GameCube Controller

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Comments from Youtube

Arachnidress : the unnecessary cgi wink for a human to mirror the cliche and often badly done animal winks of commercials really brings this one unto its own

crisH g : 1:04 the fact that this is edited to make him wink instead of him just winking by himself is just amazing

Wisp : This could have been an actual gamecube commercial in the early 2000s

Jesse Mathis : "woah! It's my old gameCUBE controller!"

McBehrer : 1:05 I love how you edited yourself winking, instead of. You know. WINKING.

ZillaKilla : it's my old game "CUBE" controller! did that throw anyone else off?

fukle 03 : Every frame of this video emanates 2008 youtube vibes

General Turd : "It's my old game Cube controller" the way he said that..

mazda9624 : Honestly this whole video had such a crazy 2003 commercial vibe that it was actually scary.

furonet138 : Who’s gonna tell him a dog only lasts like 15 years

Dolphinboi : This looks like a 90's ad

A guy who exists : The little details just kill me Neil's wink being faked like the dog's, him pronouncing GameCube weirdly at the beginning..

Brian Scaramella : Ok but why wasn't the eagle holding the gamecube by it's convenient carrying handle?

Myotic Tesseract : Why does Neil still look like a dorky teenager, I swear he's probably like 82 by now

The Brit With Wit : I knew this was going to be a weird video when he said "Gamecube" with the emphasis on "cube". Game *CUBE*

Reph : this is filmed like a ‘90s commercial for kids and I don’t know how to feel about it

Abagail Cure : _I thought this was going to be a real 'blast-from-the-past' type of video from the early stages of YouTube, only to find that it was posted yesterday_

AngstRiddenAnnoyance : Is Neil eternally like 20?

TinsYouTrimble : This was so 90s it hurt. In a good way.

A Goat : No one's going to mention how this dude hasn't aged a day in 10 years?

Dank Piscean : 1:04 I love that edited wink when you could've just winked Advanced comedy

Sunset Moth : the way you say gamecube makes me upset

Austin Wells : Like a really weird early 2000’s commercial

GuyNamedSean : I'm concerned about how Neil is 32 and looks like he just graduated high school due to that hair cut.

Boring Name : So this is how melee tournaments get their GameCubes.

ohnoitschris : >Silver controller, purple Gamecube I guess that eagle snatched his purple controller

Ogamis : Neil's CGI wink was the best part. That sign of pure quality,

Kyle Ross : This feels like a YouTube video from the pre-google days.

KillerHat79 : Neil's acting is impeccable that I genuinely forgot that I watching a youtube video and not an ad for the gamecube in the early 2000s

Zico the Fox : Bro, this looks like one of those early 2000s cartoon network commercials

Desto-rtion Gaming : "A console life span is around 5 years, but a dog lasts forever" The average dog lifespan is usually around somewhere to like 12 years but who's counting right

Schmoopy Boop : Why's it seem as if this guy gets younger every time he uploads?

Spintechfilms : This seems like a more 90s commercial then an early 2000s commercial, especially with the winking dog and scrunched up rat face's

Da_Pikmin_Coder : 1:03 they made the wink look so real for a second I thought humans could wink. That's really somethin

Danny K : My favourite part is that he could have winked, but he still edited it in

Deckard : "My old gameCUBE controller"

The Narrator : This is from a different era of YouTube and I love it

SuperGraynard : My old game *CUBE* controller

Noah Culp : 1:04 is no one gonna mention how he digitally added a wink effect on himself in post?

Mr. Tables : This feels like a YouTube video from 2011 made its way into our world today and I couldn't be more happy about that

Carlminion : A semi original skit? What is this, 2011?

Andrew Bailey : Neil perpetually looks so youthful that from the thumbnail I thought this was a video from back in 2007

Booksds : The unnecessary CGI wink at 1:05 slayed me

Hyran : I'm just convinced that Neil is stuck in 2009. Not that there's anything wrong with that. He's a gem

Jdd / Jdd0810 : neil lookin like a straight 2011/2012 emo boi.

Ghost : "Those who would give up Liberty for a GameCube deserve neither Liberty nor a GameCube." -Benjamin Franklin

Polo Müller : I didn’t know Gamecube could be pronounced that way

Dave Muller : I got my GameCube and my dog in 2002. My GameCube still works but my dog is in heaven now. Goes to show you that video games will stay with you longer than your dog

René : god the zooms and angles really reminded me of 90's/00's commercials for kids