Fred Armisen Covers "Blackbird" by The Beatles (2009)

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Enter a name here : What hes doing is harder than playing it correctly.

Nacho Man Randy Sandwich : it seems like he knows how to play it, but just isn't....

Mega Sauce : It takes a lot of talent to deliberately do a bad cover and make it funny without people thinking it's serious

Lynn Turman : This is the jazz version.

bluzshadez : Fred Armisen is one of the best drummers in the world.

Adrian Mann : Its the little details he puts in, "Take these broken eyes"! LOL!

pavanatanaya : Plays guitar like a drummer

Rolling Ormond : Yoko wrote this version so John called it genius.

Amit Ben-Hur : I don't know whether you have to be incredibly talented to do it or incredibly untalented.

Tyler Cross : This is pure avant-garde.

blueconversechucks : I was falling asleep when I was watching this and I had a mini dream that Fred Armisen stole my guitar

Slick Ratchet : at least he's trying

ktpinnacle : I tried not to learn something new today, and there you go blowing it for me . . . .

Bear Saliva : Why is it that Fred is good at everything he does?

N 9-1 : Sounds like the intro to Fight Fire With Fire by Metallica

Mark C : ...all he needed was the click track ....

Ban Fasso : If guitars have souls from the energy we leave within them, that one's was just raped down to sub-default

a te : Still better than Bieber

A.J Davidz : Anyone have tabs?

Ezra Poynter : The look of concern on Fallon's face (0:44) ... priceless!

Reeve Coble : Ugh, what a disgrace to God’s greatest gift to this world. Ringo Starr is rolling in his grave!

nerdcity : he's a comedic genius

RUGGED BREED : Good job nerd

NonStopRocker : I have no doubt in my mind Fred can nail it note for note, when hes not going for laughs

Anya : Lol he missed the the Broken Wings part that was supposed to come before the eyes😂

The 1101 Experiment : Donovan showed Paul the thumb and index finger claw finger picking in India.

Donkey Kong : It's funny because he was actually playing Stairway to Heaven

GiacomoJimmi : Beatles by way of Beefheart.

Yishai Lerner : A true jazz master.

ClueSign : This is exactly what I sounded like learning this and thinking I was so cool. Fred is a genius.

Elliot McNulty : What’s the joke here?

Quincy Casey : What a goof

yung poe : I love Rivers Cuomo

The Truth Tellers Band : are you guys deaf? that didnt sound like blackbird at all

Doctor KILLEE : These chords would be from a Radiohead song

wikichris : Nice alternative tuning there

De Sanc : He's not even funny smh

Peter Kane : Fred Armisen is freaking hilarious. Like everything he does is just so funny. Like when he stood up when everyone was clapping that shit was a riot. The dude has talent!

Rickertsred : So unfunny. I cringed through it, and felt sorry for him.

bravetherainbow : Paul McCartney Shreds - His Worst Performance Ever

adam sanchez : Jimmy Fallon has been ruining our lives since 2009? I had no idea he’s been on that long

The Best Of Minecraft : It’s funny cause he knows how to play he’s just doing it bad on purpose

Carter Elliott : Looks like Paul Simon, plays like a third-grader. How hilarious!

Mc Katana : Hipsters ruin everything.

Doug H. in VA : it's not funny as a send-up. it's weak and worn-thin sarcasm. the joke is over before he starts.

Martin Brady : Fan-boy Jimmy Fallon et al are the ruination of good music.

Tae Young Ahn : He is actually an accomplished classical guitarist

Keith Hinchcliffe : 56 people thought he was serious. Dipshits.

sparksoffyou : Aka every college party around 2:13 am. “Great. Todd brought his guitar. Great. He’s singing Blackbird. Money on what’s next? Oasis? Weezer?”

MrTayloreh : Thats the guitar from Pet Sounds.