Wakey Wakey...

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Lovely Lauren : But I thought we all agreed to never be creative again?

DaksDominos : Sleepy Sleepy...

ANDROMEDA : dont hug me im *STRAIGHT*

Benjamin Parker : Don't rug me I'm chaired.

StopMotion Unicorn : (2 months later) Wow look, nothing! So when's it actually getting release. WE MUST KNOW. Like if you agree...or don't.

24 Frames Of Nick : I’ve never been so hyped to have nightmares

DJ Mutt : A NEW DHMIS SEASON?! *suicide rate drops to 0%*

Minticecreamz : 30 seconds? “That’s not enough time” #DHMIS

Click03 : 0:16 "THE TOWN IS SAFE AND..."

Nick Tran : The dislikes are probably from the parents who don't want their kids to see.

TheOdd1sOut : 👀👀👀👀LETS GO!!!!!!!

Kaitlyn The Unicorn : 0:18 When you accidentally walk in on someone in the bathroom.


10,000 subs with 0 videos For The sake of memes? : Don’t hug me I’m scared 7 hasn’t came out yet *_Suicide rate rises 89%_*

Tommy Fairfield : I just re-watched the whole series and then I watched this in every speed

The Wiggles Tunes : "The past is far behind us. The future doesn't exist"

Mr. Sheep : I'm concerned. A few weeks ago, AT&T shut down Super Deluxe, which is the production company that has been working on DHMIS since I think third episode and has also worked on this series. Does this mean that the series is cancelled?

BlackDragonNoctum : Idea: They are being held in a city, brought by an unknown presence. They stay, believing it's a nice place. The mayor spirals into paranoid obsession over safety, locking the place up, before finally tipping over the edge, running into the woods. Red Guy searches for him, while Duck Guy discovers what happened, then telling everyone it will be OK, however, he's unlock the town, so he's basically a more sane mayor. Yellow Guy, like normal, gets tortured. Why? With the help of Duck and Red Guy, despite the fact that they aren't aware of it, help Yellow Guy find out a deeprunning truth. Now, we wait. Edit: Damn...22 likes? Edit2: Woah, holy crap, 36 likes? This thing got so popular, aside from normal...

Icy Crystallization : I *JUST* realized the voice at the start says "Wakey wakey..."

N4MELESS YT : please hug me im scared.....

Inside A Mind : Oh. It's happening again.

Stefana : I remember watching DHMIS for the first time like it was yesterday I was eleven when I first saw it (I’m now thirteen) I remember how I found out by it was embarrassingly a gif that’s right a gif... It was May of I think 2017 when I watched it I remember my friend and I were having a perfectly normal conversation and then out of the blue here I was confused by a gif of three dancing puppets, one yellow, one green, and one red I asked her what it was from and she simply said dhmis I then asked what that meant and she replied don’t hug me I’m scared. I then typed that in and sure enough there it was on YouTube waiting for me to watch it so I watched it later that night. Back at my old house it was big and kind of creepy at night I remember watching the first episode I was confused but it was like somehow I knew something was...off about it right then and there came the “dark part” or “turning point” I. Was. Terrified. I remember texting my brother so scared I actually did want a hug lol. He wasn’t home and my mom was downstairs I was so scared I couldn’t move or do anything (and I had to piss really bad) so for whatever reason a tiny part of me was saying “watch the rest you won’t forget it” and now here I am I never did regret I was still terrified that night but I’m so happy I had the courage to watch it and to think it all came from one simple giphy.

Mario PlushTuber : I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked my own comment Edit: OMG I HAVE 3 LIKES!!!!

mr mack doodles i love you : Am I the only one who wants to know what the music is called? If anyone knows tell meh ._.

BlueBoyBlitzYT : Now lets all agree, to start being creative again.


-FANCY- : I got a hour and 30 min long legomovie ad ... I just watched the entire thing

Nervous Corvus : Don’t do this to me again

QuimiShoto : Don't hug me, i'm alredy tracer

Clinton Ryan : hey guys the pilot for dont hug me im scared is premiering at the sundance film festival under the indie film section in Utah Becky Sloan posted it on her twitter and sundance has an article of what films are premiering and dont hug me im scareds pilot is on that list

Ver-Toni [ German Creepypastas ] : Oh my god!! I knew it wasn't a waste of time to stay subscribed to you!

Susan Guida : I want to watch it. Now. *please*

Brenda de Arias : Cancelled? 😢

Opal-dopal : I can't wait for them to be on TV

Bearded Raccoon : What is the song used

TOMOKIN - Ryota Tomogane - : a Netflix Original Series

I’m in every Comment : Mat pat: I’m gonna drain this out of clickbait theory videos


slyone05 : tbh the avengers 4 trailer is better

Colin Nolan : Don’t horse me I’m mared

Dark Megumin : I can feel The Film Theorists creeping behind us... Silently watching...

Maria Julia Gina666 : I loved DHMIS i showed it to my younger cousin he'll never underestimate girls again 😂😂 I am more than happy to finaly know that this show will continue! *Note book pops* Note book : LETS GET CREATIVE! Me : i thought we agreed to no't be creative 😐 Note book : L E T S G E T C R E A T I V E ! ! 😂😂😂😃

FACEBOOKLOGO BUAK : Is this going to make an movie?! HELL YEA~


Coffeeismybestfreind -Aphamare- : We have to wait a year??

Mad Soldier : You thought it was over? *_That's where you were wrong, kiddo_*

Drew Thompson : Please tell me this is the beginning of a DHMIS TV show

The mangle_ fnaffer : I just realized: It's June 19th in all the videos, and theyre all released on June 19th. So thats probably when this video will get released. Jk I got that from Game Theory but just in case anyone didnt watch it 🎉⌚💘💻🌭💭

Bad Apple : why the characters are in those colors (the originals) if in the last episode of DHMIS they are with their favorite colors? only I realized that? 0_0

Fandom facts, tools, and more : What if they released this trailer to get out hopes up and then... Never. Show. Us. The. New. Season.