To Trill or not to Trill - Dance like an Egyptian
How Egyptians celebrate people think Im kidding

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In Arabic its a Zaghareet and can also be called ululation or as I refer to it to trill. Basically, you want to make a sound that is "lililili" or a "lalalala". It's usually used in Arabic cultures in celebration or to a belly dancer or by a belly dancer as encouragement. I use it in class if there is too much talking, to get the classes attention. It works every time. :)


SirDuChandelier : The best shor-yet-effective tutorial so far!!! Thank you and congrats!!!

Charlie Miller : I just love a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with a talented tongue & one that knows how to use it.....LIKE "YOU"!!!!! ;) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

HUZTLE MAYNE : You cant take Pimp C word and twist it the word Trill came from UGK

Jihan Wallo : 😂😂😂😂😂

Robert Robinson : It looks beautiful ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷

Penny Penny : Your makeup is *beautiful* . The colors compliment your features perfectly! And the makeup was applied with such skill. I have similar features as you, hair & skin color, so I know how difficult matching cosmetics colors can be. Thank you for teaching me how to trill, also! 🤗 -Love from a fellow red-head in the US 🖤

newname363 : The trill is gone baby, the trill has gone away ♫

Matthew Shaw : Sometimes I notice that some tribes make this noise during a ceremony 😛😝

J Willy : 0:45 I'm dying hahahhahhanajah

bomb com : This is what our teacher wants us to learn?

Yahia Kurdia : هههههههه It's very nice

Alice Bonnet : Can you make a video on how to walk like a Egyptian?

Yusra : Your tongue is too far out