Passionate Soldier Reveals What He Saw In Vietnam

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Scrambled Greg : This is why i love youtube. I get to watch interviews with people who lived through history. Just imagine in one hundred or two hundred years people looking around and listening to the ordinary perspectives of everyday people. Stories like this man's really make an impact on me. Thanks for uploading.

WrecklessEating : How times don't change. Amazing perspective. Great watch.

Misc : I was in Iraq 07-08, what he just explained has so many similarities to my experience there. We never learn.

Tim Karlberg : I think this 15 minute segment of interview just taught me more about the Vietnam War than all my years of schooling.

mayormike - Mike Mortimore : So many vets do not talk about these things. Thank you.

The Warrior Song Project : he did not waste one frame of this film.

Glen Gamble : This gentleman is the single most articulate soldier I’ve ever heard speak of that disgrace of a war. Thank you for your service, sir.

George R : “I am wasting your film...”. What a profound, articulate, and self-aware description of the difference between the story and the reality. Some of the most captivating 15 minutes I’ve seen on YouTube in a long time!

HopeToTheWEAK : This guy is awesome. He’s a old fashioned speaker. They didn’t waste their words back then. My grandma talks like him. We are truly getting more stupid with the way we speak.

Josh Baldridge : I'm 20 years old now, growing up I had a neighbor named Leon. He was so friendly and respectful, never condescending even to a youngster like me. I would go to his house for breakfast as young as 5, as he lived next door. He had a wife, Emma, she looked like aunt Jemima and had a voice that sounded like soul food (they were black, I feel like that may be why I enjoy African American culture and food so much now). I used to get in trouble for sneaking out to go visit and talk with them. He had an eye patch, which I thought was the coolest thing at the time. As I got older, and came to know him better, I would ask about the eye patch. He told me that his eye got burned. I asked how, and he laughed and said he was trying to light a cigarette and missed. He wasn't a smoker. Years later I learned it was the agent orange, and that he has a son who is disabled and disfigured due to it. Such a shame. I visit him every time I go down to new jersey. There's something to be said for Vietnam veterans that you just don't see from other wars.

Cod3Thr33 : Where's the rest of it?!!!!!! I need to know what happens when he gets home!!!!

Phuckoff Russia : Soldier, you did not waste a single frame. Thank you.

darpat : I had a friend who went through Nam. He had seen action and he said the minute they came and told him he was to leave (time is up) he wanted to stay with his team because he felt like he was abandoning them. Obviously he left anyway. He said it was so surreal. He left Vietnam at the edge of a firefight and three days later was setting in the same room at his father's house that he had left from. He did not stay there long but he said he was listening to a few bullets fly in the heat and suddenly he was sitting on the edge of his bed in his air-conditioned room surrounded by some old baseball trophies.

23v0lv32 : wow he is an unbelievably gifted speaker. amazing

Anthony Wynn : I swear this guy experienced the same thing so many Iraq Veterans did. Exactly.

Randy Phillips : Vietnam vets have amazing stories

Eric M : I could listen to this guy all day. No BS is refreshing.

Jack Sprat : Ever since 1941 we've been in one war, conflict or some fighting thing or another almost constantly. What did ANY of them ever accomplish? Dick Cheney is thought to have been the architect, the guy who cherry picked the information, demanded the CIA make Iraq into something it wasn't so we could invade. Cheney had been the CEO of the Haliburton corporation which received, under a no-bid contract, billions of dollars to rebuild parts of Iraq, namely the oil fields, after we took over. Several billions were never accounted for. we have got to understand our modern wars are about power, ego and money. Money like trillions. When they tell you there is no money for infrastructure or education. No money for health care, they're right. All that money is going to the military and the military industrial complex President Eisenhower, a Republican President, warned us was becoming a real danger to the Democracy of our country. Since 9/11 we have become a militarized nation. We are constantly told that our soldiers are heroes, fighting for American freedom. These soldiers have been lied to, fooled into believing the war hawk propaganda as we have been conned into believing it. I tell people what I did in the army, stationed mostly in Germany drinking a lot of good German beer, having fun at taxpayers expense and people still parrot, "Thank you for your service." I would rather these people look into what these wars have really been about. War is not fun. War is not about becoming a hero. War is not about having your kids cry when you come home. War is about killing the "enemy" before he kills you and when you realize, as this man did, that the "enemy" wants to protect his life, his country, his way of life just like you, you realize something profound, but you still have to fight to live. It's wrong. Suicide among soldiers has increased to a staggering pace. We have to stop supporting war automatically. We have to start asking questions, digging beyond the hype and propaganda. We have to take back the war powers act which gives the President sole power to engage in war though it's usually called another name to skirt the Constitution. I want to thank Bill Ehrhart not for his service, but for telling us the Truth. It must have been hard to relive those experiences and come out stating opposite the propaganda. But doing that, to me, makes him a real hero.

Stunt : Not a single second of wasted film.

Matthew Crawford : This is amazing. I'm 32 and I feel like I really got a glimpse of Vietnam by listening to this guy. YouTube is amazing

Max Brazil : Sharp guy with lots of courage.

K Carroll : This is the best 15 minutes I've ever spent on youtube

Halfdead Rider : I've been recommend this video many times by YT, I always ignored it because of all the usual rubbish about giant men/spiders, Bigfoot or aliens, so glad I finally clicked as this is an amazing account of his experience, pity it cut off early.

cali rose : Listen to.these interviews. Then listen to the current 20 somethings blogging about living in a converted van or how to apply makeup..

