Dear Workers ~ The Chimney Sweep - Animated Short
Dear Workers The Chimney Sweep Animated Short made by one person

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Hello, this is my animated short for my Master Degree Final Project, a half year investigation work qualified with the highest grade. It's my first one and I still have many things to learn... but I'm very proud of this result. And now I want to share it with all you guys. Now with english subtitles!!! ;) I hope you enjoy. ;) Characters: - Cándido McWarmy (Yellow guy). - Damián Bandath (Mummy guy). - E-mail: - Instagram: - Twitter: - DeviantArt: ART © ✖PLYES✖ (2017 - 2018)


「Fearcrowz」 : This is so cute and well done! You did so amazing! You definitely deserve to kick back and relax after this, congrats on getting it finished!

Martín Ballester : Menudo proyectazo! Me ha encantado la música que has usado, creo refuerza muy bien el tono y la narración de la historia. Me han alucinado los planos de rotación en tres dimensiones, además como siempre tu estilo es maravilloso. Se nota todo el trabajo que has invertido. Que más puedo decir, es INCREIBLE!! Y quiero seguir viendo más xD Como para no querer a estos dos deshollinadores, son maravillosos.

Sugar Shane : Super amazing

Inma M. Guillamón : Me encanta!!!! <3

Yukuii : Está genial :) .

kinia : Likee

Ane Tea Bruxill : YEEEAAHHH!!! Thas my girl!! It's fantastic that you made this all by yourself with such passion baby!1! Everything in there has your signature style and feeling that shows itself in your art. The storytelling and poses ARE THe AbsoLUTE DEATH OFF MEEE!!!111! HOLY DAMIAN AND CÁNDIDOOO whoppin it out in this bizarre industrial revolution concept. It's so original yet so captivating giving me a wierd sense of nostalgia darling. From here on out it'll be just GUUUD SHITEE CUZ YOURE AN AMAZING ARTIST, AN AMAZING WRITER AND AN AMAZING ANIMATOOOORRR THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THIS CUZ THE WORLD NEEDS YA