Why It's Almost Impossible to Jump Higher Than 50 Inches | WIRED

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Science with Katie : All of a sudden I’m determined to jump 50 inches 😂

Squirmy and Grubs : I tried with all my might to do a 50 inch vertical leap, but the only thing that happened was I landed face-down on the floor in front of my wheelchair. Someone please send help.

Az Plasma : “Why it’s impossible to jump more than 50 inches” *3 seconds later* Guinness world record of jumping 63 inches

Winter Gaming : 5:31 wait.. what did he say?

Keep Calm HODL On : Why would everyone just ignore the obvious full squat technique vs that quarter squat

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Fleas are the world's greatest jumpers

TechMack : OK Youtube I watched it now STOP RECOMMENDING IT TO ME :)

Corey : Nice video. I've been following a new program and I got amazing results. I can't post the link here but you can find it on my channel

Ace Vibez : Imagine that guy on a trampoline :edit why yall givin me likes this comment aint funny or anythimg

kyle wiley : but can he dunk

fullmetalwindbreaker : we talked to a REAL SCIENTIST "his leg stronger"

Edrell Mandrique : They should test Zion Williamson

TheButtonMash3r : Society: White guys can't jump. This dood: Says who? Ronaldo: Hold my beer...

MarsBarsKaboom : The best jumpers are made of wool

Devil Hex : I guess he never watched dragon ball

CGagnon5 : LPT: don't watch the video. it is really boring and filled with ad breaks. They literally never answer the question of why 50 is a magic number. They just pick the current record and add a lot to it to make it a really high number you're welcome

Triple3 : That’s cool. But have you ever seen a booty with a 50 inch circumference?? Lol 🍑

Cameron Schultz : The highest nba vertical leap is 48 inches so bball players jump higher 😂

chewy alba : 4:46 - 4:48 and it was at this moment that we realize that he's tipper is all up in he's face....

Brandon Chilvers : Then there's me barely able to jump a foot off the ground...

Taku Chimu : "his muscles...are capable of giving bigger forces than yours"- roll credits

Sohum Shah : Inches? What are those?

Default : It's possible if you're in space :)

Frank Castle Is Dead : And they said white men couldn’t jump.....

Shiab Rahman : Aaron Gordan sat in mid air

Gaming Casualties : i wanna jump high enough to be able to break my legs coming back down

Jordan Cruz : Say "Dapena says" 5x fast

Sellf Wealth : They need Dexton Crutchfield on here

MsUncleKevin : My highest jump is almost 4 meters but yet i havent notified guiness world records ..

Marvin 768 : I think he can jump over a fence without placing a block

kostni : 0:38 that's not football that's rugby. Change My Mind. Edit: 575 people agree with me Edit 2: Over 1.4k people agree with me Edit 3: Over 2k people agree with me

100K Subscribers Without Any Videos : Three words Thanos in fortnite

Blood fang : Imagine them on a trampoline

Nerevarri : 6:53 well then

ban the prince of all undead : i see squats is the trick

SpirusOfH : **claims it's impossible to jump higher than 50''** **immediately shows you a guy jumping 60''**

Mr.Knight The Detective : Back in my primary school kids use to jump on 20-30 inch platform. Sadly I never managed to jump on that platform ;-;

Ramen mummy : This guy doesn’t need that jumping thing in the swimming pool he can just jump and it’ll be high 😂

John Ames : As they say it's popularized by CrossShit, it's a useless exercise which only shows that you can raise your legs high but can have a very average jump. It's great for social media which is why people do it. Again, it's one of those useless things for social media that sort of looks impressive but when you think about it it's actually stupid. It's just a matter of how high you can lift your legs. Great for instagram thots because most of them have very average jumps but girls usually have excellent flexibility so a instagram thot could easily learn to do a 48 inch "jump" (aka leg raise). You don't see real athletes do this nonsense because they are trying to be champions at something worthwhile. The cross fit rejects (yes they are just people who can't make pro level) love to show how they workout to be good at working out.

Insert Name Here : Dude, he could jump literally over me

Bob Langford : -Oh, what do you do for a living? I’m a box jumper. -Cool... what’s a box jumper? I.... jump on boxes. -Oh... that’s nifty.

Utoepius : Almost haha.

Parkour Agent 47 : what about parkour all we do is jump

Dynamix : good job he don't miss leg day

Babywolf Viviano : Beat me I can jump .05 inches!

Jack Whenan : This is cool and all but bill gates jumped an office chair

JAme J : Highest I can jump is 47 inches on box jumps

POTATOVERLORDZ008 : 5:31 Wut?????

Fenix Gamer : bruh i know who can pass that easily the worlds tallest man can pass it wouthout even jumping XD

Andrew Fitch : This guy never skips leg day.