GTA Map Size Comparison
GTA Map Size Comparison

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Very accurate. Thanks to KeWiS for the baseline 3-D and H-D world sizes and thanks to LE SQUARE for the baseline 2-D world sizes. These were used as a baseline for many of the smaller measurements, which i compared to the full size ones using fractions and math, very time consuming. A few measurements were fully mine though, and almost all of it was at least partially mine. ALL EDITING BY ME. for now.,...........


Kuino : *Minecraft comes in*

Agent 69 : GTA 4 map feels bigger than San Andreas to me atleast the city portions

ZEX Oneeyed : This deserves more views, every comparison video I've seen is inaccurate.

this is a username : I KNEW IT! Shoreside Vale *is* bigger then Staunton!

James Bintley : This is way too underrated people need to give you more support for this. Also San Andreas is 50.1 the size the of gta 5 apparently.

Rono Islam : I'm kinda confused 😅

Intek Paloh : Gta sa is bigger than gta 4?

枪硬胜似你爹 : 什么几把骚东西

Shahkarif100 Gaming : I'm from 2100 and I have bought GTA 10. The GTA 10 map is bigger than the LC's American Football Field but smaller than Prawn Island. And there is absolutely nothing to explore. As I said, the map has been completely -downgraded- improved.

Heavy Weapons Guy : Just came here for your comment saying LE SQUARE Map copied that you gave us attention on comment

TheRobotsTV : PJ Masks Short Films Episode 1-13

REE FLY : It's have a mistakes