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New episode of Dont Hug Me Im Scared teased

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Luis Rosario : Dear diary It is July 5th still have no episode Earth's supply is running low

Pickles N Vodka : I've been waiting 9 months I could of had a baby by now

A Nerd I Guess : Any day now... Any day now... Any day now... Any day now... ANY DAY NOW... ANY DAY NOW... A N Y D A Y N O W

CodyCo Combs : Just a person with a theory The first dhmis came out on July 29th so maybe that's when this one will debut as well I'm probably wrong but oh well Edit: I know 31 isn't alot but dang thanks

Li : Alright boys lets wait another year

BV rad : everybody excited for stranger things while I'm excited for the next episode of DHMIS

BlueBoyBlitzYT : dont worry, i can wait for another 351 days, 4 hours and 37 minutes.

Otiuqat : it's 20 past day... but no fish on my tray

Syndicate : June 29 and still nothing I. Running out of water and supplies

Ethan Pritstick : Was this seriously 9 months ago? Jeez, time flies doesn’t it?

Zoalis : GUYS The og dhmis was uploaded on July 29 - maybe thats when this will be uploaded?

sally donald : when thanos snapped his chubby hands did he permanently get rid of DHMIS

Help Me : Me: *waits* Dhmis: It's not done yet. Also Me: Reality can often be disappointing

Zifra Gondorf | LLN : *I thought we agreed to never be creative again*

Ollie : Mud Is Brown A Rock Is Round The New Episode Should Be Out By Now! Edit: This Is A Reference To A Song For Anyone That Didn’t Go To The Sundance Festival

SuperLetsplayfan : They are probably gonna pull a June 20 2020 Yknow. 20/2020 they do like to do that a lot.

Pretzel Boy : It’s been almost a year, And the mystery’s are still not yet uncovered.

QwertyPc Gaming : At least give us a bit of information. I WANT TO BE SCARED TO DEATH, PLEASE!

I'm Sorry for Being Kind : Okay, now stop commenting this comment, guys. It's not coming anytime soon.

Ariel Abac : Now the song is making meh sad because now we gotta wait 2020... Maybe even 2021...


deadly boy : I Actully forgot about this and now its been 10 months and I have come back to this channel and there is nothing new.

Ribbon And Shine The Shiny And Normal Sylveons : Strange Nothing WELP LETS GO ON A JOURNEY A JOURNEY THROUGH TIME

PushinSince93 : It’s June 20th and it’s still not out, panic mode.

Carlo 007 : Its july 6 and still nothing... Im staring to think its not coming out on june 19 or 20

Veka JJ : If your waiting for the next season clap your hands. (Dont have to like)

ko. : I brought some snacks to pass the time. Anyone want some?

Jack Burke : Everybody: It comes out on the 19th or 20th of june Me: So that was a Lie

ƝveR : ⠀ ⠀ *Sᴜɪᴄɪᴅᴇ ʀᴀᴛᴇ ᴅʀᴏᴘs ᴛᴏ 0%* ⠀

Mack_ Doodels_ : I don't wanna wait another year dang it, please don't be like the FNAF movie and make me wait 5 years then say it's canceled and then be like YEAH IT'S COMING OUT IN ANOTHER 2 YEARS

Vodka Man : ITS JULY 19 COME ON SHOW ME THE FEVER DREAM Edit:its July 20th....my hope is dwindling

T.H.M. Productions : No matter which speed you play it at,it strangelly fits.

ToasterFace : Boys remember most episodes came out in October not DHMIS day so it might come out then

Arron Ticci : Fan base: they are plotting up some big reveal of the episodes on June 19 Creators: *forgot YouTube account password*

TriangularOrb : Not minding the wait, as long as the new episodes retain the quality of programming found in the previous episodes. This is the best show on YouTube.

Lailah Jones : Me: Does anybody still care about DHMIS *checks video* yep they do care to wait 2 Years

TouchTheGoat 22 : I W O N D E R W H A T W I L L H A P P E N

Vincent : Day 299: We're thinking of cannibalism, the hunger for content is too strong

I Feel Terrible : Half a year later: still no video full fan base: excuse me wtf

da _ niel658 : 0:08 tony the clock Me: time is a tool you can put in a T R A S H

Emily Clark : Everyone has a special one Even me!! But I am lonely! Yes, it's true but that's okay, I need DHMIS to come out today!

poisonduck P : Something is missing here... Where the heck is Roy?

Dangerous Memories : Film theory: Duck Guy is Donald Trump Me: wait what- Film theory: but hey, that's just a theory, A FILM THEORY Me: oh thank god, wait-

The amoozing Corgi : *_Coming soon to YouTube Red_* *Jumps off building*

Bloxy : Don't Hug Me I'm scared that DHMIS won't make another vid

Far Oak : Don't do that Don't give me hope

casey Douglas : Im still surprised a YOUTUBE seires is now going to be an official show I hope salad fingers is next

MasonnS : Everyone: it's coming out on june 19/20th Me on june 19/20th: *WoW loOk nOtHiNg*

bien reyes : *w o w , l o o k , n o t h i n g !*