Resurgence | Motus x RUN LDN

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Jason Paul : <3 legends!

David Nelmes : One of the sickest videos I've seen in years. Fresh, powerful, raw & ridiculous movement! Film & Edit on point as always Giles, worth the wait. <3

GalizianUrbanProject : Well... we don't actually know what to say so just let's watch it again...

Katie McDonnell : YES!! This is sick. So frickin good!

LaFlairParkour : Add this to my all time favorite videos!!!

Night Scape : Taken it to the next level...

StormFreerun : Biggest video of the year for sure! Props boys. Stoked for the future 👊

Chicken Connoisseur : Jake that imax run was rude! 👌🏾🔥 One of the few times I've seen a man punch gainer without getting bodied 😂 Jaydn had the cruddiest run though; just dirt. MUD! 🙌🏾🔥⛽  Young don like Sampa levelling up, I see you 💪🏾 Mandem keep shelling!

Endijs Miscenko : History has been made.

JohanFrystykPK : Best video of 2017 so far💪

West Coast Family : WOWWW !!

Kamil Tobiasz : London is still burning 🔥😂👌!!

Brewman : piff ting

Ludwig Borgkvist : Instructions how to watch this (warning, may take about 4-5 hours or so) • Watch the video in it's full • Rewind • Watch the first shot, pause when it ends and react to what actually happened • Repeat previous step until done • Cry yourself to sleep before going training tomorrow to train hard af

Trasco : I like how he whistled the song they used

TaggartPK : It's over everyone. They've completed parkour. We can all go home now

KrapVideo : Ahahah, awesome!!!

CLASH OF JACKY : C'est pratique pour semer les flics ^^

Tomas Being : this shit has evolved a lot since 2008

Henry Blue : Every clip was massive...

Dominik Balogh : Feels like when i was 13 and first time i saw the storm vol.1 :D

NitroParkour : This will be hard to beat for 2017. It's revolution right there.. Double kong at Imax and side pre an horizontal rain.. 🙏+ everything else

PKCrew Sete Lagoas : OMG!!! Very very nice! Good job guys!!

Jordan Shaw : Thank you Giles for making this happen 👊 London gets blown out the water...again!!

WitchellTraining : You guys have officially claimed your place in Parkour history as legends of our movement. You're up there with the gods now, chillin with Danny, Phil and Mr Belle.

Kacper Kołodziejczyk : Next level guys🔥

Tj Lainsbury : Madddd

Rage Parkour : You crazy bastards

Team Escape : unbelievable

InMotionCZ : This video is full of incredible skills! You guys are insane... GOOD WORK!

Zebastian French : 1:03 fuuuuuuuuuck me

milohale : London scene as strong as ever

Jack Milnes : Oiiii Mad video

Next Day Z : That's was epick!

Joe Dunn : There's no gas for 2018 now

JMPCNCT : London is burning! One of the best video! Keep it up ! Congratulations!!!!!

Lowe Högberg Edberg : that side

Jared Nahulu : Are you guys real?

Mr.Mass : This makes me question if what i do, is even freerunning... ?

Guanzhong Liang : i just realized that the guy at the beginning was whistling the theme song of the video haha

Aquila Movement : Already expected this to be fire, but still it was like 10 times better than I expected...

Jeroen Geerts : So after 6 years, storm freerun volume one got destroyed... I wonder what video will improve this one around 2023, but I'm not sure if that's even possible

Tom McClean : Amazing level of fitness, balance, agility and accurateness. Wow!

CarbonPK : 1:04, enough said!

Experimental Viking : Holy shit, you guys raised the bar...again!

teamERROR : is there comming a behind the scenes?

Angel3run : Best video of 2017...Amazing !

Danee Marmolejo : OMFG!! You guys just raised the bar!!!!!

Alfred Lamy : wtf

Cosmin WHAT : killin it, awesome!!!