Magnificent Storyteller Soldier Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam

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In 1990 I did interviews with 180 baby boomers talking about their early life during the 1960s for my television series, Making Sense of the Sixties. This is a clip of poet and educator Bill Ehrhart from one of those interviews - a very articulate Vietnam veteran who joined the military with patriotism in his heart. Search the word "Vietnam" on my YouTube channel to find more related clips. Including one more by this man. Here is his background of service - W. D. Ehrhart served with 1st Battalion, 1st Marines, from early February 1967 to late February 1968. His service number is 2279361. He holds the Purple Heart Medal, Navy Combat Action Ribbon, Presidential Unit Citation (2), Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Service Medal, Republic of Vietnam Service Medal, Cross of Gallantry Meritorious Unit Citation, Civic Action Meritorious Unit Citation, Vietnamese Campaign Medal. The last three were all awarded by the now-extinct government of the Republic of Vietnam. He received the PUC and the two Vietnamese unit citations as a member of 1st Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment. You can find more at his website #vietnam #marine #ehrhart


Kim Jasso : "We created the Vietcong, we produced them". This is so powerful. This man is a truth teller.

Johnathan. Aviles : 5:40 "the longer we stayed in Vietnam the more vietcong there were' because we created them". Powerful statement.

deadbutmoving : My dad served in Vietnam. He lost 2 good friends, one of them died in his arms. He never talked about it. I only know because my mom and my uncles told me about what happened to him during the war. My dad has hated politicians ever since, and he never voted again.

Constant Goddard : this was quite randomly recommended. captivating interview!

IanBetween : "I'm wasting your film." Oh no, sir, you are not.

AndrewDaniele87 : When YouTube recommends something good

Kenese Su'e : I learned more in this video than I did in my history class.

MrDylanHM : It made me sad to hear this guy say that he was wasting the camera man's film. I don't think he was wasting anything. This is good information.

The Melatonin Trio : My grandfather just passed away, and he never spoke about his service in Vietnam. He got rid of his medals and ribbons, and told us that he lost a lot of friends and that he will never be proud of what he did. This gives me a bit of closure of what was going on.. very informative. Thank you.

Blanco Superior : My dad was in vietnam, he drank everyday and stared at the treeline from 5:00 to 11 or 12 at night. Until he died in 2014.

Allen Hall : What a powerful fifteen minutes. Dr. Ehrhart is thoughtful, brave, wise and honest. Two of my sons were fortunate to have him as a high school teacher. He had an enormously positive impact on them, as you can imagine. : What incredibly honest, humble and brave admissions. War is not black and white and we will always need reminding of that. Thank you for sharing!

Crashburn 32 : Articulate, accurate, chilling interview. This is the best interview about the Vietnam War I've ever seen. It was a bullshit war from beginning to end. And we didn't learn a thing. Looking at you Iraq War 2.0

leo8505 : Wish it was longer.

Cheshire Catastrophe : This man is still around that I know of from 2017. He still has the same hairstyle and moustache but is an old man now. He was part of a Documentary on The Vietnam War. He told the same story so many years later. A wonderful man. Passionate, intriguing, and deep.

Richard B : He forgot to mention the extreme heat and flying cockroaches during the mating season. The whole culture sucks. There is no compassion. When transporting wounded Vietnam soldiers to the hospitals we had to include family members, otherwise they would die of thirst before they died of their wounds. I volunteered to be there. I left a good states side base to go there. I quickly understood that the whole war was a farce and we had no intention of winning it. I touched down on every air Base in Vietnam, except for Ka Shan. It was too dangerous for volunteers. I put kids 19 years old on stretchers with missing legs. My main job was a joke. I had literally nothing to do. I was a Vietnam vacationer, not a real veteran. It was 10 years before l even spoke about being there. We were just wasting human life so some Texas oilmen and weapons manafacturures could get rich. All we needed to do to win the war was drive up Route 1. It would have been that easy. Instead we just fought over here, then over there, and then over some place else. If we had real Generals the war would never been fought like that. Bureaucracts in DC ran the war.

Can we get 50,000 subs without content? : Wow. This is amazing. I had a totally different view about this before I watched this.

