Resurgence | Motus x RUN LDN

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Jason Paul : <3 legends!

David Nelmes : One of the sickest videos I've seen in years. Fresh, powerful, raw & ridiculous movement! Film & Edit on point as always Giles, worth the wait. <3

GalizianUrbanProject : Well... we don't actually know what to say so just let's watch it again...

Katie McDonnell : YES!! This is sick. So frickin good!

LaFlairParkour : Add this to my all time favorite videos!!!

Night Scape : Taken it to the next level...

Chicken Connoisseur : Jake that imax run was rude! 👌🏾🔥 One of the few times I've seen a man punch gainer without getting bodied 😂 Jaydn had the cruddiest run though; just dirt. MUD! 🙌🏾🔥⛽  Young don like Sampa levelling up, I see you 💪🏾 Mandem keep shelling!

JohanFrystykPK : Best video of 2017 so far💪

Endijs Miscenko : History has been made.

Kamil Tobiasz : London is still burning 🔥😂👌!!

Ludwig Borgkvist : Instructions how to watch this (warning, may take about 4-5 hours or so) • Watch the video in it's full • Rewind • Watch the first shot, pause when it ends and react to what actually happened • Repeat previous step until done • Cry yourself to sleep before going training tomorrow to train hard af

Angelo : That kong pre... undershoot it you die, over shoot it you break both Legs and crack your skull on the wall. Probably the most sketchy kong pre ever done.... by a fucking 15 year old. Holy shit

TaggartPK : It's over everyone. They've completed parkour. We can all go home now

KrapVideo : Ahahah, awesome!!!

TomasPublic : this shit has evolved a lot since 2008

Dominik Balogh : Feels like when i was 13 and first time i saw the storm vol.1 :D

Team Escape : unbelievable

Jack Milnes : Oiiii Mad video

Guanzhong Liang : i just realized that the guy at the beginning was whistling the theme song of the video haha

Tom McClean : Amazing level of fitness, balance, agility and accurateness. Wow!

CarbonPK : 1:04, enough said!

Novelways : this shit is too lit!

Alfred Lamy : wtf

Cosmin WHAT : killin it, awesome!!!

Itz NobleZ : For the people wondering the background guitar song is called - Welcome Home

teamERROR : just watched 5 times no and every thing just fittes this gets way to less atention

James Buenavista : I think Motus and Storror should do a colab for Roof Cult 3!

Flowmotion Parkour : Best trick with the safety vest. Works every time :D

Ezra Tirado : You guys are soooo good ❤️

Stacky : I love this video more than my son

Sayyid Shillingford : SICK!

nojus zakaras : Please help me, I cant stop watching this awesome video...

guilmon981 : Thought you guys were Brewman?

Calvin - Freerun : It's 3 month old and still not a million views? Whats wrong with people?

TheSQuirBy : This is so underrated ...

Jeffrey Koelewijn : Good video !

Life Adventures : What asics shoes are those?! fucking sick jumps

Sonny Francois : Monster parkour!

SAF Visuals : Great

Cade Clinton : Beautiful as Jesus

Josex Jimenez : Wtf is up with this British rap?

Martin Flégl : JESUS! That´s absolutely incredible

Spysnil : I was ... Jeizbzbzkal

Joshua LaFlairParkour : Sick ! 2:14

Urban Monkey Project : The Cinematography and Parkour skills is on it's finest!!

Chromez : Unreal👌

Joeka Parkour : Damn son! Y'all are on some next level shit!

Daniel Prochac : 復活 🚶

Ziyou Parkour : 1:03 how

Louis Delanoue Parkour Freerun : Mais c'est indécent