Wakey Wakey...
Wakey Wakey

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PushinSince93 : It’s June 20th and it’s still not out, panic mode.

Li : Alright boys lets wait another year

Pink guy : Everyone: its coming out on 19th or the 20th of June Me: Wow look, nothing

Zifra Gondorf | LLN : *I thought we agreed to never be creative again*

Wesly Ester : The most dissapointing day in my youtube life...

Username : Today might be the day folks Edit: Yesterday was not the day folks

lawliet park : *w o w , l o o k , n o t h i n g !*

E follower : *me and the boys waiting for it at june 19*

I'm Sorry for Being Kind : Okay, now stop commenting this comment, guys. It's not coming anytime soon.

Arron Ticci : Fan base: they are plotting up some big reveal of the episodes on June 19 Creators: *forgot YouTube account password*

Randa Ismew : June 19/20 : *nothing uploads* The whole fandom: *excuse me,WTF ?!*

Hannahk1246 : So it was June 19th and 20th and nothing happened *you had one job dhmis*

GronkSpikE : like if today is FINALLY THE DAY Edit: Apparently it's coming on the 30th of June

24 Frames Of Nick : I’ve never been so hyped to have nightmares

Tony the Clock : WHERE THE HECK IS EPISODE 7 BECKY!??! HUH!!??

Elmo, The Lord, Our Savior : My guess is the trailer for the show comes out tomorrow (June 20th) because it’s confirmed this will be a tv series and in the final episode the date changed to June 20th

SrJaum Dollynho : Bruh, Ok... it's June 20th... where is the season 2? please, tell me that this will launch soon, i'm desperate and anxious!

ProMinecrafter123 AJ : I see a ladder leading on dhmis season 2 The ladder fell

ƝveR : ⠀ ⠀ *Sᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ ʀᴀᴛᴇ ᴅʀᴏᴘs ᴛᴏ 0%* ⠀

Snattlerake : Nothing on June 19th? I guess we finally agreed to never be creative

Olivia Flapdoodle : Welp... there’s always next year

Cyborg Goomba : Look, i get that this is a TV show and not a series for YouTube. But can you please just give us a release date or just say which TV channel it’s going to be on? Please.. please.. You uploaded the teaser to YouTube, so we’re still waiting. We taught it was going to come out on June 19th.. but now I’m honestly kinda disappointed.. I know you have it finished.. so please update us soon. We just really want to see it. Not because we’re impatient, but because we really love your work.

resident1793 : Hey look, nothing!

The Wiggles Tunes : "The past is far behind us. The future doesn't exist"

SpiralCups4Life : Ok ima actually stay up till midnight refreshing the channel to see if it comes out or I cry

Dr. Dayton : It's 19th June now! I swear, if there won't be a new dhmis episode, then... I TRUSTED YOU!!1!1!!11

kaden and the ninjas : Well, I’m disappointed nothing on June 19th

PkbXp : Come on please I better wake up tomorrow and see a new video or I'll be fuming

Isaiah Rodriguez : Suicide rate drops to 0%

Billy Walker : It's not here yet... Am i going crazy?!?

Fernando Garcia : Title: Wakey Wakey... Me: I’ve been awake since this dropped

LazeRShooter : Today is June 20 like the calendar change in the 6 one. Where’s the new one?

sonic exe 9999 exe : June 19: Well, maybe it's tomorrow June 20: oh oh..... June 21: *P A N I C M O D E*

burned bread : Half a year later: still no video full fan base: excuse me wtf

BONBONFOXY 0 : Walp it dident come out on June 19th *sigh*😑

Kitsune TV :3 : I hope I’m not the only one what is waiting them to post wakey wakey today

Flame-Bolt267 : Welp folks looks like we're waiting for 2020 June 19

Kenji KL : Sir, you have been in a coma of 9 months...

Handstand Fam : Fans: DHMIS is my special one Creators after June 20th: Still no episodes... Fans: *watches every episode again for nostalgia

JaytheMurph111 : Nobody: Literally nobody: DHMIS: hey lets tease something and make everyone wait a year!

That Other Vaporeon YT : When the new DHMIS doesn't get released: "Looks like someone's having a *B A D D R E A M"*

Gabby G : excuse me can u pls upload the pilot. The fans are very sad. thank u :(

Philip René : There's a time and place for mocking around!

Supernova Muesli : 19 june passed...20 now....well I guess we have to wait another year.

Oliver Thornton : I’ve never experienced this much disappointment in my life...

Efren Suastegui : Wait for june 19 ITS JUNE 20 AND NO DONT HUG ME IM SCARED VIDEO YET Wait for june 19 2020

resarious : *patiently waits for June 19th/20th* Edit: yeets in dissapointed 😔

Johnny Perez : *Well I guess the creators agreed to never be creative again.* Almost a year and nothing, June 19th nothing, day after nothing. 😭

ηαıkσяυ : yall,the upload is goin to jumpscare yall