honor + Profit = Hrofit!

srpska zabava : Instead of (sort of) copying war robots, I recommend you focus on your main kind of games, grand strategy. We need Vicky 3

Perserra : The opening cinematic is only drawn animation, and there is precious little mech combat in it. Also, no voice acting in any of the campaign events, just in-mission pilot chatter. Actual gameplay is good, but its hard to take the story at all seriously, not at all immersive.

Paradox : Graphics look dated as hell

45580677 : Love

James Pilkinton : Can’t wait for the DLC

susaku zero : Hm cool Trailer but im curious why dont they just show the Ending of the Game as a Trailer like they did at the fucking beginning of the Game ? Dont get me wrong the Game itself is actualy good but dont expect a real Story in the Campaign at least not a good one.

CasinoR : DLCTech

Antonio Wright : LRM'S all dey err dey.

ekulerudamuru : A Merc Company, Yet you can only field 1 Lance of mechs..

Midnight Caretakers : Steam needs to unpack faster...But I cannot wait.

Pavel Kosac Nosek : 21:9 when?