$3 Heroin Vs. $3000 Heroin - Feat Anything4Views

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Star Foxxy : being unemployed sucks, but being able to watch friendlyjordies right as it comes out sure takes the edge off.

Bat'ko the Manarchist : 4:58... Is this....?

H : Pretty sure Chad is a legit dealer

Doubledealer : A buzzfeed mock parody while still being a video on Australian politics. Two birds with one stone Jordy.

hbombf : Jordies is noided

Alex Fasso : Keep dabbin on the haters kids, safety first

Bob Jenkins : If you can get Anything4Views on there you think you could get Max too ?

Jackson Turner : Post Malones Aussie accent is so good!

Jimbo : When u got dat chad feature

Jackson Turner : Wow he got Post Malone in his video! 🙌🏼

Dark Link : Is that a death grips instrumental in the outro

Simon Jennings : Um excuse me, it's *insert current year here.*

Lucia Breccia : I keep living just to watch these videos.

phoenix short : you are fucking woke jordie - but i thought you said indie music was for the unimaginative teens #jordieisturninginaman or are you just trying to get your #sadboy audience to relate? #friendthony #jordtano

Mack Alford : death grips in the outro?! you fcukers still have robbie on the pay roll? i want tray bien back in the next pod (WHERE IS THE NEXT POD) or my patreon money is going elsewhere!!!

Jason Kinsey : DEATH GRIPS

Stellarhippo : Yooo Death Grips 👌

Babyfaced Ambassador : I love this video

FreshNewtype : yeah of course the best way to address obesity, a condition largely created by a combination of sedentary office lifestyles flattening wages and the perverse incentive to buy less healthy food, is to just call overweight people names

jarrod terry : dude please make more videos with anything4views

Mike S : CHAD's PART is amazing af!! Future in acting!! ANYTHING4VIEWS TWITCH TV

Aidan Gunn : fucken nerds

Unit1pt0 : Bill Shorten is a Muslim.

E K A L B : philz on 3rd kunt

zer0 95 : fatcunt could easily star on trailer park boys

mrdaxtercrane : This is clickbait. They only try the $3 heroin and the $3000 heroin doesn't exist. Only for $600 and they don't try that either!!

Gomila Droogies : I tip my empty vb carton on head as a hat in approval of this message.

Berserko Diablo : Went and saw your show on Tues in Ballarat, I was your biggest Heckl...I mean,... Fan! 😂 I'm wearing the Vote for Malcolm Turnbull shirt right now! Great video! Love you to death, keep up the great work!! 🤘

Jackson Elmore : When I watch him it makes me feel so unintelligent, it's not til the third watch through I laugh at half the jokes

Jaaay g : damit. only just noticed you're in bendigo tonight. bruh, how can i not miss ya next show around bendigo ?

charlie cheadle : Comedy gold Jordies you legend.

Sad Boy BB : dude death grips at the end. i think i like you even more now.

Taylor Mcbeath : Deeply impressed by the De Phazz

Kakarot : You drove past my house in this episode XD

TiMMeH .G : Aw yes that 2 seconds of death grips at the end was awesome

Lead3r : anything for views, in a friendly jordies video 10/10

Authentic_Acc : *glass breaks*

Benadryl CrumpetSnatch : Fatcunt

Gareysin : You Might Think He Loves You for Your Money but I Know What He Really Loves You for It’s Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

OddCereal : Anyone else pick up on the Mortal kombat "toassstyyy"?

Mya Mi : *dear +friendlyjordies, you are my messiah in these darkest of dark times.* malcom turdstain is now privatizing centerlink by selling it to serco. serco corporation is the most evil company on the planet, they literally *are rapists.* look it up folks. they run private prisons among other things, one thing they did to increase the prison capacity by 20% in the uk is to put beds in the toilets. if you think life sucks now, these bastards will force you to eat your own shit for a good laugh that's how sadistic they are, which explains why the lnp loves them so much. the liberal party is the enemy of jesus christ.

Winnetu : Oh my god, views? Will jordies work with max soon?

Creamage : Fat Cunt.

PopcornMax179 : Man, I love you!

BLITZKRIEG : could you please make a video which brings that mole Bishop to the attention of the Australian public. Let's not forget how she defended James Hardy and now seems to think that a smile and a Twitter account will make people forget. Not to mention what fucking clue would she have about the complexities of international relations?

Hobobeard : This is awkward and embarrassing. If you must make terrible sketches please hire a competent writer first.

Kromazone : What a Spicy meme. Very geeeeeeewd.

Cory Goodman : Well done. However, you missed the actual heroin that costs a few grand; it's called fentanyl (there are others, but this is by far the most potent opioid), and costs a few thousands dollars when included in the "The Emergency Room" experience in the United States. I know you're in Australia, but buzzkill should be paying to fly you out when something like this is available. I say you should only get it while going to "The Emergency Room" in the US and paying for that experience because if you don't; A) it won't cost a few grand, and B) you're going to die. Aside from that, totally worth it. I disliked the video because there was no clip of the camera man silently indulging; however, I re-liked it because Princess Jasmine can get it. Oh, and I just relapsed again. 0.o

mitch rowe : Lingus is off the rails

Mattuiop : That "You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it's your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat" ending