Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep | Adult Swim

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jimboslice : ASMR Adult Swim Mind Relaxation

ABNTGeneric : The most wholesome video on the internet.

Insert Opinion : "Things that stress you out, like forgetting to refill the ice tray, or race relations"

Nicholas Spinner : "Hey, I just realized...sheds are small barns." *sheds a single tear*

Whoretex • : I'm both laughing and crying at the same time

Ashman792 : Please make a show out of this... I would watch this every night before bed.

No Continues : "Sometimes..things just don't work out.." I needed that. Thank you Joe Pera. I cant wait to watch you 9 episode special starting this Sunday :)

Naomi Greyson : This is it. This is the most wholesome video Adult Swim has ever put out. No blood, no obscene humor, nothing too creepy to comprehend. Just pure, wholesome content. I don’t know who Joe Pera is, but I think I love them.

Joseph Dember : It feels like it goes on for 2 hours. But I don't feel in a hurry when I watch it. I wouldn't mind if it really was 2 hours long. I'd watch it.

Phoenician Sailor : The perfect ASMR video.

1000Animation : You know, people fail to realize that we're still kids. We still scream and throw temper tantrums. We still need to be tucked in at night because we still need that comfort and familiarity as we figure out bills, who needs to be where, and what we need to do in order to complete those tasks. We're just a bunch of kids in bodies that age. That's why this video is so comforting. It's just a bedtime story, a more mature distraction for our more developed brains as we close our heavy-lidded eyes from the stress of keeping them open in panic. I just wish we could understand that. We label everything we don't understand so we choose "adult", as we did with "infant", "toddler" and so forth. Just...meditate on that. I still need to, too, sometimes. That concept didn't come to me until I had to start living on my own, have a serious breakup, and work fast-food (haha, people yell at others because of one pickle) but god, was it comforting. I've been struggling with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder for (let's see....) seven years now, but I was told to ignore that, to fall victim to it, even when people were trying to help. My poor inner child suffered because they were lacking the attention and care they needed and they completely shut themselves off to humanity, even the kind, caring part. However , I finally stopped and listened to them wailing. Enough was enough. I'm more happy now as I'm following my dreams while being loud and being more quiet. Childish but still mature. I'm only eighteen but I think I may have figured it out (everybody has something, what's yours). We gotta be nice to each other and be the calm parent(s) we all needed when were kids when the other adult's(s') inner kid is showing. Just....just take care of each other and let your inner child grow. Let them be happy. Be both the parent and the child. Love you, guys and AS. Thanks for reading/ helping me understand what gets me out of bed. My inner child says that was a lot of words and that "sharing is caring". XD

ZyxthePest : "And once you're done, you will feel better, understanding that sometimes...things don't work out." Joe Pera is going to save my life.

Stephen L : Watching this while high is the bee's arthropod appendages

KommodantSlorvo : "If you're capable of finding one person in the entire universe that cares about you, why would you want to dissapoint them?" And here I thought this was Joe Pera Talks You to Sleep instead of Joe Pera Gives Me an Existential Crisis at 3 AM. How silly of me.

Seribro Sorrens : Woah. This is actually awesome. Thank you Joe Pera and Adult Swim.

Morgan Ward : Listen, [AS], Williams, this is the perfect thing to produce into a full series. 11 minutes to end your broadcast with a short bump to cap it all off. Send many of us sleep deprived, overstimulated weirdos off to a restful slumber. Just give it some thought.

The Yamburglar : “It’s tough to worry about women when you’re focused on fastballs.” This will be my mantra for the rest of my life.

CnockCnock : Who else is watching this in jail like Bernie Madoff?

Liamthegreat2008 : It's like Harry Plinkett and Bob Ross had a baby

Timothy Bates : I feel like Cartoon Network's Adult Swim is the only network that "gets it"

Roman S : I came online looking for any spoken audio that would help me fall asleep. But now I understand that's not what I was actually looking for. I just miss those conversations you have with a friend or loved one before you drift off to sleep. I guess I do want to date... Damn... I was trying to think LESS, this is supposed to be sleepy time.

Mehak Wahla : The voicemails get me the hardest.

Pete Guajardo : I cried a lot during this, not exactly sure why. Really stressed so more than likely the reason but it I don't know, felt good to just take a load off and cry with someone just saying it'll be okay

operayl : The world needs more people like Joe Pera. We need to start understanding the beauty within humanity, instead of absorbing so much hatred.. brings tears to my eyes.

Christian Hendrickson : I <3 the line about cheating in relationships. "If we're so tiny and insignificant, if you're able to find one person in the entire universe who cares about you, why would you want to disappoint them?" So powerful, coming from what is for all intents and purposes a comedy sketch.

Jack : objectively the most profound piece of media to ever be produced

Corn Dog : I come here when my anxiety won't let me sleep. Helps me every time.

Iron Smith : Adult Swim, please, if possible, make more of these. I would happily watch these constantly. And there is so much possible content, Because he can explore nearly any mildly interesting topic. Please, please, if possible, make more.

Cerulean Church : Joe Pera is such an old soul and he seems like someone you talk with for the first time but would feel like you knew him forever

Cory Carter : I want an entire series like this, [AS] has created a new genre, "Cozy Comedy".

Tyler Durden : I can listen to him say “pretzels and chips” forever

Spider Man : *"I owe it to myself, and to my quire students not to be upset about barns..."*

DiddleLick 69 : Rip Stephen Hawking 🙏

fs timelapses : This is a gateway drug to asmr

SuccessMenu : The dozens of stars and galaxies in the sky are beautiful

Shibe Inu : I need a Joe Pera and Reviewbrah collab *NOW*

RegularDude : harmonizing with the boys the polite way to crack a cold one

Noah J : I've become dependant on this to sleep.

FarewellSweetPrince : Glad I wasn't the only one that came here after hearing about Stephen Hawking. He was brilliant but also just human like the rest of us.

Izzy GooGoo : This is still my favourite video of all YouTube. Thanks joe

Brendan Fraser : St funny, because when he was talking about the barns, I was like darn, that looks like barns from central NY, and what do you know

mark9241 : I never wanted to hug someone more than I want to hug Joe.

Jess Hanlon : 6:25 "happy birthday sweetheart" voicemail from his mother breaks my heart. My beloved Mum always said this to me on my birthday and now for the first time a birthday without her. I love you Mum forever and ever and miss you so much xxxx

Dude Guy : Is it bad that I would honestly listen to this for help falling to sleep?

PokémonMaster T-bo : Joe Pera is such a pure soul :) I wish he was my grandpa

Patrick Donkel : I had a very depressive episode prior to watching this, and this actually helped me calm down a lot. Don't do drugs, kids. The loudest one in the room is usually the loneliest. Thanks Adult Swim <3 You're the only channel worth watching on TV

Tsquare22ESQ : "I owe it to myself and my choir students not be upset about barns". give this guy his own country

Dougie Desgranges : Oreo

FutbolVinotinto21 : God damn it I came here to relax to the video and the first thing I see is the terrible news that Stephen Hawking has passed away. Now I'm sad :( RIP to one of the greatest minds of our generation and history.

Luke Riley : This needs to be its own series