Becoming Captain America | Killerbody Cosplay Suit | Avengers: Endgame
Becoming Captain America Cosplay

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Avengers: Endgame comes out tomorrow (actually really tonight), which means its the perfect time to suit up as Captain America in style! I’m not sure what will happen to Steve Rogers in Avengers 4, but since Chris Evans is officially done with the role after Endgame, its safe to say we probably won’t be seeing Captain America on the big screen for a while. So I figured I’d give a little tribute to Captain America, and show off this cool suit in the meantime! I know, I know, it's not technically the Endgame scale suit. Its actually the Civil War suit, which looks just as cool in my opinion! I’ve been wearing this Captain America costume in a lot of my recent videos, but I haven’t taken the time to really give this suit some glory time. It really is an incredible suit. I have not yet come across another Captain America cosplay suit that has quite the level of detail and sheer coolness. Then again, it is currently the only Captain America costume I own so I guess I can’t really say what the best Captain America costume is just yet! I only just recently got into cosplay, so I am still a newbie at it! This is my very first cosplay! The pictures at the end were taken by Anthony Chavez. You can check out his instagram profile here: Support me on Ko-fi! If you like my Captain America suit, check out my review of it here: This cosplay suit was made by Killerbody. You can check them out here! The helmet is a Cattoys Veteran Captain America helmet. I purchased it via ShowZ Store: Follow me! FB ▶ IG ▶ Visit my website! ▶ I’m available for Personal Training in the West Los Angeles Area! “Our Last Stand” -Niklas Johansson Music Provided by Epidemic Sound (


Ris Skit : Did you buy the aluminum or plastic marvel legends shield

Jenna O'neill : Wow this is sooo intresting biggest captain America fan (probably not😂😂😂)

Unit Superior : You just bought a civil war suit

Adler Silva : Hey, i want buy this suit, but in Killerbody all were sold, where can i find this suit available ?? thanks brother, nice video and body

‘MuricanEagle : the mask is always what makes or breaks the suit tbh.

Geek Climber : Very cool!

Capsule Caps : Noob master 69

SAM : I think you should’ve gotten a smaller size, other than that, I want this sooooo badddd.

TMG4114 : Where’s the shield from

DarylChris Fitness : Captain Asia.

Michael Cabrera : Wow! Nice video!! Is that the Cattoys helmet?

Kyle the file : Nice vid

Vida Zhao : Cool!