Why Was This Plane Invulnerable: The SR-71 Blackbird Story

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Van Hendrix : The SR71 Blackbird is one of the coolest planes ever made. It could fly higher, faster than anything it went up against. And it had a cool name too

M1TGLIED : My Father was in the soviet army in mid 70s at the pacific border (Air Defence Forces). He told me, they tracked SR-71 many times, but no chance to case them. So they developed strategy to disturb the rec-mission of SR. The air route of SR-71 was almost the same every time. So they put some interceptors on this route and an alternative route, if they knew SR was on the way. So the interceptors were able to track the SR-71 from the side or front. The crew of SR knew if they got tracked by interceptors, then they aborted the mission and breaked away to gain the distance from the coast.

Mukund Shivakumar : Graphics 10/10 Facts 10/10 Anti-clickbait 999/10 Best YouTube channel ever

mbogucki1 : You need to make vintage looking posters. I would pay for those.

Liam Grey : This is what it looks like when a YouTube channel mops the floor with History/Discovery.

SandPox : These graphics mate

Jimmy Delaware : Excellent video, nicely paced and informative. One neat piece of info you missed was that the CIA set up a front company and bought most of the titanium from the USSR. Titanium is so hard to mill and work with the Soviets were way ahead at the time of us in it's fabrication.

MyCatInABox : MAN....what a badass video. These graphics are KILLER. (...just like all the OTHER Mustard videos)

StoMo Productions : This was an absolute beauty of a video

David Westernall : This was designed almost 60 years ago, wonder what they have now?

The Stig's German Cousin : I love these "quality over quantity" types of channels, makes you even more hyped when they release a video! By the way, why is the Mustard logo no longer mustard yellow? 😂

Silas Kuemmerle : For SR-71's actual top speed, I have read anywhere between Mach 3.5 to Mach 3.8

MEGA NOOB : You’re videos blow me away every time, even though the sr 71 is talked about a lot this was still fantastic

GDoublecutaway : I’ve heard this story hundreds of times and read/watched a loooot of informations about the SR-71 but it’s always a pleasure to hear about it once more!! Particularly with those great animations!! Congratulations man!! It’s a really great video. Very well done 👌

TX X : X-men uses this airplane

Mark Gedney : Another amazing video. By far one of the best channels on YT.

sonysonix : I love planes, model planes and Clean graphics. This channel satisfies

Wirenfeldt1990 : Anyone wanting more should check out Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed by Ben Rich and Leo Janos as well as Sled Driver: Flying the World's Fastest Jet by Brian Shul..

Cyber Cat : This channel has a very specific art style. It reminds me of the water colour painted box art one would see on model airplane kits.

Skullraiderz : I love this channel. 10/10 IGN.

megaman5125 : New mustard video - day just got better. New mustard video about the sr71 - week got better.

Nizzle FoShizzle : With most SAMs, the countermeasure for the SR-71 was to simply accelerate. Even if the missile was a little faster, it would run out of fuel before it could close the distance.

Xyphren : Few things to note. the Adjustable cones controlled the inlet airspeed keeping it under supersonic as it entered the engine. because too fast and the engine goes Boom or suffocates. The entire air-frame was made with soviet titanium since the US could not acquire it from any other source in quantity, so the CIA bought it with shell companies. The pilot, engines and parts of the Air frame were cooled with fuel before it entered the engine since the blackbird had to control heating as it cruised around the Pilots Wore basically space suits. the listed top speed is 3.3 but it's actual air frame speed is much higher ( in other words it can go faster. but its was never disclosed) the Plane PUKED fuel on the runway. and almost always needed to tank up after some high speed passes to heat and seal up its airframe in fact from full to empty the tank was about 1/2 empty just after about 30 min from takeoff The Plane required a substance called triethylborane (TEB) to light and relight its engines since the fuel it used pretty much was Unburnable with normal temp flames. the plane had about 15 shots of the stuff before a Relight could not be attempted. most Planes attempt to dump missiles with chaff, electronic warfare or Maneuvers the Blackbird just poured on more speed the SA10 and SA12 were the first G2A missile that could catch up to and hit a Blackbird from launch. most other missiles had to be shot ahead of the plane to Intercept. which allowed the plane to adjust course to avoid Interception.

glennac : Thank You Mustard! Always love the style of your design and animation. Modern appeal, yet, “vintage” at the same time. And your “look” is consistent across library of content. Each one, while infrequent, is always worth the wait. Thanks!

