I Took My Semen And Put It Under My Microscope - 1000x Magnification

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My Microscopic World : The microscope used in this video is a microlab 1000b from zenith https://amzn.to/2Otp9Am (affiliate link)

Talking Nonsense : Apparently this is what YouTube's decided we're all gonna watch today

B4shar : This is how pubg got inspired 100 players but only 1 makes it

Jaminator : *Congratulations on failing No Nut November*

- Shiroyasha - : Welcome back to _"Why is this in my recommended"_ Episode 106

Spiritual Awakening : Weird to imagine these little fellas live inside my nutsack!

Xtreme Cream Derp : He jacked off......... For science..... GIVE THIS MAN A NOBLE PEACE PRIZE

Azrael Montefalco : This dude be like: *"HELLO MY CHILDREN I AM YOUR FATHER"*

Divyansh Asthana : I feel guilty when I realise how I am responsible for millions of Deaths 😥😥😥😥

Clorox Bleach : I was about to go bus' a nut but... now I don't want to anymore 😕

W. D. Gaster : Porn hub is down This will do

Knightcore : *Mom, it's not what it looks like, it's for my science class!*

Madd Genome : We have all won the race for the right to be born, life is crazy

Notice me Senpai : *_S I M P L Y D E L I C I O U S_*

6079 Smith : I feel gay looking at another man's semen

U did this : From now on I will stop tryna _choke the chicken_

Snaziko : The one time where the "It's for science!" comment is actually true


Axel Belmont : What I'm doing with my life watching this..

Kelpyz : I’ve officially seen it all, Some guys nut under a microscope... *HOW FASCINATING*


England : Will I get pregnant if I watch this

Haha Haha : The worst part is that the female spermcells were paid less than the male spermcells.

TheMemeGenerator : So you get arrested by killing 1 person And not by killing billions of peoples

Potatoe Pete : Imagine how many sperms dies For just *losing no nut november*

felix john : How many life did i killed everydays?

Neo2266 : It’s the title that got people here

Divine Justice : Bruh look at all those sperm going sicko mode.

YACINE SALLEMINE : This video brings me back so many memories ! Life was much simpler at that time..

TheLanceGaming : I feel bad for my unborn kids...

Shehran Baloch : *Porn isn't the same anymore*

Marcelina Muttson : And there are thots out here eating this

【 Noe The Chicken】 : wHY THIS WAS IN MY RECOMMENDED?????

Fairy Tail : Should I thank YouTube for this?

mystaecal_ : What have I done

Chris Hansen : So sorry little fellas, see you soon.. see you soon ......

Insta is mkultrakid : Top 10 Anime Death Battles

FineWheel : Watching this is november... thot you nutted in no nut November for a second. Close one!

Milagros Dominguez : Has anybody heard about female EJACULATION [Insert Lenny face]

Triggered PopCorn : I don't know how to feel while watching this

Greg Blesch : So THIS is why my gf father started down the stairs with a shotgun.I gotta get me one of them there microscope gadgets.

悲しい Ilmari : The only battle royale that i won

M Black : And ladies and gentlemen that's how child support was born

Harie Amjari : The only race i have ever won.

Argie Cooler : How many of my brothers and sisters died in this process why am I the chosen one.

Baby Driver : Imagine if these tiny fellas had a cameo in Sausage Party only to be gobbled up by a girlfriend of James Franco

NAS - NISHANT ANIMAL SERVICES : I've Flushed them several Times

RJMM : Let's see the prequel.

Bozo 5N5 : I hope someone dont get pregnant

LIL B`s EVIL TWIN : We have the whole world in our balls.