Why Was This Plane Invulnerable: The SR-71 Blackbird Story

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Van Hendrix : The SR71 Blackbird is one of the coolest planes ever made. It could fly higher, faster than anything it went up against. And it had a cool name too

Nizzle FoShizzle : With most SAMs, the countermeasure for the SR-71 was to simply accelerate. Even if the missile was a little faster, it would run out of fuel before it could close the distance.

Chuck Keough : I already know every single detail, story, fact, etc about this amazing plane.. but I'm gonna watch and thumbs up anyhow because the uploader obviously has good taste.

KuraIthys : Much like the Civilian Concorde, I suspect the design speaks to us because in spite of it's age nothing newer has ever been better than it. Or even come close. For Concorde, that may change in the near future. But for the SR-71 that's unlikely, because it's not really a viable solution to the problem it originally intended to solve anymore...

Tom M : I thought I was being rickrolled at 7:02

SandPox : These graphics mate

Man With a mouth : There’s probably a Blackbird Parallel today that goes at Mach 5 but no one knows since it’s top secret.

Ben Whoever : Why need spy plane when we have Google Earth?

Fruit Farm Factory : $300 million to run!? Esically back in the 70's/80's. I love the jet and the look, but that is way too high maintenance bill.

velkoto1 : As an Eastern European I'm used to Russian planes and I must say I love them because they are cheap and reliable and in most cases superior to US rivals. But ever since I was 5 and I saw this plane for the first time I just can't stop admiring it. Now 29 years later I still can't believe what an amazing piece of technology this plane is and sometimes I even consider the alien technology conspiracy even though I know its bullshit. The SR-71 looks like nothing else today, imagine what it looked like for the people in the 60s and 70s. Amazing plane made by amazing people. Very well done, mr. Kelly Jones and all other people in the Lockheed Scunk Works.

TX X : X-men uses this airplane

The Goat : I didnt know they made the Black Ops 1 blackbird scorestreak into a real thing.

Ondřej Žáček : I am a simple man. I see the Blackbird I hit like.

TallulahSoie : The most beautiful aircraft ever created.

Joe M : It was originally planned to be called the SR17 but the president messed up and called it the SR71, so the CIA kept the name.

Mukund Shivakumar : Graphics 10/10 Facts 10/10 Anti-clickbait 999/10 Best YouTube channel ever

redspin2ify : The music at 0:45... Is that from the SR-71 blackbird mission from black ops 1??? If so nice little easter egg haha it does sound similar

Mark F. : i wish the SR71 would blow up squarespace

DBSupersteel : Alucard: the larked Sr 71 blackbird a strategic recon aircraft capable of mock 3 and an altitude of 85,000 feet Integra: you sure do know a lot about it Alucard: DO YOU EVEN READ MY CHRISTMAS LIST!!!

A Sock of Fleagulls : d00d the production quality on these videos is next-level, especially when you consider that this is a youtube channel and not some big-network production

Kristopher Priedkalns : I've seen one of these in an air museum in real life, it's unbelievable how flat it is for a plane.

Donald Evans : That's the old Blackbird where's the new black bird with the cloaking device?

Bhavya Sihmar : It was like the Night Fury of planes.

goldsilverandiamonds : The U.S. flew over the Soviet Union regularly undetected just like they do over Russia now.

Brad P : This is what it looks like when a YouTube channel mops the floor with History/Discovery.

