Young Warthog destroys furniture | BBC Earth

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Azliana Lyana : This already looking like a mini zoo. All those animals living together, peacefully. Quite amazing really. And that is one active warthog! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing, BBC.

Spur-of-the-Mountain : "We've been through about 15 sofa....... Pickles!"

James Basoo : When I was a young warthooooooog!

Mohamed Farouk : I didn't know wildebeest could be ok around humans.

Praying Hero : Where is Timon? 😢


Elaine : What a remarkable group of people. I would have thought a warthog was incredibly vicious. Wonder if it has to be separated from a lot of the animals. Really fascinating and very surprising.

ChunPo : 2:15 😊

CoffeeBeanz ? : My cat is worse

samnella9 : This family is really special!

Keisha Thomas : This place seems like a dream!😍😍😍😍😍 I would love to live there!

Javiera Ramirez : she lives in heaven. Seriously. What a blessed life

YYpang : that's cute lol

Teddles Peddles : I'd say pickles is ready for the barbecue pit with couple bushes of Apple's 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

Rupayan Chakraborty : i would not have allowed it on my sofa it shows u really love your animals

The kid who plays Roblox : Love your vids keep the good work up 👍🏻

Justin B : I laughed when pickles fell off the couch maybe that is why she destroys them because she thinks they throw her off

a2pabmb2 : When I was a young warthoooooooog!

Ewerton Souza : What a beautiful place!!

Roy : So they're not raising any males because...females are more docile? Some females could become territorial can't they?

Najeeb rahaman : I want to live there forever

Dan Bee : That mad belly flop onto the ground😊,love the trees too

Raboth Ouk : It’s such a beautiful and peacefully life human❤️ nature ❤️ animal ❤️

Wizdomtrek : You will be richly rewarded for the weight of your hearts generosity!

Jon155 : PicklesxPumba = True OTP

warmccl : Clicked to expect Lion King references, was not disappointed.

TOMinPDX : "Quite a happy little giraffe" Hehe! 😁

kyle s : I bet he can clear the Savannah after every meal

Abu Bakr Jamal : Second

adil khan : loved it ❤❤❤

doodelay : Even the young ones look like old men

Astika Riko : your home like azoo...

Fares Hamoud : first

Vladas Lukenskas : Mr. Peeeeeekles! Good boy!

LovisaMinigrisen : The animals are so beautiful! <3

Pumpkin0330 titi : What a rambunctious warthog. He's literally destroying your home. OMG what you going to do when he gets older! This is a beautiful work that you guys are doing I'm in awe. Please make a documentary of this

Jacquy Lenoir : What happiness to be able to live among the animals, my dream

James Dooling : I think most animal lovers who share their homes eventually give up on keeping nice furniture. My carpeting is more animal hair than carpet fiber at this point... and the carpets are new!

amyvitality66 : Naughty Pumbaa.

Jury Peter : Yummy bacon 🥓😋

Elisa Huberman : My mom would turn this guy into bacon if he ruins our living room

Angelo Bellino : Where are Simba and Rafiki?

Jay Kay : This is a metaphor for how Donald Trump is acting towards the planet at the minute! 🙄

Jay Kay : They should of named it The Donald! 😏

Frost Bitez : One year of stress, I would eat her instead Mmm mmm lunch

Tom tonka : omg what a cute video!!! Our creator is so amazing the way he made ALL these animals. Also God bless these wonderful people who are looking after all these wonderful specimens of his. Please do keep up the goodwork,you have done soooooo well. Amen.


JOHNNY Walker : I bet Pumbaa is Hungary

Christine Thornhill : BRAVO . This is wonderful . What a great family . Best wishes to them . 🤗

mO oD : مشكورين❤️