Tyler Cassidy - Macklemore’s Wife Is A Cunt

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Bridgeville Bulldawgz58 : Top 3 Musical Artists of all time: 1. Tyler Cassidy 2. Froggy Fresh 3. Krispy Kreme

Meme Lord : tyler is slowly filling the gap that bo burnham left

Ivory Holliday : Never piss Tyler off. He will destroy your everything in a hit song

Tristan Rose : Some of his new songs finally hitting millions of listens. Honestly, I can't wait for him to get some more recognition.

Mary Smith : The male Taylor Swift, but with talent.

M R : "I thought that maybe we would click since both of us are gay..." 😆

IPlayNotes : The 2 dislikes are Macklemore and his wife

Average Joe Gaming : Bro, you are a legend lol

Misguided1111 : I just sprayed my Diet Coke out of my nose laughing...Tyler for President 2020 😂

Mr. J1S : Make a song about Logan paul saying hes going gay for march. Will be your biggest song. Maybe Not the best. But def the biggest

Chris bradish : I will forever support this man's music career.

Ya boi Joey : Thought it was gonna be wack, turned out it was a slap.

Mandy Johnson : Lmao. You are extremely talented. Please keep making these videos.

Reyan Omer : Hope you get more recognition for all your songs, came for Krispy Kreme, stayed for Tyler

SAINT SALEM : Every president is gay has been stuck in my head for days. That and the first comment on that video saying George Washington's teeth were made out of morning wood.

tüèsdãy • : Froggy Fresh really came a long way 😂

Christian Padilla : Never trust edited comments.

Inertia Spinner : 4 “foreign whores” disliked this iconic video

Jacob Gwinn : Tyler producin bangers all day every day👍💯💯

Prank ster : Do r kelly do r kelly

Chris Adams : Wait your gay? No way? Your still gonna get play

Halle Hartmann : why is this tyler’s coming out video?

Slap my NUTS : The names of these songs are so funny

El Cucuey : This is the banger of the summer but in the winter

Ben J : isn't amore spanish for love? not french?

Ultra Remix : My fav song of yours is boyfriend

Wolf Creek Boys : Modern day Randy Newman God damn it

im the BATMAN : You seem so versatile in the style of songs you make do you make more love songs ? Last one i remember was that boyfriend one


Therion Mordecai : This man needs more recognition

Mr. Suicidal Wolf : I swear Tyler is leaving little breadcrumbs hinting he’s gay in each video💀

Ben : Another banger. You love to see it

Average Joe Gaming : Can I get a #IClapTheBootyCheeks in the comment section please?

Brand Name : It's ashame we never discovered Tyler until he came up with the genius gimmick of 🐸 fresh

Jesus Christ : It’s official, you have reached legend status. How can such a funny song be so damn beautiful. You write a new song every day and each one is better than anything on the top forty. I really mean that.

Ethann : They shouldn't have gotten macklemarried

T B : Tyler the ultimate creator

Morgan Marie : Please make one ab R.Kelly

Tyty2k : Lol why you singing about a 1 hit wonder? Lo jkjk

Elizabeth Hearst : I love the ‘Boyfriend’ song you did

talor1010 : Another BANGER

[Ids5621-Retro] : Krispy Kreme name drop, I love it

TJAYV : 7.4K till 100k Tyler YOU ARE killin’ it

Maggie Rose : Broooo I watched ya in 2012 😂 yo r u still friends w money maker mike??

Adam Cason : Now I gotta Google Macklemore to find out who he is

Chosen Undead : This is why you're one of my favorite artists

A N T O I N E T T E / / : *Oh April is my birthday*

Bagel And Beyond! : Do one about 6ix9ine? Lmfao!

Tim O'melia : Would love to see you do a Q&A video!

DEADPOOL : MY dude is goin in on everybody! ANYBODY CAN GET IT! lol