how to change, modify, and delete footnote separator in a word document

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Uchenna Oyali : Hallo, many thanks for this video. I was wondering whether it is possible to make the footnotes in each chapter of a work to start with the number 1, or 1.1, 2.1 as the case may be.

Michael Yan Petra : thx so much bro. very useful. subscribed!

Disaster X : it helped me thanks

Delicious Beauty : Just what I was looking for :-)

ryan tadjou : Thank you for explaining it clearly.. i am having a problem with the footnotes as they appear to have came up to the middle of the page and the separator is no long there.. help?

Rasel Khondokar : Awesome...!!! Thank you.

Raeed SH : Thanks, It really helped..

wawandeha : sukron, it helps me to get rid of the ghost line... :)

salah kamil Hasan : i will be thankful to you the rest of my life

Feed Back : hi can you tell me how to change the colour of footnote seperator.. urgent.. please tell

Bazlur Rashid : benefited

Aneshree Nayager : Thank you! This was very helpful and well-explained.

ahmed anees : This Video is so Helpful, Thank You Brotha