Why It's Almost Impossible to Jump Higher Than 50 Inches | WIRED

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Science with Katie : All of a sudden I’m determined to jump 50 inches 😂

Squirmy and Grubs : I tried with all my might to do a 50 inch vertical leap, but the only thing that happened was I landed face-down on the floor in front of my wheelchair. Someone please send help.

Az Slump : “Why it’s impossible to jump more than 50 inches” *3 seconds later* Guinness world record of jumping 63 inches

Winter Gaming : 5:31 wait.. what did he say?

ErrantChordier : sorry but this video was BS clickbait. I expected a nice technical breakdown and discussion of muscle fibre force production, tendon strength limits, myofibrillator physiology, measurements of athletes across different sports, why 50"/127cm might be some magic number at the limits of human physiology. Instead we get profound statements "the way to get the biggest possible height is to have a big vertical velocity at the end of the takeoff" and "his muscles are capable of doing bigger forces than yours".

Michael Jay - Value Investing : Fleas are the world's greatest jumpers

TechMack : OK Youtube I watched it now STOP RECOMMENDING IT TO ME :)

TheButtonMash3r : Society: White guys can't jump. This dood: Says who? Ronaldo: Hold my beer...

アニメAnimeIsArt : Basketball players might not jump that high, but they are taller, so in the end, they reach higher.

Edrell Mandrique : They should test Zion Williamson

Ausmanism : 5:31 whaaaa

Wever : Thanks that you use imperial instead of metric. Now 80% can't get a precise answer without looking it up.

Nique 215 : Did yall forget that vince carter jumped over a 7 foot person.

Triple3 : That’s cool. But have you ever seen a booty with a 50 inch circumference?? Lol 🍑

fullmetalwindbreaker : we talked to a REAL SCIENTIST "his leg stronger"

Snow Z : They didn't answer the title question.

MarsBarsKaboom : The best jumpers are made of wool

Ant The Knee : It's crazy to think that even the best of humans at these things, are still in the category of being the worst at it amongst all the species on Earth. Humans really SUCK in comparison to animals at things like running, jumping, and swimming.

Default : It's possible if you're in space :)

CGagnon5 : LPT: don't watch the video. it is really boring and filled with ad breaks. They literally never answer the question of why 50 is a magic number. They just pick the current record and add a lot to it to make it a really high number you're welcome

ban the prince of all undead : i see squats is the trick

Brandon Chilvers : Then there's me barely able to jump a foot off the ground...

Jordan Cruz : Say "Dapena says" 5x fast

chewy alba : 4:46 - 4:48 and it was at this moment that we realize that he's tipper is all up in he's face....

Taku Chimu : "his muscles...are capable of giving bigger forces than yours"- roll credits

POTATOVERLORDZ008 : 5:31 Wut?????

dotGlitch : How about Instead of jumping 50 Inches jump on it :)

Nerevarri : 6:53 well then

Cameron Schultz : The highest nba vertical leap is 48 inches so bball players jump higher 😂

Bob Langford : -Oh, what do you do for a living? I’m a box jumper. -Cool... what’s a box jumper? I.... jump on boxes. -Oh... that’s nifty.

BBQSAUCE ! : he can do a backflip right hes got so much height he could probably do it if he tried

cbapiaz : 1.27 meters for the rest of the world.

OH YEAH YEAH : I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Ronaldo jump higher than this. It just wasn’t recorded

Hasan Westside : 5:31 ... 🧐

kostni : 0:38 that's not football that's rugby. Change My Mind. Edit: 575 people agree with me Edit 2: Over 1.4k people agree with me Edit 3: Over 2k people agree with me

P L : Steph Curry with a 40 inch vertical

Frank Castle Is Dead : And they said white men couldn’t jump.....

Jordan Blackwell : Wilt chamberlain had a 48 inch vert

Raz3 MK : It's impossible until someone does it...

Chicken Connoisseur : How come none of these qualified analysts mentioned range of motion though? That guy in the blue tee was clearly squatting deeper. This don needs to stretch to build power/velocity/momentum in a full range of motion.

Ana Hashem l انا هاشم : This guy doesn’t need that jumping thing in the swimming pool he can just jump and it’ll be high 😂

Shmevan Riceballz : Lmao his name is Jesus

Devil Hex : I guess he never watched dragon ball

Fenix Gamer : bruh i know who can pass that easily the worlds tallest man can pass it wouthout even jumping XD

Gaming Casualties : i wanna jump high enough to be able to break my legs coming back down

Gangsta Penguin : Wilt Chamberlain had a 48 inch vertical. Football players highest was only 1 inch higher than Michael Jordans too. Though, i will admit football players naturally have better verticals.

Alexander Butler : GENETICS>>>>>Everything else. You see those dudes catching impossible throws in games?? they dont only have amazing physical ability and size they have unparalleled hand-eye coordination and focus. Its a bell curve. You gotta be big (tall and very lean) have insane fast twich muscle fibers and insane hand eye coordination and focus. Also huge hands help. Look at most recievers or Gronk. They make the ball look tiny.

RUTHLESS : what about parkour all we do is jump

I try to get 1000 subs with No VIDEOS : I think im better than him👌🏿

Just Paige : When you’re trying to tap the door frame in 5th grade to impress everyone. Edit:1.9k likes, mom are you proud of me yet??