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#whip #naenae #dance #positivity #tutorial Thanks for featuring me as your “Secret Link” Philip DeFranco: https://youtu.be/n2xATB5vYLA Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dearlindsay_/

Comments from Youtube

Ethan H : It’s like Dora the Explorer but adult and actually good

Scott Thigpen : This is what I was hoping 2019 was going to be like!

Jabroney : I think I’m going to whip walk my way into making Karen let me see my kids again.

Roelof Vermeulen : Why did you whip walk into my heart like that?

Ryan King : Thank you for teaching me how to Whip Into 2019. I recently had a job interview and now I own the company and am married to the previous owner's daughter, all thanks to this video!

Zeke Boxington : She is perhaps one of the most awkwardly attractive people on the entire internet.

GG Vii : Best thing I've seen in 2019

lefenec : I just raised my standards for a gf

Alexander Marcus : Who else came from Phillip De Franco? :l thanks for the secret link Phil

Kwai Brown : I shared this with some reddit homies, keep up the awesome stuff. Sick potential.

world record egg : This is what all of YouTube felt like in 2008 and I loved it.

tmdarby : Cute, funny, subbed. Thanks reddit for pointing me to Lindsay.

Skeleton Army : Love it!!! What a great person to follow. Shall be whip walking to work tomorrow. looking forward to more vids. Keep taking those meds.

King Crippa : This channel is like a dietary supplement that provides all the good old YouTube vitamins and minerals that were removed to make a cheaper product.

Sheriff Asshat : 1:30 - 1:38 The moments I fell in love with you.

Kiril Stoimenov : This is insanely good why are you not popular

oldbroken1 : You went full Thundercat at the end. Never go full Thundercat.

Isaac Whiteley : Watching this directly after the Punisher trailer is... weird. Thanks Phil

Benjamin Landman : Please never stop doing whatever it is you're doing

9Nails : What did I just click on? And why did I watch all of it? Now I have to share it with others. 😉

Jhen Wiener : Finally some quality for phils secret link

spareparts : this made me unreasonably happy. subbed

Abby Richter : This video cured me

Trevor Stothard : The only thing that could possibly improve this video is if you'd cut before you finished screaming HOOOOO at the end, IMO. Thank you for the informative and uplifting content.

Zary : Congratulations, you made it ;)

Donkeh BOI : Nice one, Phill.

Baruch 05 : I just did it past his office and he threw his job at me and now i'm running the entire company! GUYS I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING! DO NOT WHIP WALK IT'S TOO POWERFUL!

Jacob McCullough : 2019: The year we go back to Youtube circa 2008.

QueenM : I need to do that walk when I go to my Oral medical exam! I failed it in 2018 now with my whip walk in 2019 they will pass me without the interview xD

tindawn : when can i transition into the whip sprint? asking for a friend

JDFleming83 : I don't approve of Carl's methods... but I get it #naenae

kyle abent : Rules of good posture are broken on every step. I think I would run out of breathe walking 12 feet if I walked this way.

Haley Simpson : WOW YAS QUEEN

Robert Paige : This is hilarious. Come on reddit let's rocket strap her.

Horatio Moonraker : Now I know why I never got those jobs. I foolishly dabbed.

Michael Parado : Lmao that ending tho

Jordan Truppner : she's a special kind of something

femaleparts : Carl sounds like a great guy

Pixxel Wizzard : The only question is, is she a student or a professor at the Ministry of Silly Walks?

Jared Begg : Thanks, Phil.

Hawkens85 : This was incredible. You're genius.

Rainer Zufall : Thanks for the blessing!

Idun Rudemo : You truly dead ass blessed my day

magua73 : You girl! You´re going places, that was pretty good.

Doker D : Personally, I didn't have a problem with it but your voice made my dog go nuts

Shawna Schweain : Wow now I am prepared to whip into 2019! Great video!

aroberts0101 : Thank you. Keep up the good work.♡

strawberry poptarts : thank you for this tutorial

Frank Cirillo : DEAD XD thanks sxephil