Captain Kirk is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing a mountain?

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Smashdamn The Demonic : CMON BINYOT

Communist Penguin : Best song to get ready to before going climbing

MarioLuigi33 A.K.A. The Turtle lord : Vinny, just climb

Jabr0nee : Thanks vinny

Synex Main : I heard this about 5 years ago when someone played this on there mic during a Gmod Zombie Survival, I will never forget it.

roge- : Tek Syndicate Army, reporting in!

abraveastronaut : My review of Star Trek V: Captain Kirk is making a movie. Why is he making a movie?

JonasTheBringerOfTrash : Vinny is climbing a mountain, why is he climbing a mountain?

Anonymous Guy : Is it just me or does the way he talk remind you of robert california

Emerald Spirit : Inb4 Vinesauce

YAOMTC : Nice job stealing this from FallOnYourSword.

Davethe3rd : What did I learn from this video? That Captain Kirk wants to challenge The Rock... Wrestlemania. What? I'd watch that. Especially if they had the fight music!

JZ-/nuff sed : Logan sent me to a strange part of youtube.

Daniella Cartwright : Where did it come from??

That one person without creativity for names : toshdeluxe practice song

Garrett Cady : hello binyot

Lucid_Luke : This makes me want to climb into a cauldron and try to hoist myself over a mountain using only a sledgehammer.

Love Life : That has to be the coolest and most screwed up thing I've ever seen, I love it LOL

すたっぶずジェームズ : why is he climbing a mountain?

Nate1525 : Thank logan for sending me to a strange part of youtube.

decimus81 : this is how babies are made

Mike Davis : He is climbing the mountain to find us a deal with price line

Amanda Dullin-Jones : Oh man I forgot about this song!

agun17 : Hello Sodajerks.

Steve Murray : I'm pretty sure this is the greatest thing I have ever seen.

KarmaAce00 : Why do I climb the mountain? Because I'm in love...

Abby J. : This needs to be on iTunes

Luakian Dawb : LøL I luv this song

Colin Mcsloy : Challenge the Rock!

Vlad Malik : This makes my day

matthew lea : I watched Star Trek V a bit too much!

normakes : ToshDeluxe.

Dark Core : I heard about this video through Feab! YAY

TheGreenestLantern : Tek Syndicate sent me here..

Frill16 : Hi. Will sb help me with lyrics please? There are few moments which I don't understand but I want to be able to sing a whole "song" ;)

Legacy 309 : Please I want the lyrics

TheBestBlue : DogeMiner?

Dick Simmons : Oh yeah yeah

Williams DoodleNoodles : thanks vinny >:)

McFly : I didn't quite understand why is he climbing a mountain.

john schumacher : I miss JTV

Piter Smit : William Shatner is funny

Luke Duke : Whose watching in 2018!

Travis MacLaren : Genius

Nota Egg : Thanks Vinesauce... This is exactly what I needed

Talia al Ghul : Jim Kirk has a rock fetish. LOL Who knew...

Hans Hintermann : +mltcm8 indeed XD

D 20 : dat mountain dat mountain

Dogluxer : wow this is old