JFK Moon Speech

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JUNITO84 : JFK had balls of steel to lead the nation to land on the moon. True leader and visionary!

izzad ibrahim : more relevant than ever. we chose easy, we chose to stay. men and not meant to stay.we are meant to explore.

TX RNG : We should all aspire to be as great as he.

Jesse Clary : Hey you cut out the part where he asks "why does Rice play Texas?" And everyone laughs

theChosN1 : I'm feeling american pride and I'm not even from the states.

samdiego : What happened to the ambition of America? We used set goals that some would consider Impossible but we still reached but we would still reach them.

Mighty Banana : The music fits perfectly with this!

Richard Gilks : This is the answer for any nay-saying of space exploration.

mortdk : JFK is/was a model for ANY leader of the free world

Brett Kleisinger : lol Imagin this so each from Trump. "we are going to build the best rocket, the best, it's going to be great l, huge biggest rocket ever built, cause you know who builds great rockets? I do. it's gonna be huge and it's going to be fast. fantastic.

Liam Tuttle : Of all videos posted to youtube on a daily and yearly basis, this video in specific inspires me do do great things. It restores a small bit of my faith in mankind, as well as the American race. This video is absolutely profound, and John F. Kennedy could not have said anything, nor could he have done anything in a way to make this more so.

Sandra V : Timeless inspiration.

Rick Sanchez : I love this speech. It makes me proud of humanity, it makes me proud of what we did, what we do and what we will do, it makes me proud to be human.

Wylie Hetzel : Great Video, what song is playing in the background?

Roblox Retard : This is what a president should be.

Darth Clumsy : The last cool democrat. Hate me but Trump has the same momentum like him

Aaron Snider : Does anyone know the song in the background?

Jon Loken : The last great democrat. We need more of him... and I am a republican

ASwordAndAKey : Maybe the greatest orator, so captivating, the power of that voice. I can't help but be filled with sadness seeing this and knowing we only saw a fraction of his potential. JFK & RFK rest in peace, killed by the establishment.

ErikTheAndroid : This actually made me shed a tear, god damn this video is beautiful.

HomoSapiens : YEAHH AMERICAAAAA oh wait, i'm from asia :(

Bryan Soe : this speech really is symbolic to goals we set in life and why we should never give up to achieve them

2view : JFK   saved US  and the free world from WW3. Had Vision and Hope for America. A Great Man  and a Great Leader.

It's Merlin : We choose to go to the moon -Jfk

MR BUGGLES : Love this! brilliant edit :)

F Red : This brings a tear to my eye

Central Intelligence Agency : just brilliant mr president ! i still love united states of America , and i still hope that is capable to be his own master !

Edward Kane : America died with him.

William Garcia : Greatest President EVER!

Brent Landry : How far the Presidency has fallen. Trump could never hope to deliver anywhere near such an inspiring speach.

Edgar Garcia : this makes me teary eyed.

Napoleon Bonapathy : Globalists. They will have you believe in anything they want. NASA knows the earth is flat and not spinning. They lied about everything. It's what they do.

William Garcia : The Illuminati will lose in the end, evil will NOT prevail... Kennedy's spirit lives on, you couldn't kill him... you failed.

fight me gook yecciiss : Jfk, last president of America

Sami Dalao : You listen to this and then listen to Trump and ask yourself what the fuck has happened?!!!!

Luis Martinez : America really did die with him good god this man could write speeches.

insanic1 : oh vey! this is typical cis white male privilege

Mike Mükkel : The greatest president the USA ever had. This world needs now another president with such a charisma!

tyler No : Anyone else get goosebumps. Greatest president ever 🌙

TheBallsKicker : Glad he died.

Lars-Gunnar Grönvald : I'm not from the US but i like Kennedy. I remember when he was murdered. I was 7.

Father Time : This is what humanity is meant to be. JFK captured what is exceptional about your species. You can achieve greatness over and over. Having the will and the courage and the wisdom and the unrelenting effort is all it takes. Find the best that is within you, and then encourage it for a lifetime.

Trent Wheeler : This inspired me to pursue science

Jack Clark : Great video, inspiring.

William Garcia : The greatest orator to occupy the presidency, RIP President Kennedy. I wish I could have shook your hand...

Сергей Богданов : "...not because this are easy, but because this are hard..."

Сергей Богданов : it was true America

Coleen West : Wow. So this is what a President sounds like and that is what America is about? What the hell has happened? Just stunning speech. Somehow understood in any language by any person in any country.

Coleen West : What song is this?

Coleen West : What the hell has happened to us? I can barely recognize this country as being the same as that one in the video. It's like suddenly discovering that your father was Superman and wondering why you are not.