Season 7 Starts Aug 5th | The Venture Bros. S7 | Adult Swim

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Devon Palmer : Yep this will the first time hank has had sex. He definitely never had it before with anyone that might be related to him

MarshalGrover : Needs more Brickfrog

Mr meeseek : I'm so ready!

Cannibal713 : Hell yea. Looks bad ass. Well at least if Venture Bros and Rick & Morty are gonna only make one season every two years, they are kind enough to alternate years. That is keeping the nerd rage at bay...for now

Cannibal713 : 0:53 Henchman 21 has a new look!

ImmaLittlePip : Venture Bros > Rick and Morty


Tombocartoons : Holy damn. The animation has gotten one hell of an upgrade!

theDEADLIESTwarrior7 : hey I have a reason to live again *noice*

c : never sat down to watch a whole episode of this episode before this looks like a reason to start

anxietydown : Nice of The Sovereign to do the music.

wolfguy23 : Four words... *Go. Team. Venture. Baby!*

Kirk Weaver : Venture Bros. > Rick & Morty


arbknight12 : The killer in the bear suit! I never thought we’d see him again!

Confixil Man : This is going to be a fantastic season.

AnimexCartoonKIA : Did they just use David Bowie's Scary Monsters?! I remember they spent a huge portion of the budget for a licensed song in the 2nd season; and look at now, wow...

looking for small dads : I've been waiting so long I'm so happy

Ren Cen : Awh yeah! Red Death is back!

Vincent Grimm : ~Door Dramatically Slides Open~ I've waited years......

GSDA : oh the two snipers from the end of the last season look to be staying together.

525Lines : The Monarch and Rusty are brothers. THEY are the Venture Brothers in the title. Not a spoiler. i don't know that as a fact but it's been my theory for a long time now.

DudeJJJMovies : Can't wait for season 7!!! Go Team Venture!!! ✌️

Filthy Fucktard : I hope this series never ends.

Miguelangel Ramirez : 7th season hype I love the venture brothers

Venom0027 : My body is ready!!

TARDISTunnel86 : This is gonna be one hell of a season!

M A R K S : Been watching this show since I was 15...about to be 30 and we're just hitting season 7 haha. Happy to be patient for quality work.

Persephone Black : I've never been so excited for something ever.

Kalapurka : Dr. O is BACK!!!

Ish24 : I am definitely boarding the hype train. Choo choo.

BohBear : Yooooo that Scary Monsters deep cut... nice also nice to see the Snipers back.

Tiago Mendes : when the animation's this good, it's always worth the wait

OnDavidsBrain : 1:05 LONG LIVE THE SOVEREIGN!!!

d forman : Ah shit dude, how long has it been?

purermindentity : Yes!!!

Duane Lassiter : Finally

jester man : OMG YES FINALLY!!! GET OUT OF THE WAY Rick and Morty, the Venture Bros are back!!!!

aditorium1 : I loved this show from the start, but I always felt like it was going to get canceled. Happy they made it this far.

Cary Banasiak : This is the only thing that comes close to making up for Metalocalypse getting canceled.

moviemaster marco : GO TEAM VENTURE!

Alt+Doom : Go Team Venture :D

Brad Libby : Best show ever

Punder statement. : Damn it I was resolute in my belief that 2018 was a God forsaken year and then Adult Swim gives me this! It's going to be amazing, I just know it. :(

Ben Skolnik : Yo when’s the second album coming out?

VvVLuffy : whats the song that plays towards the end?

Rcketfield : The Monarch and Henchman 21 are back baby!! Yes!

Sol Di : Finally an animated series in 2018 without retarded art style!

Dillon Qaphsiel : Seems like I've been waiting for this since I was 15

Quintin Garvin : I wish more ppl watch this show it's more complicated than Archer and funnier than it looks. VB has always been a long story of humility and witt.