Trevor Philips : He said "Im wasting your film". No sir you didn't. You said exactly what needed to be said.

Pootis : They should play this in every shool in the world...

clammer23 : You can tell that this man has lost a lot of sleep because of the things he had seen in Vietnam. Look at his eyes, specifically under his eyes. Very puffy. Brutally honest. Amazing video.

Ourlordtomcruise 11 : This is literally one of the most powerful things I’ve come across on YouTube. Thank you for sharing

Ascent Zaak : His flow is what every guy with long hair strives to achieve but simply can’t.

Sir C : "I'm wasting your film." No, sir... you are most definitely not.

Jack Shite : I am an Iraq veteran... war hasn't changed, we are still producing more enemies. Time to keep our nose out of other peoples business.

Frank Hernandez : imagine someone coming across this video 500 years from now

JTsuits : Youtube recommends another gem 💎

mike schneider : god bless him, not a waste of film, his and my time well spent

Richard Bester : Something that Bill said there, probably under his breath. He said "I'm wasting your film." Sir, you are not wasting any film. What you are saying are things that a lot of us never knew about that war. There are a lot of things that people only knew about because that is what they read in the newspaper. And we all know that there are three sides to every story: those who report, those who are reading about it, and the truth. You, my friend, are speaking the truth. Thank you for sharing your story.

Amini moose : 5:42 This should be a famous quote.

Jack Noble : Wish I could speak like this man. Very intelligent.

NoPrayer4TheDying : "Nobody told the VC they've been set back 4 months"

Cher Chu Hai Kieu : The Vietnam war ended in 1975 and I’m born in 1977. I don’t know anything about the war but I suffered from agent orange throughout my childhood and still am. Regardless I’m blessed and grateful to be here.

Three lions on our shirt : He is so lucky to be able to tell his story amongst the thousands killed...Brave man

who am I? ? : I thought this was Howard stern doing his "impression" of a soldier, going by the thumbnail.

Jerikco One : Well we all know know that vietnam was a set up ... i wonfer what we gonna think about all the wars we in now in 40yrs.

Scrambled Greg : This is why i love youtube. I get to watch interviews with people who lived through history. Just imagine in one hundred or two hundred years people looking around and listening to the ordinary perspectives of everyday people. Stories like this man's really make an impact on me. Thanks for uploading.

British First : You were given a order, people will respect you for that..

Jennifer LePage : "Nobody told the VC they had been set back 4 months." To be fair, they wouldn't have believed ya's anyway.

spitzndtruth 1 : We need more men just like this guy...honest

Corey Snider : "Im wasting your film"??? I would cling to every word you share brother as long as it took . A humble man and a honorable man . Thank you all in uniform across the globe!

baba7231 : “I am wasting your film” sir you are not. History keeps repeating yet no one listens to this wise man

xperu : This man is speaking the truth. As a former army officer, I affirm that this is real. The problem is that anyone who hasn't experienced war, is incapable of understanding what he is saying. I can't explain it. The nearest I got was when a subordinate in my work said that her grandfather wouldn't talk about his war experiences. In a moment of drunken truth I said, the reason he won't talk about it is because it would make him cry. I immediately felt guilty and overdramatic. Not fair of me to explain anyone else's feelings. But I realized at that moment that the reason I don't talk about this stuff is because it makes ME cry

J.J Torpeda : Guys, when he sayed "in wasting your film" because he was taking a little time to answer the question, thats why the clip cut there. He was not talking about the interview it self.

jcodym13 : I could listen to this man talk for hours. I wish the interviewer had more footage of him.

bcove90 : As an Afghanistan vet, it was just Vietnam 2.0 on a much smaller scale. We learned a lot from the Vietnam vets, but fighting ghosts is rough

Tim Collins : This is real history. YouTube is such an excellent resources.

Gfb2303 : "Turns out not so easy to forget it"

Master Sergeant : Nothing but respect, dear brother,. Welcome home.

A Hopeful Ephraimite : A co-worker was telling me stories about his uncle in Vietnam. One thing that was terrifying was; the creative booby traps they had to worry about. Its like you were trying to avoid booby traps alot of the time.