People Smash Keurigs in Response to Sean Hannity Show

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Beat Studio : Don't forget, if you want to buy a Keurig to smash there are links in the description. I've also provided links for the best tools to use for smashing your Keurig...and a link to buy a Mr. Coffee if you need a new coffee maker.

balduran7 : Lol Keurig's response is: Thanks for your money.

A. Citizen : Smashing your coffee maker after you gave them your money. Yeah... that'll show 'em 😒

Aaron N : Yes, keep BUYING Keurigs in order to smash them, that'll teach them by giving them your money. Are conservatives running out of coffee to drink? First Starbucks now this?

Kris Handsome : If you guys don't want to support Keurig, you can always give me yours. That'll REALLY show us!

wendy marin : Volvo just pulled their ads. I cannot wait to see videos of people smashing their + $40k vehicles!

ApoliticalApologist : I don't think Keurig got the message. You should buy more of their products and smash them. Then destroy your other valuable possessions. That'll learn em to pull ads from programs hosted by pedophilia apologists.

Sunderlin Behavioral Interventions : Ah yes....the landfills need more plastic and electronic waste. You guys are really doing great work. (Sarcasm)

Avant Gardener : Conservatives are the biggest brats. They can't wait to find something to be offended by. "WAAAH Starbucks cups! WAAAAH Keurig said something I don't like! WAAAH WAAAAH WAAAH!" Grow up, people. Adult life means things disappoint you sometimes.

Vichrae V. : First the trumptards support nazis, now pedophiles. Way to keep on winning!

Anthony Woodard : How did they politicize coffee ????? Smh ☕

Thankmar : lmao, boneheads supporting kiddy diddlers now need to buy a new percolator, most likely made in china....

Kenny Hassal : So conservatives support child molesting. So tough to break a coffee machine. Morons.

Kevin H. : I wrote a book bashing hannity. You guys should buy them and burn them.

Purpflowerpusher Denver : So they are mad because their coffee maker company is against pedophilia? Wow America's morals are gone and out the window. Nazis good, sex with 14yo girls when your 30 good so what's next fortheses bafoons

JSJ 86 : Sooooo, you already gave keurig your money, how did you win again? am I understanding this right? Ppl are boycotting keurig bc keurig is standing AGAINST PEDOS? Volvo just pulled its adds from hannity and can’t wait to the the videos of ppl throwing their Volvo’s from a second story balcony in protest.

Shelley Pineo-Jensen : this makes me need another cup of covfefe . . ..

Martin Camp : Hannity has done more molestation of the American Public, than Moore has or will ever do to anybody. Maybe we should smash Hannity in effigy too. Hey 'Bama... How old was Mary anyway???

sergio perez : Lmao dumbasses

Dave Mills : Snowflakes got upset at the company. You should have stayed in your safe spaces Snowflakes 😠

Robert Neville : All this because Keurig decided not to support Roy Moore who has been exposed to being a pedophile. So anyone smashing their Keurig machine, they're doing it because they Support pedophiles.

Jose Andrade : ahh, the party of family values (and child molester defenders)

Vince Bellisano : Haha, now buy another one.

MrMikey1224 : Buying a coffee maker only to smash it is still giving the company money....

Deon15 : Did you notice all those people where white

WoWbob396 : I am buying a Keurig and then I won't smash it

Shelley Pineo-Jensen : looks like the indulgence of people with money . . . who stand in solidarity with sexual predators (i.e. a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do . . . with a fourteen year old girl. WOW

sicDaVid : I'm pretty sure Hannity's fans are still using army surplus percolators

The Josh Experience : HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Moss Linden : Humans really astound me sometimes. This is humanity 2018. Wow.

Coco Brown : Sigh... now what are you tiki nimrods gonna drink with your Papa John’s?😂😂😂😂

Roadstar1602 : ...if one of you wouldn't mind sending me your water tank before you go about smashing, I accidentally melted mine in the dishwasher like an idiot. It's a model K60. Thanks in advance.

David Reed : I WILL BUY MOORE AMMO thank you

Irkalla C : Leave it to the republicans to come up with the most ridiculous form of protest ever.

2PunchTV : Stupidity at it's Finest!

James Sheppard : Hannity says he is going to buy 500 coffee makers and hints he will give them to the best video's.

anony mous : Only 4?

Sir Lide Rudkowski, the fifth : innovative 👌

MSG685 : Sheep

Paul Laks : Ugh, I get it but I dont like this. This just gives libtards a HUGE target to point to whenever they do something stupid and we call them out on it. Now whenever they do a boycott, or get triggered about something(which they will) They can point to us smashing these and say that we are the same or worse. And I cant even argue that because this looks like something a triggered Dem would do. Idk, like I'm pissed about the whole thing as well, but this just makes us look like we are stooping to their level and I'm not a fan of it. We shouldn't give them any more ammo.

Oved G. : America has so many mindless stupid hillbillys

C S : Right wingers are so stupid. Yeah lets show them by taking something i paid money for and smash it because they dont support a fake news program that supports pedophiles. Yeah makes perfect sense lmfao.

Hunter Michaelson : Haha dumbass trumptards

G Lee : Wow these are the same idiots who burnt kapernik jerseys they do realize they already took your money right? Dotards man this is the reason North Korea wants to bomb us.

mort glickman : white privilege

Hoddy Ridarick : Hah...Trumpsters are taking a stand because Keurig is against when they show their true!!!

Clown Baby : Keurig just wanted to make sure that they the audience knows they are interested in making a great coffee and not sexual assault or pedophilia. Wonderful machine, coffee tastes great, and hardly any cleaning. As you can see from the videos they are very well built and can take a beating.

Kat : Yum, having a nice hot cup of coffee from my Keurig. I paid good money for my Keurig, why would I smash it! The only thing smashing a Keurig shows is how stupid the smasher is. Just saying!

William M Trexler : Stupid right wing cunts...that's why their only 30%..trumps whole family has them...My new K55 select will be delivered on Friday...."The perfect Cup of coffee"...

jorgensenmj : Why not donate your Kuerig to UC Berkeley? They are now demanding another space. 1. Safe space -no trigger zone - micro agression free zone. 2. Primal scream therapy and Keurig smashing room. You can also take a tax deduction for the donation.