A Little Bit of Cayenne
A Little Bit of Cayenne

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How long can you last? All Chef John's mentions of cayenne from 14/10/16 to 18/11/18. I scanned 280 videos, and used 155 clips. That's a good video to cayenne ratio. Twitter: https://twitter.com/YTPBrissles Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Brissles Feeling generous? Donate @ paypal.me/brissles


Konr Ness : The consistency of Chef John's voice across a hundred videos is the most impressive thing here. Also, a little shake of cayenne.

viewer : i love the part where he added the cayenne

youtellme : legend has it he is 85% of the world’s cayenne demand

vibelucid : we do not need to add cayenne here but i’m going to anyway

John DelZoppo : I love how this can legitimately be a ten minute full run on sentence.

Bender Rodriguez : This is the video I never knew I wanted to see, thank you.

Louis Delorme : Just enough to stay in shape

Trontosaurus Rex : After all you are the Dirty Dan,of adding Cayenne.

FanfareT.Loudest : It's a good video... But it needs more cayenne

bAkA : John's voice is scary consistent, I'm if you watch it with your eyes closed you may think it's a continuous video and not a mix of 206 videos.

soy milk : i like to imagine this as one recipe

Mason Alford : I think the internet has peaked, 10 minutes of Chef John talking about cayenne

TheBeowulf : *approaches you on the street* "Hey man you, uh, you got any cayenne? I just need a little shake, j-just a little spoon to get through the week man..."

Frosty : And by a few, I mean a lot.

Eric KronyZ71 : This is only two years of cayenne. Think of the other eleven years hes been doing this.

Jonno Gibb : Skip to literally anywhere and you get Cayenne, it's beautiful

Gravesnear : "A little shake of cayenne. By the way that was for the ladies"

Ella L. : Cayenne is to Chef John what cream cheese is to Tasty

Julia Kang : Just kidding I have a 50 lb tub in the garage

Expertionis : Nothing wrong with 300 pinches of cayenne

SnakeBite27 : Just listening to the audio of this makes it seem like the spiciest dish ever.

Jerry Jorts : I wasn't paying attention. Did he add the cayenne?

Opportunistyk : Why did I watch the whole thing

Yassine Saïdi : He should be made an honorary citizen of the city of Cayenne. He did more to promote Cayenne than anyone on YouTube !

Kendo Kazan : Cayenne you stop? P.S. please don't ever stop, Chef John <3

James Johnson : If you dont have a sponsor you should get one. Maybe cayenne pepper.

Ramsey_19 : Controversial move picking a thumbnail with no cayenne in it

AstraVex : This guy came out of hospital recently. They found blood in his cayenne-stream!

R3dM3g : This is the best compilation ever

kilaswas : Can you do one where he says the puns. Thank you

dunestar29 : Dang, I thought this was gonna be a play on Mambo Number 5. 🎵A little bit of cayenne in my life🎵

zakiah tukes : This was awesome love the editing!

Jhony Tejada : A little shake of cayenne, for various reasons.

Bing Bong : He sounds like he's drifting off to sleep halfway through saying cayenne.

Fredy Sandoval : The word cayenne has lost meaning after hearing it so much 🤣

Alcume Zuke : Should I follow this recipe? I'd like to know now before I go to the store and not buy the 50lb bag of cayenne

Bender Rodriguez : 8:43 was a real edge of the seat moment, I thought he wasn't going to do it.

HellKaiserRika : Kai-enne Cayahhn Kay-anne Caian Ky-n Cayenne

Anthony Deng : Got here from the Food Wishes channel’s post!

hocus pocus : this is simply the best video on the internet

Nocturna : How have I watched so many food wishes videos and missed out on an entire meme?

Derek Dahl : About damn time a video like this came out. Well done

Victoria Kincaid : It's like the Being John Malkovich scence but it's just Chef John saying cayenne

Debbie Marquis : Change to speed to .75...and he sounds like he put cayenne in his scotch...

maryinsanfrancisco : The supercut we needed! Thank you!

Vage44 47 : listen to is video without watching , *cayenne topped with cayenne,served with cayenne,CAYENNE MIX*

Balkan Weeb : Someone follow this recepie and post it on YouTube! 😂

Shiba : Damn, 10 straight minutes. Must have been fun editing this.

Karvin Sunny Li : Listened to the entire video... The word “Cayenne” lost its meaning and sound.