Farm boy tries to to builds house

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Sir Swag : Never stop making videos lads. There's something about these vids that just make me happy.

Queen Angeline : LOL your like the stereotypical Aussie with the thick Bogan accent, swearing and living on a dry farm in the middle of no where😂 I’ve never seen another young person who acts like that full time.

R4tB4G : are you somehow related to susan boyle?


Random_Red : lit as always man

p k : Bad grammar for comedic effect is it

MTB and ENDURO : your eyes though

Joshua Hall : "To To"

ashlee dodd : yeah, keep up lachlan!

Rebel P : “This was way easier on sims” 😂😂

Forever Lonely Potato : "7 months later, 1 million views will this video get" (Yoda)

Hello : Just like all my other fleeting interests, I live life on a fast pace try to keep up

tfriend2735 : Lol. Jaxon is god! I was having a shit weekend but this put a smile on my face.

Ash Hook : love this stuff

ZxF : What’s the song on the beginning?

Abdraft 101 : Sounds like me trying to do anything

Dank Bobby : whats the song name from the start? pls

Rewbby : "This is way easier in sims" I'm actually crying 😂😂😂❤

YodaDidntDie : I want to know the song at the endddddd

soph chan : play it safe forever

Elizabeth Weber : You are the cooler virsion off maximoefoe

Kihyun's Dick : You remind me so much of maxmoefoe he's also rude to everything and everyone... Or is this a aussie thing?

Faith B. : you are the funniest person on this earth

Pacfam42 YT : 0:20 anybody else thought he said “Cheerios” the first time?

Our WildLife : Fucken oath

IM ZAC EFRONS WIFE : early.. ;p not..


Jonk : Farm boy tries to to builds house

Geralt of Rivia : Tries to builds house?

Flufferz626 : Y'all are amazing

mohno : you're like a younger maxmoefoe

Sara Wawa : Never try new things ‘cause they’ll probably never work. Wisdom I live by

Sara Wawa : Where are all the materials?!?!?

Dave Gorman : KIDS lame.. stay on farm kid

MrJD2you : Damn straight!!

Panda Playz : U always make me smile

SepticFx : Song at the beginning?

3ZX8Ball : laying a selid fendation

boost lord : Your gonna see this dude on the big screen someday!

Mavis X : "This is way easier in Sims!" ♥️♥️♥️♥️👏👏

ѕтepнanιe : “This is way easier on sims!”

AlphaHerobrine : The materials are everywhere just watch primative technology

antonio clemente : BRAVISSIMO!!!

antonio clemente : were is unesco we have the next Renzo piano here

Chille Tid : lol u bleeped one of the cuss words xD

Mikayla Doering : "This was way easier on sims" ME

Katie Kat : "Build meh self this structure " XD

aaaaaadw : you always have such good music at the end

Jasperford 2 : Mate, Jaxon ya bloody legend! Keep up the great work

It's Sodium Chloride : Can’t wait to to watchs this video