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Ever wondered what your life would be like if you sold all your stuff and spent the money hiring people to do whatever you wanted? A very short comedy film that follows the story of a man who did just that. Starring Jack Barry


Jesus Christ : You just earned my eternal subscription with this glorious video.

iamfuturetrunks : This was hilarious... and I did not see that ending coming. Damn you and your awesome video. Good job! :D

Jragon // Learn How To Make Minecraft Commands : holy shit this is gold

FLUFFMANDUFF : That twist at the end really threw me off lol

Genn : Jesus christ how does this stuff have so few views, this is gold.

Radium King : This was really well done. Hope you have a successful career in comedy!

gyloir : This was hilarious, that ending lmao, great job to everyone involved!

Xaos Bob : Thank you for starting my day with a real laugh!

Yugan Dali : very clever, very imaginative, not to mention very amusing.

ngirro : subbed. the critique stings like a good slap to the face.

D W : Holy shit, that was great! The end was perfect.

Caitie B : it earned a solid chuckle, then when it panned out to the two separate documentary teams I was in hysterics! well done mate

Ryan Zeidler : Last look at the monitor is so great. Top post on r/videos rn cheers!

HaloGrndr : Best material ive seen in a long time

BOESNIK : DAMN this is good

Tomohawk Messy : This is great, needs some more exposure people will crease at this!

62cents : Is this some weird Żywiec advertisement? If so, I love it.

Sneaky Gibus : I loved this sketch. Keep up the good work

Zach Fox : This is extremely well done. Great short!

Paul Sack : That was awesome. A really underrated channel, keep it up :)

Gullfisken89 : This is great, this is quality comedy ! Genius idea

brch2 : If I sold everything I owned, I might be able to afford someone's salary for a couple of weeks, if that.

hidden inplainsight : The bed tome story with that smile made me crack tf up haha

Jacquobite : Easy sub.

John the don : Im showing this to everyone I know you guys need exposure.

Skeletor Keldor : Have fun being famous!

duy : I wish I could gild you on Youtube

cdnmrpr : Holy shit this is amazing.

extremematt : Yeah, you guys are going to blow up real soon I think.


ThunderBuddy : 1:32 Well... That's just hilarious.

MyOwnDesign : How much does he earns??? 😱

Pacebeats : this is so well done

Nick Timmons : Brilliant

Joakim Walldén : Im sorry, i just saw this. This is epic. well done.

Jordan Hawkes : I haven't laughed out loud at a video in So long. Well done!

ineurodreams : The bicycling was ingenious. I hear he's going to get a rowing machine and stair climber next!

Kevin Tice : Well done, chaps. Brilliant twister.

ConceptHut : The end is the clincher. HOLY CRAP LOLOLOL

jimmy Ryan : Perfect

jaronb007 : Instant subscribe, hilarious work. Been sending the link to friends. Good luck!

Hairy Krishna : that was... incredible.

Sandro Gioselli : Syneddoche New York

Weebo Floats : That was fantastic!

Sneaky Gibus : U p l o a d

julian stones : Beautiful.

Irish Red : Cool 👌

Edward Marq : This is the funniest thing I’ve seen since the white room!

brch2 : Documenception...