Wakey Wakey...

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TheOdd1sOut : 👀👀👀👀LETS GO!!!!!!!


Melk 1029 : They should make a lesson about Money Saftey Respect Animals Books War Tools Memes Actually don't do the last one

Dysphoric Nick : I keep checking back every other day to see if I’ve missed the new episode upload but iTS BEEN A MONTH ALREADY COME ONNNN

Shahzad Sohail : Playing it at 0.25 makes the music sound 25x more scary

24 Frames Of Nick : I’ve never been so hyped to have nightmares

AIDAN WILSON : Will the new episode be release on the 20 of June in 2019 since that was the day that they were free

Dominic Ruiz : I almost shidded myself when i saw this. Edit: Also wtf a month ago damn I need to turn on notifications.

KurtKombajn : This music produces to me some kind of nostalgic feelings. This show is traumatizing and nightmareish but also friendly and true in most fucked up way. I love this <3

defty picklez : for the theorists out there here are the replay buttons for 1 like 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01


Jacob Burden : Don't hit me I'm shrek

Donut Goku : 0/10 Too much green. Green is not a creative color.

Leven Cragie : LETS FLIPPIN GOOOOO!!!!!! (Edit) I liked my own comment because no one else will

Leven Cragie : I was just thinking about how episode 6 was about dreams and how they called this weakey weakey I dunno maybe I’m just overthinking stuff. IM JUST REALY EXISTED OK 👌!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM ALSO TO EXITED TO SPELL EXITED RIGHT

Dark Megumin : I can feel The Film Theorists creeping behind us... Silently watching...

Gabriel_ rosales : 0:06 duck is supriesd of something At 0:14 is what he see also it is the mayors room and red guys skarf is there from when he leaves in dhmis 5 and a pic of the mayor thats look like duck thats what i know Edit: YAY I GOT Highlighted but not to be rude if you see this

chris tu : i thought we agreed to never be creative again

Joshua Bennett : I'm all in for this awesome adventure with yellow guy, Redguy, Duck guy it's going to be an amazing horror story for the ages😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎


Selim12B9 : This is the least toxic community on the internet and I love it

Galaxy Cat : Theodd1isout u watch dhmis too.*_*

Elias Daniels : I think this episode is going to be about safety because there was a key

Mr. Sheep : I'm concerned. A few weeks ago, AT&T shut down Super Deluxe, which is the production company that has been working on DHMIS since I think third episode and has also worked on this series. Does this mean that the series is cancelled?

Hydra Plays : Looks like everyone forgot about this now

Lovely Lauren : But I thought we all agreed to never be creative again?

defty picklez : its going to take 3 months each episode ok

DogeXPlays : i found this because my brother told me about the series but i waited like 6 months and i watched all the episodes and...JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

Icy Crystallization : I *JUST* realized the voice at the start says "Wakey wakey..."

jimbo poppin wuss : wakes up at 6.00 am watches this woke

Mad Soldier : You thought it was over? *_That's where you were wrong, kiddo_*

Tommy Fairfield : I just re-watched the whole series and then I watched this in every speed

Franco Gotardo : Is it just me or the purple circle was on the first episode of DHMIS? When the Pad pointed at the orange, the purple circle was at the side.

Alain Autopsy : Candle cove beat you guys

Anonymus Otaku : En serio esperamos dos años para que el vídeo durara 30 segundos? HIJOSDESUPVTAMDRESKSKEKWNSLAJFBDNSISVWJXKSBXKSKJSM(@-"(#-$;I!38"! @(LDJXSNIX

Edward Shin : Looking forward to the 1 hour long video of someone dissecting this teaser

Tom Lowe : SuperDeluxe went under so..... f for respecc?

Maria Julia Gina666 : I loved DHMIS i showed it to my younger cousin he'll never underestimate girls again 😂😂 I am more than happy to finaly know that this show will continue! *Note book pops* Note book : LETS GET CREATIVE! Me : i thought we agreed to no't be creative 😐 Note book : L E T S G E T C R E A T I V E ! ! 😂😂😂😃

CAmetro Gaming : dont hug me im scared new season where the duck comes back and goes insane while trying to take over the world

lolifier : Ive been waiting so long

The Wiggles Tunes : "The past is far behind us. The future doesn't exist"

Kyle Frazzini : Okay it’s been months now WTF

defty picklez : *OBJECTION !* they arent their favorote colors anymore!!!... maybe the episode touches on them trying to become perminantly going back to their fav. colors

CAmetro Gaming : i hope this will be extra demented ps anyone know when this will happen

Brandon Alshab : DAM takes u over a month to wake up???????


jefry apaza : I dont know if is going to be a tv series but the song maybe can be an opening song.

ricardo Perez : Wow cool nuevos episodios y el verdadero final

R.F 95 Deluxe : Is the next video in December for the all 3 month thing

Cow Stone : am i the only one who thinks that the puppet with pink mohawk is the "speshal one"? in episode 3? 0:13 i mean come on, they both have pink hair,