Farm boy tries to to builds house

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Sir Swag : Never stop making videos lads. There's something about these vids that just make me happy.

cat intensifies : "Look at this bitchboy" fuckign priceless lol

R4tB4G : are you somehow related to susan boyle?

Random_Red : lit as always man

Joshua Hall : "To To"

p k : Bad grammar for comedic effect is it

ashlee dodd : yeah, keep up lachlan!

MTB and ENDURO : your eyes though


Forever Lonely Potato : "7 months later, 1 million views will this video get" (Yoda)

lemonwaterr : fucking fantastic as always lads

Ash Hook : love this stuff

tfriend2735 : Lol. Jaxon is god! I was having a shit weekend but this put a smile on my face.

Dank Bobby : whats the song name from the start? pls

FilipZ : What’s the song on the beginning?

OliviaRose Hargest-Slade : I love them 😂😂

YodaDidntDie : I want to know the song at the endddddd

Pacfam42 YT : 0:20 anybody else thought he said “Cheerios” the first time?

Our WildLife : Fucken oath

IM ZAC EFRONS WIFE : early.. ;p not..

boost lord : Your gonna see this dude on the big screen someday!

startingout54321 : fuck ur awesome Jaxon

Rebel P : “This was way easier on sims” 😂😂

Faith B. : you are the funniest person on this earth

Andrew W : Every video you've made so far has been fire

AhhKappa : This reminds me of my childhood

Som Harsh : What's the title of the music and where can I find it (pretty dope sounding)

Septic Fx : Song at the beginning?

Whompization : Think insulting loch should be a 1-2 offtrick per vid or at least more spread out, comedy is about expectation and being surprised. Keep up the solid work

Etherealx : Cx

LordTomosStories : you are way to funny mate

gabriella shipley : I couldn't stop laughing through the whole video, you guys are hilarious. XD

Sean Park : Don't dare to fly, the sun will give you cancer.

MaryBerrii : Your videos never fail to make me smile!

Rodrigo CLemaitre : Awww, man. This videos are amazing, laddie. Keep it doing your shit, mate. Top quality stuff.

Mickayla Anne : Sassy jaxon lmao

Jeremy P : Lmao glad this was on my front page for some reason.

3ZX8Ball : laying a selid fendation

AlphaHerobrine : The materials are everywhere just watch primative technology

Panda Playz : U always make me smile

John Lennon : Tries to builds house?

nikolas magnussen : I tried to do this following your steps and I'm homeless.

evoke proclivity : Not gonna do them dishes? Unadopted


soph chan : play it safe forever

Maria Boyd : You make me laugh so hard. When my boyfriend and I come to Australia can we hangout.

Maria Boyd : You make me laugh so hard. When my boyfriend and I come to Australia can we hangout.

Pro Biz : Can someone tell me the name of the outro song?

EmirateOmega30 : Mate, Jaxon ya bloody legend! Keep up the great work

King Bouncer : Now that went to shit, quick smart, didn't it?