Merlin Moon : His experiences were different from mine, but the commonality is that we were not helping anyone. I never ran across any locals that we’re elated about us being there. At best, they were ambivalent, likely numbed by the whole “pacification of Vietnam” thing. I was a helicopter pilot so I got around a lot. Whatever the big goal was, sure was not clear to any of us. Small areas were taken, and supposedly cleared of enemy fighters, then ... we would move the fire bases. Weeks or months later we would be back in the same area doing the same thing. It felt like “make busy” work. Some mornings I would haul ARVN troops out to a designated drop-off point then pick them up late that afternoon. The presumption was that they were placed there so they could do patrolling in the jungle. They looked like they never walked ten feet through any jungle when I saw them in the afternoon. Meaning ... they sat around all day doing nothing. I’m as patriotic as the day is long, and I will fight to death and beyond to protect the USA that I love, and my fellow Americans. However my assignment in Nam sure didn’t feel like I was protecting anything. But I was a small cog in a large wheel; possibly the “higher ups” understood the big picture. Sort of doubt it though.

Blargenfladibblenohip ! : This guy does not give himself enough credit. He is much more intelligent and on point than he thinks he is. It seems like he almost thinks his story is not worth telling...could not be farther from the truth..even all these years later.

USARMYvietnamVET1969 : For myself, many of those days were like being in the Twilight Zone. I was only 19 when I arrived, I grew up on TV shows like the Andy Griffith show, Father Knows best and Leave it to Beaver, my life completely changed after one tour of duty in Vietnam. It forced me to become a man when I was still a boy.

rio197 : A very intelligent, and articulate man.

Luke Oines : This is one of the most amazing interviews I've seen about Vietnam. He's so articulate and able to keep an honest account of what happened.

Tyler : Very articulate, intelligent man! Dude didn’t waste a second of that film. Enthralling stuff!

Trevor Philips : He said "Im wasting your film". No sir you didn't. You said exactly what needed to be said.

Tokiofritz : I could do a few hours of listening to this guy's experiences. It really becomes clearer that war is mostly wealthy people sending poor people to die for a deal. The deal may be about money or power or both, but it's still a deal. I wish today's youth would stay the hell away from the army. Killing another Human being because someone told you to just isn't natural.

davidallenroth : What an interesting cat. Could listen to him talk for days.

Billy B : This guy should write a book. I want more of his story more more more please. I tried to enlist and go to Vietnam and they turned me down. They gave me a 4-F due to a seizure or 2 or 3. I started having seizures in 9th grade after a PE teacher clubbed me in the head for goofing off. Such is life. Loved hearing the story..... I cried because they would not let me into Vietnam. Years later I bought a home from a Vet and he went back 4 tours. I said why did you go back. He said he got addicted to Heroine. He was a SGT. When he got out he lived in a Tepee for 10 years in Montana. He had a lot of stories.

Drew Shuller : "[BIG SIGH] I'm wasting your film." No you're not, buddy.

Bill : A natural communicator , why do so many other Americans waste so many words and repeat ? this chap is straight there with what you need to hear . he is like Thomas Sowell .

MrSupersonic84 : A true insight into war away from the media nonsense. What a brilliant man

tomlynn tigard : Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq is fought the same way: "We didn't know who was who" and they're targets. This is why President Trump wants to pull us out and not have us be the policemen of the world. We also need a border wall between the third-world countries to our south and us; it's not the only solution, but it is necessary now. The Democrats are taking the opposite stance.

whatsyurprob ? : I'll be dog-gone. I was also a, 119 Delta (Calvary Scout) 79-82 Fort Knox, and Fort Riley. What we did was find the enemy. This guy ------- I know about his training. Believe me, you can't get anymore FRONT LINE than he was. We were told that life expectancy in Nam was about 6 minites at the commencement of a patrol. Thank God he made it.

baba7231 : “I am wasting your film” sir you are not. History keeps repeating yet no one listens to this wise man

Kenn Tollens : I also love hearing about it from the people who were there instead of history books that spin it. My grandpa would tell me about WW2 and it was interesting, nothing you can get in an academic book.

sportclay1 : I served in RVN with Bill. I was a Navy combat Corpsman with 1/1. He wrote a marvelous book titled "Vietnam-Perkasie" , A Combat Marine Memoir. Perkasie is the town in PA he grew up in. Bill has spoken at our reunions and is a great story teller. He is the real deal, proud to have served with him.

kg6qzx : He said “I’m wasting your film” ....not at all. He was sharing important perspective. I was too young when the conflict started to be there but I never forgot who were the important people. Men like this guy. Soldiers who bore the brunt of it. They deserve our respect and admiration. They sacrificed like all soldiers before had.

AndyT : God bless all the Vietnam war veterans!

Josh Patterson : If this guy was around to see Afghanistan he'd be so pissed to see the pretty much the exact same war repeat itself


Ryan Darbyshire : What a genuine, humble guy - You sir did not waste any film. Far more film could have been put to good use if you chose to recount more harrowing stories with such dignity

abraca dabba : actually amazing quality video and audio for 1990 lol

Ruben Delgadillo : You want to hear the real Vietnam stories ask any U.S Army or U.S Marine grunt!

Charles Mascari : Wow, there it is. No propaganda, no Hollywood rendition, just the plain truth from a soldier who was there.