Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Blackout vs PUBG | Direct Comparison

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Nick930 : Hey guys, if you're interested in seeing another comparison like this one, I just published a comparison between Blackout and Fortnite. Check it out here!

CoinSafe : Pubg is already dying. It doesn't need to be killed. the player count is dropping drastically.

Akash AS : Pubg better

MOHAMED AKRAM : Who like and still playing pubg hit like. 👍 Here👈

Seek N Destroy : No matter whichever game comes out PUBG is just the best cause it's simple interface and guns ain't like COD4

Crazy Baalak : But there is no chicken dinner in COD !

WoW : So we can all agree that both games are better than fortnite.

Tejas Pophale : Pubg PC = Dying, Pubg Mobile= Rising

Khule Ngcobo : 📂Documents └📁Games └📁Battle Royal Games └📁 Boring Games └⚠️ Fortnite

Syahaddin Samadikun : both games played at max setting at 1440p...... watches in 144p

Blc ME : I like the one that is more REALISTIC. Honestly, I don't like cartoonish games. For me, PUBG is always my type.

Rafapaz : Shooters without realistic recoil mechanisms are so fake and gay... Really, why even play a shooter if it requires no skill and strategy whatsoever..

Etern4l Saiy4n : I completely disagree about the looting system, PUBG has a far superior looting system to any BR. better shooting mechanics, actual recoil, realistic bullet drop and velocity, leaning, no shooting underwater, better graphics, more frames per second, no OP shit like choppers, better looting system, better sound system, no hit markers (which is more realistic), no healing while moving, no reviving teammates in 5 seconds, no standing on a moving truck going 80 MPS plus without even flinching, no vaulting over walls twice the height of the player or more, no stupid and idiotic map designs, better net code (if you don't believe me search it up on YouTube there's a video on that) better balanced. I could go on and on but I guess that's enough.

Fardin Rabbi : Pubg Mobile>PUBG

Maitreyamol : Pubg is reality based game..and cod is fantasy game.. People love reality..its life. Pubg is life for real gamers

Lopa Bhavsar : COD doesn't have fry pans

Rafael Carbajal : Pubg is way better it’s realistic and the graphics look beautiful with nice textures on the 4K tv

ElementX • : Pubg was the original game with these ideas i think pubg will always remain the best and all this graple things are bit too arcade

blocksterz : Pubg Mobile > everything else

NB Plays : Those who never won chicken dinner - Those guys calling pubg dying. What a great words.... I like that here i am playing this game to reach its conquerer tier you are saying pubg dying what a lol man. Ha ha..... I wanna meet that guy really... lol Atleast its billion times better that that fucking night or something like that oh sorry thats fortnite.....

TECHY AKSHAY : dont worry pubg going to release snow map


Xinrui Wang : PUBGis the best!!!

Jarren Fisher : Blackout is probably gonna kill Pubg anyway.

Tong tong : Yea it may be better but remember pubg can be played on mobile

Clorox Bleach : No hate against BO but this review was biased

Lopa Bhavsar : Cod just copied pubg

Erikas Rudinskas : COD graphics > PUBG graphics COD performance > PUBG performance COD gameplay < PUBG gameplay My conclusion - PUBG is better

cerealkiller : So is Bluehole going to sue Activision now?

retipser j : Doesn't make sense... CoD is a franchise kind of game where in you want to make it easy but unreal.. pubg requires you to work your way up...

Ahmad Taushif : PUBg is better as it is tough having real experience of handling weapons need much strategies to stand the last .....I prefer pubg


Praveen Rana : pubg is better but i have ps4 for so i can only play pubg mobile.

Dope Estonia : Blackout may kill pubg but I still choose pubg. More realistic and it suits my gameplay better, more strategies and recoil etc. That's a reason I've never touched fortnite, all that game is like a Minecraft build battle...

Shreejan_ lama zone : PUBG fan online 💕

Andy Chinzah : PUBG is better

OctaLoc : Don't say "that" Game is Died or The King . If you wasn't played the game.

ejeboy boholst : i have a lot of experience ..playing battle royal games.. but this one COD blackout.. is the best..and coolest ..battle royal games.. that i ever play.. soo.. ill say goodbye to pubg.. and hello ..Cod blackout...

master chief : Pubg forever

αvα тαr : But PUPG still more funny and not srx like cod lol

Tejas Pophale : Black Ops has Unrealistic Guns😕😑

Abdul Rehman : Pubg

Jeje Kwi : Whatever is it but pubg it is

θα υπάρχει υ φρούτα υ : Pubg

nhậu không : Graphics:blackout Gameplay:pubg

Shaikh Roman : Both Games Are Great!!!!

ZZZ : Basically, this vid is an ad of COD.

Michael Audrey Myers : Blackout better then pubG and Fortnite

UnColored INK : Of course as someone who's played both games a decent amount of time I say Black ops 4 is better but that's just my opinion (don't start a war). Pubg is fun, it introduced a huge genre into the gaming world. Hell I loved it so much, tho I did get frustrated when I spent 20 minutes wandering through the map to just get sniped by someone hidden in the grass. Now some people like that but that's just not me, sure I guess I'm fast paced but putting so much dedication to get it all tumbled down to a simple mistake. Black ops 4 not only has 3 game modes (MP, BR, and ZB) but it added air vehicles and not only that but it also added more variety to a simple game of battle Royale. People are seeing Bo4 as futuristic due to it's past games and judge the newer one to it's younger siblings. It is Its ownself and a hybrid between the most beloved genres. Give Bo4 a try PUBG players, it's just another game not a clone. Sure pubg the original br was amazing but this has more to offer. Bo4 is just another battle Royale just like any other fps, same concept different games. Play both if you want or move on, they're just their own game.

PAST AMAZING MINECRAFT : but nothing is more realistic than my mario