$3 Heroin Vs. $3000 Heroin - Feat Anything4Views

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Simon Jennings : Um excuse me, it's *insert current year here.*

Nelso5000 : Holy shit is that DEATH GRIPS?

Jessica : Bro get better camera

azakareal : I hate buzfeed it’s fucking the rectal cancer of the world. I refused to watch sbs news because they started using fucking buzfeed as a news source

Christopher Loftus : Does anyone know what song is playing at 2:40? I've tried shazamming it but no luck!

Taylor Mcbeath : Deeply impressed by the De Phazz

Alex Gwynn : You did not just say the o word

BenjiMordino : I'm sorry, did you call me an occidental? You god damn orientals have no shame.

Jamie Williamson : You’re losing it a bit mate...

wandarooni pii : Your content has always been interesting Jordan. Keep up the good work buddy.

Hylander27 : OMG this is the greatest single piece of journalism that buzzfeed has ever released or ever will

JUSES CHIRST : rip off i came for chad and he said like 2 lines

Kakarot : You drove past my house in this episode XD

dupe you : There was only so much gold in the ground to begin with from meteorites. Once its all picked up , we turn into a proper 3rd world country overnight. Just accept it & stop giving yourself a stroke. FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!FUCK YOU CHAD!

mickeypeedee : I’m busting to see the original video now! Haha Someone want to help a brother out?

Siberius Wolf : I would love to see some more collaborations with Chad and Maxfoefoe. Also when Filthy frank and iDubbbz come to Australia. Jordies and Ian together would be cool.

GLaDOSv3gaming : Those credits... Is this?

Skindoggiedog : How old is this kid doing this skit with you at the start? 15? His face is still in child-mode.

Mugen ムゲン : Dear friendlyjordies, please do not do collaborations with boring youtubers in the future. Sincerely, 100% of your fans.

Jun Siu : When Chad gets unemployed and has to start selling heroin

JuiceBoxTime : hahah what death grips at the end

Ed Eranged : Ahhh so that's why the blonde emotionless, monotone, baritone, deadeyed, quiff sporting, rapefaced gimp on those "Exuberant Asian and Boring White Manscum try some shit" videos looks so miserable.. Contrary to every other employee at Buzzfeed he knows how much he should hate himself. Newfound respect for him. Thumbs up, Andrew.

youamlame : This dude needs to somehow be in politics and make movies, damn

Mr Huff'n'Puff : "I know exactly why i'm here"... ...... i haven't laughed like that in a long while, thank you!!

wv vw : To create an authentic FriendlyJordies video experience, set your video quality to 360p.

Tom Newman : Oi chad how the fuck are you becoming friends with all my favourite youtubers? what the actual fuck 😂

scarlettrubyrose : I'm surprised señor jordie hasn't done a video on a particular survey yet

No Fun Intended : I'm from Canada and what the fuck is Death Grips


Ben Everitt : I'm glad there are still some youtubers who don't dilute their content because of youtube's bullshit policies. Satire on point. So funny

Dreadnaught1985 : Come on... worth it is actually quite funny though, rest of buzzfeed can take a corkscrew in the japseye.

Yusuf Polat : I still don't understand how you don't have millions of views.

Sena : probably the first video i understood more than 40% of love u man

EmissaryOfSmeagol : This video was so good. We see the Jordy-verse is more expansive than ever, and writing was top notch.

Omega Monstrum : Come come fuck apart in here I Die Gr8 video m8

Louis M : I fucking love this channel


OddCereal : Anyone else pick up on the Mortal kombat "toassstyyy"?

BLITZKRIEG : could you please make a video which brings that mole Bishop to the attention of the Australian public. Let's not forget how she defended James Hardy and now seems to think that a smile and a Twitter account will make people forget. Not to mention what fucking clue would she have about the complexities of international relations?

Mya Mi : *dear +friendlyjordies, you are my messiah in these darkest of dark times.* malcom turdstain is now privatizing centerlink by selling it to serco. serco corporation is the most evil company on the planet, they literally *are rapists.* look it up folks. they run private prisons among other things, one thing they did to increase the prison capacity by 20% in the uk is to put beds in the toilets. if you think life sucks now, these bastards will force you to eat your own shit for a good laugh that's how sadistic they are, which explains why the lnp loves them so much. the liberal party is the enemy of jesus christ.

Stephanie ミ : Viewseyyyy

E K A L B : philz on 3rd kunt

zer0 95 : fatcunt could easily star on trailer park boys

Brendan Matthys : Dude your outro music is sick. Do you listen to Death Grips?

Chris 1 : Can’t stand the buzz feed guys

gianni deadmeme : Fat cunt's all right. Gay retard is better

Maddie Pleash : I'm still unsure of what I just watched but I love it

Christopher Mills : Tasmania is part of Australia, come down here and do a show stooge

Stephen Faust : They go to war on drugs in America, am I not right ?

connor monroe : ANYTHING FOR VIEWS