A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow!

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ıllıllı ᎷSage ıllıllı : This man will end ISIS all by his self, using a rubber band and a paper clip.

Toasted Fan Art : He's the kind if guy I'd always want to be on the good side of...

McButtery Qleplar : I want that SO FRIGGIN BAD, seems like something straight out of a D&D campaign or a vampire hunter movie.

Henry Ambrose : This man is the Heavy AND the Medic.

Prince Hill : Your laugh makes this video just so good

Joe Jackson : LOL I feel pity for the burglar that tries to break into Joerg's house.. Joerg would be like, "let me show you its features".. Hour later the cops have to drag the burglar to the hospital to have 30 bolts removed from his rear end... LOL

Nathan Cabrales : Give this man a job as a voice actor. I love his laugh!!!!

This Isn't Even My Final Form : Superior German Engineering

Lawrence Williams : This man found a legal way to weaponize pencils... HE IS A GENIUS

Ben Fielder : This is the peak male form, you may not like it but, it's true. He has the secrets. Scientists hate him.


BruceCampbell0886 : I found him, I found the real life heavy weapons guy.

Patrick Fitzmichael : Love his laugh. Snow on the ground and comfortable in a t-shirt. Ha ha ha. I subscribed.

Lenin Ade : I can now imagine the landings at omaha beach but with full auto crossbows

Chase H. : He has a voice of a true viking warrior <3

TheFoxInTheBoxProductions : *King Richard wants to know your location*


Louix Griego : You crazy... BEAUTIFUL.. Bastard...

Damian Wezzterman : This is the first video of yours I've seen and yet I get the impression you would be the exact same person living 1000 years ago as you are today. Difference would be your name would be in history books as an inventor of advanced weaponry.

maxmoefoe : THATS what i'm talking ABout!

Bathysphere : Ha! When you live in a country where owning guns is illegal, what is your only option? Build a fully automatic crossbow of course! I love it! Man, you would be right at home in redneck America! Rednecks do this kind of stuff all the time. Though, they do such things with more dangerous items (typically involving explosions or launching heavy objects into the air). I have instantly subscribed! By the way, have you considered using a spring as the motive force instead of slingshot rubber bands?

Sam Drake : Now That's what I'm talking about! A drill run, rubber band fed, full auto crossbow! FN A. Absolutely Genius! The German intelligence rises!

AceofBlades X : Dude's like my new German uncle. Who's also Santa. Who also makes weapons.

Bill Johnson : how is this guy not Bill Gates rich?

Robert Saigec-Taylor : I think you're great at making crossbows, very ingenious! Did anyone ever tell you that you have the laugh of a supervillain? Would you consider being the enemy of Marvel's Hawkeye character in the movies? I think it would be great! Keep being inventive! I'll keep watching.

Haw Thorne Gaige : "imagine what you could do with a John Deere engine" **laughs maniacally**

rijun14 : This guy sure knows how to have fun

Darrin Ros : Too much time on your hands. But hey, I am a man and we love toys. This is the ultimate toy. I am just happy that I am not the only one who does this stuff. I made a bow out of a lawn chair that would launch an arrow 50 yards. No kidding. I was in a rehab clinic for alcohol and found some stuff in one of the sheds out back. Redneck lawnchair bow. Made that friday night better. And accurate as hell. "Hold my beer" and two hours.

Flame BMG : Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger mixed with Albert Einstein. .. Are we just going to ignore it's -20 and he's in a t shirt?🤣 I'm building this..

Rafael Pakaya : T shirt on snow WOOOWWWWWWW!!!!

("RNA0ROGER") : A fully automatic assault bow.

Spyfull Gaming : If only he was Russian he would make a fully auto vodka launcher instead.... missed opportunities

sansushi : I want an automatic ballista

Damien McCue : did he just make a machine gun out of a tree

Christopher Gerlach : This guy has the cheeriest heartiest laugh ever. It makes my heart warm.

Wizzlet : He's in...short sleeves?

Muhammad Frra : If this man was living in the mideval times he would conquer the world

Zane Wong : Imagine trying to rob this guy , RIP

ANDYANDREWPro : Boys and girls please take note... this is one of the few remaining REAL men in the world. You boys should all strive to be him.

Severely Artistic : That laugh It's almost terrifying

William Wallace : His voice sold me on whatever the hell this is instantly.

ZXY101 : If the Heavy decided to become a medic.

David Rodrigues : This guy should be a Overwatch character! Your "hahaha" is incredible!

Indigo Charlie : You really are an absolute genius! Seeing how you've made this is magnificent. Perfect timing

Heckin Memes : Leave it to the Germans to optimize a cho ku nu.

Gato Naranja : Guts would be proud

Paradox Activity : German Engineering :D

Joe Pieczynski : This is a multi part comment. First and foremost, we should never hang out. Your ideas and my shop would blend seamlessly. Second, we should never hang out and drink. Third, if you had a 'Y' intersection just below your magazine that allowed for left and right bolt distribution, you could have a double sided cam and setup 2 barrels timed 180 degrees apart. You could effectively double the output without doubling the RPM of the driver. You may have just given me my next project. Thank you for that. More material for my channel. And finally...we should never hang out. Love the creativity and craftsmanship. Thumbs up from me. Just kidding on the hanging out, if you're ever in Austin Texas, give me a call.

Hawkwood the Deserter : Well it seems there is a modern Gael lol

1 Bil Subs With No Videos? : Arnold 2.0, he will be back