A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow!

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon! That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon. Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process? We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing. It is a reality - true machine gun feeling! Now on to optimization. This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: https://www.newsflare.com/video/101851/other/a-dream-came-true-home-made-full-auto-crossbow or email: newsdesk@newsflare.com or call: +44 (0) 8432 895 191 A "The Slingshot Channel" production.

Comments from Youtube

Door-to-Door Hentai Salesman : Superior German Engineering

Henry Ambrose : This man is the Heavy AND the Medic.

Toasted Fan Art : He's the kind if guy I'd always want to be on the good side of...

Severely Artistic : That laugh It's almost terrifying

Damien McCue : did he just make a machine gun out of a tree

Lawrence Williams : This man found a legal way to weaponize pencils... HE IS A GENIUS

Haw Thorne Gaige : "imagine what you could do with a John Deere engine" **laughs maniacally**

Patrick Fitzmichael : Love his laugh. Snow on the ground and comfortable in a t-shirt. Ha ha ha. I subscribed.

Dave Cunningham : The only man Chuck Norris is scared of

Joe Jackson : LOL I feel pity for the burglar that tries to break into Joerg's house.. Joerg would be like, "let me show you its features".. Hour later the cops have to drag the burglar to the hospital to have 30 bolts removed from his rear end... LOL

McButtery Qleplar : I want that SO FRIGGIN BAD, seems like something straight out of a D&D campaign or a vampire hunter movie.


("RNA0ROGER") : A fully automatic assault bow.

Lenin Ade : I can now imagine the landings at omaha beach but with full auto crossbows

Flame BMG : Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger mixed with Albert Einstein. .. Are we just going to ignore it's -20 and he's in a t shirt?🤣 I'm building this..

Miles : *King Richard wants to know your location*

Spyfull Gaming : If only he was Russian he would make a fully auto vodka launcher instead.... missed opportunities

Damian Wezzterman : This is the first video of yours I've seen and yet I get the impression you would be the exact same person living 1000 years ago as you are today. Difference would be your name would be in history books as an inventor of advanced weaponry.

The Jack of Realms : i am re watching this. and first time through, i did not see how simply awesome that design is, im very impressed how well it functions. as u said with effort, time , money, u could make that into anything

John johnson : Its freezing cold in winter a joerg is just wearing a t shirt lol

Robert Saigec-Taylor : I think you're great at making crossbows, very ingenious! Did anyone ever tell you that you have the laugh of a supervillain? Would you consider being the enemy of Marvel's Hawkeye character in the movies? I think it would be great! Keep being inventive! I'll keep watching.

rijun14 : This guy sure knows how to have fun

Killerr x HaZe : Well you know to go when your in a zombie apocalypse

Maulana Malik : It’s snowing outside, so icy weather, and he’s only using a t shirt

Salvale : This man is the real Slave Knight Gael

Jared Flynn : He's like the perfect hybrid of heavy and medic from tf2 with the building skill of the engineer lol

Danilo Denaque : Thank you sir., You are a talented @ inventor

Un5t0pPa8l:3 LU : it's simply satisfying to see a man like your age to be this happy, normally they would appear very sad

Paradox Activity : German Engineering :D

G - hosty : This man wears a T - shirt in snow. Finally someone who understands.

stevo kanevo : What amazing design brother nice work

FishMan1nsk : My god this is Father Grigori...

FRAZZdoesgames : This guy should be a overwatch character

Bill Johnson : how is this guy not Bill Gates rich?

random lurker : We all know where to go if there is zombie apocalypse

Justin Y. Revelation : 0:59 Top 10 anime villain laugh

Issey Sandei : I want an automatic ballista

Brian Coley : Shouldn't this really be clockwork? The power tool seems like a cheat.

Suman Sekhar Dash : Hey dude! U are awesome! Is there any guide video to make this structure! If there please reply me the link! It will definitely help me to make this mechanism for my collage project!

T. F. : I wish you were my neighbor.

Josy mol3 : Man you’re up to something here with this. This is fantastic. You should perfect it into a full auto full strength combat system.

Chase H. : He has a voice of a true viking warrior <3

Indigo Charlie : You really are an absolute genius! Seeing how you've made this is magnificent. Perfect timing

Michael Supryn : Du supergeile staubsocke du!! Herrlich wie du Spass an deiner Sache hast! Legendäre Lache noch dazu! Weiter so! ;)

miroslav nikolic : bravo,respect.this man is a genius

Bhima Waskita : Vampire:"We're gonna kill all of the human, nothing can stop us" Full auto crossbows:"Am i a joke to you?"

Prince Dallas Cecil Hill : Your laugh makes this video just so good

VidHawke : Sir, I salute you! But I have a couple of proposed design changes: First, is it possible to use a worm drive, attached to the drill, to drive the main gear? That way, you could rear-mount the power drill. Second, would it be possible to implement a Van Helsing style canister magazine, side mounted? That would give you a higher capacity magazine.

F-man 32 : MP-40 has 32 rounds Your full-auto slingshot 32 bolts Coincidence?