Sockhampton - Actual GOAT

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Jish the Fish : Just to be clear, the "grass" in the plastic bag is actually grass. Actual GOATS eat actual grass.

Geno Clark : Who still listening in 2018? F

funkybean : ok but why is this actually fire

Beyond thelaw1 : The rap game is about to be swept up by animal sock puppets. What a great time to be alive.

Alleyne Aviles : tHIS is sOMe pure COKE

neah : yeoooo saw someone from this at vidcon nice kid ✊

Kate Gabbitas : Wowwwwww this is 😩💯👍

smoov22 : Brown man bops to goat puppets

Squee Gee : Here from Acai stream, this is dope

Jay Dubbman : Holy shit I'm IMPRESSED! I'm guessing you were at that speed network session my friend Domi was holding during Vidcon? I got your mini flyer from the stuff folks left in there, just now getting around to it all and yes this is amazing! You earned a sub to be sure!!!

Jokke : Holy hell, this is really good... And the female vocals? Amazing! Is the upcoming album an actual thing?

Louis Weisz : Fuego Alert ^^^

Seth Palmer : First

Kyrie R : umm. I don't know if this is weird, or a masterpiece...

gloryann Villegas : alexxdabestt done

lildogart2 : Bro I'm gonna bump this all day

Tanner ? : I need more

Djonzor : I absolutely CANNOT believe how well thought out this entire video is. Instant favorite and subscribe.

Allie Wilson : This was a great video

omar k : My life mission Is to spread this

Daniel Singleton : Plus I'm a goat.

Seth Gardner : I’m here ;)

FlyRule : Açaí?

don't be salty : dope

Sonny George : Yoo tiight

Professor Of Nothing : This is so good

Tree Trisha Hernandez-Aguilar : What. The. Hack is this artistry

lahmp : Came from kasey you got a sub

Luke Randall 2 : Are these on Spotify?