cobra3289 : This Channel is so much better than Discovery anD History

KrazyKiwi : Basically. We still haven't taken it to it's potential, or it's not recorded. But here's a little something. Many others who have worked with the SR71 have said the same. "NO. No one on Earth has anything even remotely close. The MIG 25 and slightly slower 31 are both bicycles versus a motorcycle by comparison. The SR-71 is still the fastest manned air breathing “jet” (actually turbo-ramjet that has a pure ramjet mode). I once worked with data from the Blackbird, and it had a pure ramjet mode where the turbine compressors were by passed, then negating the inlet temperature limit in turbo-ramjet mode. There is a truth to getting permission to exceed the inlet temp limit….but the truth is the SR went into a pure ramjet mode afterwards… when the turbo ramjet and afterburners were completely bypassed which happened at speeds over mach 3.5. The inlet temp limit at this point and beyond did NOT apply…. (it would during transition though). This part of the SR 71 flight manual is not shown, or available, though the main manual can be downloaded online. Also, ABOVE 3.5 mach, the afterburners were NOT in use…NO FLAMES OUT THE BACK !!! Instead, A shockwave from the forward fusalage chimes and the variable cones on the front of the engines formed, creating a vacuum and the SR literally “sucked” its way through the upper Stratosphere climbing past 100,000 upto 130,000 feet at sustained speeds normally over mach 4, and could sprint past mach 5... The leading edges of the wings would get near 2000 deg F at over mach 5 not just 600 deg F at mach 3. Now, many like to compare the MIG 25 to the Blackbird (which in reality is laughable) . The MIG 25 was designed solely to go after a mach 3 bomber that was never built due to a mid air accident with an F 104. Since the B 70 never came to be, the MIG 25 was thought a natural for intercepting the SR 71 . The SR 71 in reality flew too high and far too fast for the MIG 25 Foxbat. Now, if the XB 70 had become the B 70…the 75,000 to 80,000 foot mach 3 bomber as originally intended, the MIG 25 would have been a “real” threat…For the SR 71, the MIG 25 was a “JOKE”. Like a bicyclist trying to keep up with a passing car on a rural interstate… except the SR could cruize 30,000 feet above the MIG 25s max service ceiling… at altidudes where the missiles of the time could not handle maneuvering and had a “negative” closure rate anyway. Today's S 400 missile system and the U.S. THAAD. would be a threat, to the SR, but for many decades, SA 2s, SA 5s and SA 10s were basically wasted trying to intercept. After a while some nations just gave up and would switch their SAMs off instead of wasting them when an SR was detected on radar, which in many instances, meant it had already overflown, since it was capable of moving at about one mile per second. Now in turboramjet mode the Blackbird was designed to cruize at 3.2 to 3.3 mach, true. But it could go more than another couple of mach numbers faster in another operating mode. Its time for the SR 71 to be celebrated since they are retired and in museums."

Meichel Jorden : i was a passenger in the backseat of a mig29 in my vacation in czech. and i hope one day it is possible to fly with the sr71 or mig31

JustAbrit : The Russian Air Force claims the mig 31 is the fastest fighter jet at 1,864 mph that’s a lie tho because the F 15 Eagle top speed is 1,875 mph these are facts American aircraft also has far better advanced technology and have better quality

Flugpappret : Dont forget that the Swedish JAS 37 Viggen still (From what I know at least) is the only air plane to this day to succed radar missile lock on a SR-71 flying in mach 3.

daidabus : fact check. Yugoslavia wasn't part of warsaw pact nor ally of soviets

fridel maconee : and all of that budget is to destroy humanity

Randall Raines : The best in aviation history. And a big fan of the bird.

Nabusco : Sexiest plane ever built.

the ripper : None of the nations wanted to be racist to the *black bird*

TheHvk : Favorite killstreak in Black Ops 1. This thing was a beast.

Puny Gods : Imagine what's flying now that we don't know about.

studmuffin1074 : The SR-71 Blackbird was head of it's time nothing could bring it down.

Kevin 4048 : imagine the possibilities if those great minds were here today.

Malc180s : "Now more than ever the US needed a replacement for the U2". Well, not really. They could've just minded their own business. Sadly this never enters the mind of an American.

Edmund Fitz : Hey Mustard, I love your videos and love what you do and I have an idea you could do of the engineering marvel of the Edmund Fitzgerald and it’s design but also how it gave the ship draw backs. I know you won’t read this and take this idea but if you don’t I’m fine with it as long as you keep making your community happy and intrigued.

Xavier Matews : Very cool info!

M1TGLIED : My Father was in the soviet army in mid 70s at the pacific border (Air Defence Forces). He told me, they tracked SR-71 many times, but no chance to case them. So they developed strategy to disturb the rec-mission of SR. The air route of SR-71 was almost the same every time. So they put some interceptors on this route and an alternative route, if they knew SR was on the way. So the interceptors were able to track the SR-71 from the side or front. The crew of SR knew if they got tracked by interceptors, then they aborted the mission and breaked away to gain the distance from the coast.

KH 701 : The MiG-25 was not really capable of mach 2.8+ speeds. Yes it could reach speeds of excess of mach 3 but everything above mach 2.8 would damage the engines beyond repair so pilots were under orders not to exceed mach 2.5.

Baron Saturday : I ordered an SR-71 Blackbird on eBay, I can't wait till it arrives. I'm gonna spy on....... ................. .................................. ................................................

Touchofgrey53 : Why the upload? You haven't said anything that wasn't already said before. Not to mention some of what said is incorrect.

GD Jammu : 199 999 subs :)

mbogucki1 : You need to make vintage looking posters. I would pay for those.

Dallas needs a medic bag : They need to put this into war thunder. USA revived?!?!

some guy from newzealand : you know it's going to be a good day... when you get a mustard notification:).