Wakey Wakey...

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24 Frames Of Nick : I’ve never been so hyped to have nightmares

ToxicSoul : On this day salad fingers 11 came out. Now I wonder if Dhmis will come out in 11 days 🤔

H A J I M A : I’m making this my morning alarm

mistertendie : *_Top 10 biggest internet pranks_*

Turtle Boi : lol imagine of it just become like a 5 hour movie on netflix or something

TheOdd1sOut : 👀👀👀👀LETS GO!!!!!!!

Jack1AL : theres no release date because the future doesn't exist

Samm_YT : 2019 anyone? 😂😂👌

TheCuriousFeline 626 : The release date should June 19th, 2019. That'd be funny.

Stario 123 : 0:09 pause and you can see tony the talking clock

Inside A Mind : Oh. It's happening again.

so im_tristan : Im still waiting. What's taking so long ?

Bianca 2B or Donatello machines 20 : *MatPat entered the chat*

bloody spirit : can't wait for the new episode!! hurry up pls tho, it has been 4 months already lol

Ravenmations 101 : They’re creeping round the corner Fiddling with the doors Hiding in your garden Sleeping on the roof Renting you a function room Stepping on your toes But now you need the toilet They’re messing up the town! Well if I brought you a precious gem, You wouldn’t just leave it lyin’ around. Well you’d put it in a box and cover it with locks And bury it deep under the ground! But we’re looking for the mayor. I would like a gem! Quiet! He wasn’t in his house and he’s nowhere to be found! But you say you love your town Well look at all the danger, oh any old stranger can Walk right in and pinch you on the leg Look inside your lunchbox, take out all your front teeth Look at this, what a silly mess! It’s not secure at all, some uninvited guests! They sneak right in, fiddle with our bin lids Ruin all our stuff, but that belongs to us! Well you better lock it up! Cause we don’t have enough! Who’s taking all our stuff? I think you need the toilet! (Spoilers)

Lovely Lauren : But I thought we all agreed to never be creative again?

Pablo Ignacio Comments : Don't scare me I'm hugged

Stanyslav Luchyk : Dude there are so many easter eggs and stuff in this video

Rithely Costa : MDS ele vão volta? Já quero assistir véi !!

LPS AliceTV : Wakey: W=23, A=1, K=11, E=5, Y=25 . Sums up to 65 Wakey Wakey = 130 ; 1-30 . Jan 30th 2019 (I didnt make this i copy and pasted it so it would get more recognitition) :)

Seeddz : This is the least toxic community on the internet and I love it

Little Eli Guy : What is happening? What happened to the mayor? What’s that machine with Duck’s face? Why is Red Guy locked out? Wanna know? Go to MatPat probably.

Bolt The Blur : *GOD has joined the server*

WhiteRaptors : This preview came out 43 years ago

Kali Arellano : wait..... it's partnered with CONACO

The Wiggles Tunes : "The past is far behind us. The future doesn't exist"

Vicarious Monarch : You look like you could use a hug, because I don't think you're scared enough...

Yvonne Inman : Is this before the reset? If so, they should be blue red and green 🤔

Pocket Ghost : I hope everything in production will come out alright!! Keep up the amazing work! You're doing great!

Yates Opta : Guess who's back Back again Ducky's Back Tell a friend

CreepsMcPasta : My favourite kids show

Joseph Champion : *Matpat wants to know your location*

Eleazar : 19 or 20 of june? Maybe?

phil jancik : when is it the first episode coming out. i mean it has been almost 5 months are you going to release indefinitely or when the 2020 election starts or something dude give us a sign

Armando Blackaller : Is it just me or the first six episodes represent the infinity stones The clock is the time stone The computer the space stone The butterfly the soul stone The notebook the reality stone The steak the power stone The lamp the mind stone

Roboterize : I just finished my trauma therapy from the last one.

Cancer Forever : 5 more minutes....!

Evan Kinsler : A Netflix Original Series

MistClan4otter : Yes, I actually just watched this at .25 speed and paused at every single frame. No, I am not crazy.

DaForkRepellant : I would say that it looks like s season 2 but looks very different than the dont hug me i'm scared... Man i'm so hyped to watch this. EDIT: The music tho, excellent.


EB Films : I bet the next episode will come out on June 19? 😯


bubblenugget : Reply if you saw salad fingers 11(glass brother)

l : When is it coming?????

Kyotosomo : I feel like this would make a perfect fit on Adult Swim

Emily Clark : Release date: June 19th, 0619 If you know what I mean😂

RadioPusheenCat : But yet *the log is still in the bin*

ExtraAlienFrom Chessy : God damn I am excited for this to happen

Dr Emulator : I have an idea.What if the episode comes out on Presidents day (check matpats theory why)