Why It's Almost Impossible to Jump Higher Than 50 Inches | WIRED

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Science with Katie : All of a sudden I’m determined to jump 50 inches 😂

Jack Wright : 50 inches is 127 centimetres for the rest of the world.

Chicken Connoisseur : How come none of these qualified analysts mentioned range of motion though? That guy in the blue tee was clearly squatting deeper. This don needs to stretch to build power/velocity/momentum in a full range of motion.

BlueYoshi : This guy is like a real life Mario

Just Paige : When you’re trying to tap the door frame in 5th grade to impress everyone.

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Fleas are the world's greatest jumpers

FelipePlayz : He sacrificed his hair for jumping.

Will J : "White men can't jump." Apparently they can.

FOOPZzzz : Imagine that guy on a trampoline

Qtip Cat : Lol I couldn’t unhear 5:31

CGagnon5 : LPT: don't watch the video. it is really boring and filled with ad breaks. They literally never answer the question of why 50 is a magic number. They just pick the current record and add a lot to it to make it a really high number you're welcome

Александр Михайлов : so Why exactly is it Almost Impossible to Jump Higher Than 50 Inches? i believe you never answered the title question

Ian Hayden : Cough high jump cough

Owen Kelly : Just woke my parents up at 12 am cause I was jumping

Bibasik7 : Anyone who has ever played Super Mario Odyssey knows that you can jump higher than 50" by capturing a frog.

fullmetalwindbreaker : we talked to a REAL SCIENTIST "his leg stronger"

Vivianne Zaitani : Him jumping that high for only 1 year of training is honestly impressive

Kristin Nixon : 4:47 The moment when you realise NewBalance is better than Nike

MaikuLaKilla : He's wondering why he's not jumping as high but not in the same position as the bald guy

A RANDOM BLOATMAXER : Mexicans tryna jump over the wall be like.

Taku Chimu : "his muscles...are capable of giving bigger forces than yours"- roll credits

Johnny Ulit : Vertical jumping in real life but in game it is called crouch-jumping

kyle wiley : but can he dunk

Foltbolt POW! : I thought you said doctor penies

mv vo : the legs of a god, the voice of a mouse

kostni Demon : 0:38 that's not football that's rugby. Change My Mind. Edit: 575 people agree with me Edit 2: Over 1.4k people agree with me Edit 3: Over 2k people agree with me

Laskaツ : Cristiano Ronaldo: hold my beer

DarkScørpiønsNG : who else tried to jump after watching this ?

Ly Long : Saitama got bored=))))

Keep Calm HODL On : Why would everyone just ignore the obvious full squat technique vs that quarter squat

Gaming Casualties : i wanna jump high enough to be able to break my legs coming back down

Ante Pavelić : N' Dey Says "White Boy Cain't Jump"...

Parkour Agent 47 : what about parkour all we do is jump

Blood fang : Imagine them on a trampoline

Watch doggos : Easy just get a trampoline

SpirusOfH : **claims it's impossible to jump higher than 50''** **immediately shows you a guy jumping 60''**

Zekeachu : I want to see him try to dunk.

GamingYt : The guy in the blue tee is squatting vs the guy in the black shirt isn't

doing it : I split my Shin jumping it didn't stop me I got 3 stitches oh my shin took me about a month and a half until I started jumping again I'm about five foot five and I could jump as high as my waistline I think that's pretty good

Mr.Knight The Detective : Back in my primary school kids use to jump on 20-30 inch platform. Sadly I never managed to jump on that platform ;-;

Jack Whenan : This is cool and all but bill gates jumped an office chair

Pixelchu : Just got nostalgic of memories of old friends trying to reach the basketball net.

Isaac : 50 inches = 127 centimetres

Triple3 : That’s cool. But have you ever seen a booty with a 50 inch circumference?? Lol 🍑

GraffitiBoy14 : Man you short!

Smiley Face : This guy doesn’t need that jumping thing in the swimming pool he can just jump and it’ll be high 😂

Chris Project : Micheal Jordan had a 48 jumping vert highest in NBA history dont know about all sports

Pokémon Walkthrougher : Well when that guy said football I thought it will be a *REAL* football not an *American* football.

-1ᏭᏭᏫ - : Tell that to Mario.

Aaron Chancy : Now why did he say in this title of the video that it’s impossible to jump higher than 50 inches. But then comes back in the video and says sum dude jumped 62 and set the record