To Trill or not to Trill - Dance like an Egyptian

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safichii0 : This was so helpful, thanks

Charlie Miller : I just love a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN with a talented tongue & one that knows how to use it.....LIKE "YOU"!!!!! ;) XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Alice Bonnet : Can you make a video on how to walk like a Egyptian?

Sadeen Hammad : This is what our teacher wants us to learn?

HUZTLE MAYNE : You cant take Pimp C word and twist it the word Trill came from UGK

Yahia Kurdia : هههههههه It's very nice

J Willy : 0:45 I'm dying hahahhahhanajah

Yusra : Your tongue is too far out

Abraham Nixon : This is the same way I eat pussy. Well for a few seconds anyways, usually at that point I'm pretty tired so I do what I like to call Mashing. I simply remove my mouth from the pussy and replace it with my bare forehead which I then use to mash that pussy by performing a series of side to side head movements, which looks a lot like I'm shaking my head in manner that would suggest I am murmuring to myself "No. Please god, No." , I use this brief reprieve to catch some breath, only problem is that I'm usually so tired that I hyperventilate and pass out. I'm so happy for Apps like Tinder which allow me to do this to different women on a weekly basis because I don't have a lot of repeat customers. Guess that's just the price you pay for being an individual though. Ciao.