My Butt Winch Needs a Stronger Cable

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I was filming a demo video showing the action of the newly completed butt winch... but I popped the starter cable I was using. (was only plain string) Looks like I'll have to invest in some wire-rope and try again tomorrow! To learn more about this project, visit:


Chillcat King : A weapon to surpass metal gear

mizuhonova : I think you need to split the string setup into two or more directional forces. Your string will keep breaking because it's forcing the tension at a particular angle instead of building tension at the optimal angle for stretching.

grimacium : Braided fishing line is relatively thin and comes in a variety of lb test and is commonly used in rc servo winches.

Prime Derivative : This would look like a good application of soft robotics, as it would probably be more comfortable. But making molds and dealing with air pressure, seems like a pain in the butt. No pun intended.

Michael Leduc : 😅😅😅😅 Thank you YouTube algorithm, and subscribed.

johnson sun : where am i? who am i?

xspager : Better butts through science

LacyBeee : Awesome research material c:

TallDarkandNerdy : Zeroth world problems.

Groundhog : Fishing braid - i40kg Atlantic blue Marlin 'capture tag & release' using 60kg braided fishing line? It will hold your butt cheeks!

Android 16 : Try paracord, bowstring, maybe metal insulated cable.

Fabuduck Fabuduck : 0:29

lakewood monitoring system : Ha! That is sexy and awesome. Cool invention

Alec McKinney : Wouldnt cutting a palmate shape out of a single sheet of adhesive work better than several strips layered over each other? Your reddit post brought me and this is like just the right amount of unconventional tinkering.

SAL : Butt winch ... genius 😏

LordGarth6 : Your arse moves on it own accord, forcing it to move via winch its fighting back

Vito Cosentino : Hi, could you show a more in-depth demonstration of the butt winch? To see if it's something I'm interested in.

Lord Grease Earl of Maggot : Did somebody order some booty? Lol i was wondering how you were going with this. keep it up, or apart.....

c_drom3dar : TΞCHN♢L♢GY

givingyo utheslip : this is a science we must invest more in! IMAGINE IT back to the future style underwear that shapes you to your preference!

fraenk : once this is all over, please give us a little report on your subscriber count growing... I'm not going to make the same growth joke again... but I'm still adhering to proper etiquette and will leave you a rocket ship 8=========D pew pew pew

aussiewelsh : When your butt is stronger than the machine.

pom pom : How does this tie in with the rest of the suit?

shFtshiFty : "Is it doing what it's supposed to?" "Yeah." ------- What the hell is the point of this and why was he so irritated when it failed.

davedarko : I hate when my butt breaks things - I can totally relate :D

Lolzzn12 : This is pure degeneracy

Zer0Spinn : I would like to buy one of this for... science.

Default Boi : 0:29 play at 0.25x speed

Jack Forseti : You may try a kevlar based "cable". They are soft and very strong.

coderinclouds : Well.. Subscribed.

vvxvv : Lift and separate.

Harsh Parekh : This doesn't look comfortable esp. with the wire digging into flesh. It may also cause cuts or bruises so you may want to switch to something broader and smoother.

LORD KHALID : I was looking at the playlist and I was dying to see the bootyyyyy

Little Dragon94 : Exactly what did I just watch?

slyfox3453 : Nylon chord used for stitching cable together is pretty strong.

Noxmiles : Well, this is a nice video

Tribe : how can i be of assistance?

Edward Hill : carbon nano tubes, obvs

Dot Dot Dot Thought : Id say your still in the beginning stages of this butt winch. Your going to need something stronger and also stretchier if this winch is going to withstand a whip.

Noel Wigdor : Buns of steel

TCL 100K : 0:29 and 0.5 vel V;

Daniel Pollock : I know that fishing line was already mentioned, but also nylon guitar strings might also be of use. I'd be apprehensive about the stronger metal ones due to both feel and possible allergies but it might also be worth looking into.

Cold Gold : I'm curios, just what kind of adhesive tape are you using to keep this attached to your skin so strongly and how do you get it off after? Because my guess would have been that that would be the weakest link, not the string.

John Hoo : I would suggest replacing the string with steel wire rope, coated preferably. Like those that come on Kensington laptop locks. For comfort, candy wrap the wire rope in TESA 51606. We use it for noise damping wire harnesses in automotive. They're strong. But it's made of PET fleece, so it should be comfortable too. You'd need butt cheeks that bend steel beams to break this setup.

Froop Loots : Sooo relatable

Olansky : Hardass

wolfganghammerfistheywood : Has Science gone too far?

Modshroom : how is she generating this much power !!!!

Jacob Magilicuty : :)