Mr Trick : Thank you thank you thank you! My favourite plane has been given the Mustard treatment.

Andy Anon : Awesome video! Could possibly annotate your imperial units with metric though so that both US and international viewers can understand? Since I feel like half of your viewers don't know how hot 500°F is.

Merrin : Nice, but a Celsius conversion overlay would be helpful.

Seymore Kuntz : MUSTARD!!!!! my day is made :-)

Nicolas Olguin : I have never seen a YouTube channel with such high quality videos. I would love to make the spanish subtitles!

Cmdr Benkai : Apparently the US had to make a front company to purchase the titanium for the SR-71 construction from Russia..

Anonymous Freak : The Blackbird was the reason I decided at age 10 to become an Aerospace Engineer. Later, the reason I decided to join Air Force ROTC in college. Sadly, it was retired while I was in college, and a friend ended up getting a job at the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works - and hated it. I dropped out of college and ROTC to go in to a different industry. But, oh, how I wish I had been able to fly one, then work to design its successor... (Lockheed claims they're working on a successor SR-72 now. I don't think it will ever happen.)

William Wallace : Exquisite work as always. Thank you for your time and dedication to these videos. If you get bored and need another 1950's long lived wonder, then it would definitely be worth doing a video on the Avro Vulcan or the entire British V Bomber story. Vulcan was a spectacular plane with some great stories.

wrongway1100 : The plane was also among the last to be designed without a computer. It was designed on paper using a slide rule.

FutureNow : As always: beautiful and informative. 👏

Mandernach Luca : Wait, just to clairify that, the adjustable cones did not primarly adjusted the airflow but rather directed the shockwave that the cone produced to either effectivly use it to precompress the intake air or decrease the effective use of said precomoression to reduce speed, right?

xxxuselesspricksxxx : Its interesting that the titanium used for the blackbird was from the soviets, because the CIA made phantom companies to buy the titanium.

redspin2ify : The music at 0:45... Is that from the SR-71 blackbird mission from black ops 1??? If so nice little easter egg haha it does sound similar

jozo fero : Invulnerable? Except these failed test fights and at first succesful plane was 5 cm longer than at start.

Big E in the UP : me, forgetting i've seen you before "oh yeah this is the guy that uses supercomputers to render his animations"

Ata Alıç : I really love your channel and i watched all of your videos, but at 1:11 something caught my eye. The European part of Turkey (under Bulgaria) is marked as a part of soviet territory. I assume thats just a simple mistake, if not i just wanted to let you know that it wasn't a part of the Soviet Union. I don't want to cause any trouble in the comments just wanted to let you know, this is still one of my favorite channels on youtube. (Before all remove kebab-ers come i want to say i hate erdogan he is a dictator)

Opie : And it’s still out there. It was supposed to get some new engines “for testing purposes”.....yeah.

James Matthew : 2:38 The U2 was only shotdown because the engine flamed out forcing a decent to thicker air. Pretty sure the missile hit Powers @ less than 40K feet.

Lary Eyre : Beautiful, I think we need a B-58 Hustler video

dAnK mEMes : *M U S T R A R D S W A G*

Erik O : What software do you use to make these amazing animations? Great video btw love your channel!

Lauris Matulis : This is THE DAY, been waiting for so long aaaand it's worth every second.

CHICHI7 : Mustard is amazing

Edmund Fitz : Hey Mustard, I love your videos and love what you do and I have an idea you could do of the engineering marvel of the Edmund Fitzgerald and it’s design but also how it gave the ship draw backs. I know you won’t read this and take this idea but if you don’t I’m fine with it as long as you keep making your community happy and intrigued.

MiffedLettuce : Can you... stop... talking like... this. You're talking... so... damn slowly.

Lázaro Blanc : Why are you talking like Christopher Walken? :D