Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout vs PUBG | Direct Comparison

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A visual and gameplay comparison of the upcoming "Blackout" mode for Black Ops 4 against the most battle royale shooter game on steam, PUBG.


WoW : So we can all agree that both games are better than fortnite.

Tejas Pophale : Pubg PC = Dying, Pubg Mobile= Rising

Lopa Bhavsar : COD doesn't have fry pans

nhậu không : Graphics:blackout Gameplay:pubg

աėšłęÿ : PUBG is the original Battle Royal experience.

Mohamed Emad : I like pubgs realistic gameplay and slow paced,However blackout is not bad either its great but I just prefer pubg,In a word we can all agree that..... *BOTH ARE BETTER THAN FORTNITE*

Ashish : You are praising Call Of Duty is better than PUBG, then why you use PuBG theme music in background dude....???

Clorox Bleach : No hate against BO but this review was biased

Mirjeng [PhYx] : Comparing PUBG PC with Blackout but the comments section is filled with 'PUBG Mobile is the best' 🤣how funny

MOHAMED AKRAM : Who like and still playing pubg hit like. 👍 Here👈

Titanium : This seems very biased towards cod imo

Ashwin Aguero : Pubg or fortine (then) Pubg or fortnite or cod or apex legends (now)✌️✌️✌️✌️

Triggrd Fans Die Plz : Comparison - PC Comment section - Most are Mobile pubg Gamers 😂😂😂. The gaming experience is completely different in both the cases and these fckrs can never undrstand that.

gaming with me : 4:15 pubg have Jeep and buggy But COD have asphalt cars😋😎🚗:-D

cerealkiller : So is Bluehole going to sue Activision now?

sadiqe mohammad : Pubg = modern days Cod = more futuristic

Bindu rajappan : pubg is the best battle ground game then nom and for ever

Bilal Agalarov : Pubg Number one battleroyale game and pubg mobile best )))

Rick ghosh : Nothing to compare betwwen graphics..both a re same graphics almost but cod has more feature ..

Crazy Baalak : But there is no chicken dinner in COD !

muheen ahmed : COD looks like an expensive knockoff

Regnal YT : Lol every person who doesn't own a pc or a console are just bragging about how good pubg mobile is 😂😂😂😂 just chill and try other games before saying it's bad you dikheads

gamer's EYE : Blackout for intensity and quick action. Pubg for strategy.

Matthew Flores : Idk why i sat and watched this lol

Sage Jinx : Blackout is the best battle royal!! Im glad i paid 60 dollars for bo4 its amazing

8Jallin : I wish blackout had Team 1 vs Team 2 as an extra option. Solo-duo-quads-redVSblue

AGFuzzyPancake : COD - Simple polished battle royale PUBG - authentic unpolished battle royale COD wins.

Sukhminder Kaushal : I will chose Call of duty

Jarren Fisher : Blackout is probably gonna kill Pubg anyway.

Vijay Mourya : Pubg is best😎

Chuckin Charlie : Just so y’all know, PUBG is the OG battle royale. It was one of the first that made most battle royale a happen

Nishant Kumar : Totally wast Cod without chicken dinner 🙂

Baked Wolf YT : Okay bro pop a med while running but can't pop one while someone is driving 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Lost Montanelas : Pubg is just more serious, COD is just more fast pacing and Fun, also much more polished

Tauseef Raza Ansari : I think pubg better Winner winner chicken dinner

sad boy : Pubg best Love you pubg 😘😘

Dav inaya 33 : No more PubG, Now I'll go on COD

abd elghani feredj : Pubg is the best 😊

XRAY Papa-Bear : Its basically pubg and fortnite had a child and the genes of pubg were dominant.

αvα тαr : But PUPG still more funny and not srx like cod lol

Naiem Nooristani : battlefield cod and pugn they are awesome games but i hate fortnite

Akshay Pal : U need very high Speed internet connection to run pubg in pc hit like if u agree

Nilesh Kapoor : Why you didn't compared sound effect between them ??

ZZZ : Basically, this vid is an ad of COD.

junaid mubarak : Left pubg coz of bugs, lag issues, waiting for someone better

ImperfecT : i wud go for COD

Ayush Rajpal : Would like to see a comparison between Ring of Elysium and PUBG

jawad bin shan : Pubg is the best

Mandy's TOP 10 : Both games are good -A fortnite player