Sammy J and Randy - Circus Awesomeus

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Cobot 474 : These guys aren't more well known cuz people are too sensitive for their jokes now a days

Gonçalo A. Silva : Who were you looking at? My eyeballs arent real.

Fruitty Tutti : "What have you got?" "Chlamedyia" Gg

Portcanine Headquarters : The puppet looks like a mini Thanos

KenoGamer : I saw this on Instagram, looked it up, was not disappointed.

Artem P : 0:51 when ur playing a videogame and ur friend says ur bad

jeremybr2020 : Ive been watching Sammy J and Randy for years now, and I really wish there was more videos of them out there. (Trust me Ive probably seen them all......multiple times.) And I was pleased to see that even though this is a song they did before, I still enjoyed the new video. They changed the pacing of it slightly. Still awesome regardless. A funny fact, Ive been watching them for years and Ive still never seen the guy who plays Randy. Not once. They are real good about keeping him out of the camera spot light, and I don't mean just during the shows, but also during interviews and out on the street.

Otaku Omega : Comedy central get this guy a show

CH33K CLAPP3R : Poor dan

Star Wars Talk : Neil Patrick Harris introduced them

Imran Hanafi : I came because of 9gag. and I'm not disappointed

JingleMyDingle : 0:44 just turn on captions and keep them on

Icey Brainz : 0:51 when you lose a game of Fortnite

A Gamers Realm : I wonder how randy's actor gets off stage?

sormly500 : Where Has this been my entire life?

Kianna Kaiden : 0:51 when Dan kills you in fortnite.

Hozuki Akaki : I miss quality content like this...

JingleMyDingle : 1:51 turn on captions

ThisIsAllYouGet : I bet those 2 dislikes are from gay people

Mr.Wallnut : This type of humour is my type of humour

Where’s my super Succc? : *THANOS PUPPET* *THANOS PUPPET*

Mr.Wallnut : When Randy is mad he turns into a vibrator

HylianForce : Thanks instagram

Lexi:D : I'd love to sing this with a friend omfg <3

c valencia27 : Damn, so this is what happened to Crash and Bernstein

Mythicc Fenrir : *God dammit Dan*

Ethan Bowmar : So was dan part of the skit?

Jacob B : Work the shaft and cut the sack uhh uh uh uh

BigC 1123 : Rip dan

Stone cold Steve Austin : You guys would be surprised about 2018 then

Joshua Lisciarelli : Crash and Bernstein has really changed...

Patrick Guy : They looks like Crash and Bernstein

Bet you guys won’t subscribe :/ : That went from 0 to 100 real quick

Emily Aleman : Poor dan the man was just sitting there 😂

aids : 0:51 turn on captions lol

Darren D. MacDonald : Awh, i saw this on CraveTV and couldn't find it anywhere to show my friends... But now here it is...

juggalo oz 89 : Still never get tired of it

juggalo oz 89 : the best

Brian Bennett : Thanks 9gag.

MysteryMan : 0:37 when Mr beast raids ninja

xXNOSCOPAXx freedom AWP : see the captions

crewby3 : priceless, perfect, brilliant!

Netanel Yatsenko : Which window

austin poe : this is tenacious D meets dont hug me im scared 😂😂

Sonic Gaming / Memes : Im starting to love the new Crash and Bernstein

Daisy the pug 3 : I've been watching them for years now but recently I haven't seen much of them does anyone know where they are now

Kaptain Krazed : Lyrics please

Abby Clarke : Which window? Third window from the left That wasn't my window I just figured up where I know that guy from!

All around Gaming : Thanos Puppet Thanos Puppet

Laura De Palma : 1:49 keep the subs on