Farm boy tries to to builds house

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Sir Swag : Never stop making videos lads. There's something about these vids that just make me happy.

cat intensifies : "Look at this bitchboy" fuckign priceless lol

Queen Angeline : LOL your like the stereotypical Aussie with the thick Bogan accent, swearing and living on a dry farm in the middle of no where😂 I’ve never seen another young person who acts like that full time.

R4tB4G : are you somehow related to susan boyle?


Siedah Dragon : M A T E R I A L S Y O U S A G G Y B I T C H

Random_Red : lit as always man

p k : Bad grammar for comedic effect is it

MTB and ENDURO : your eyes though

Joshua Hall : "To To"

ashlee dodd : yeah, keep up lachlan!

Forever Lonely Potato : "7 months later, 1 million views will this video get" (Yoda)

Rebel P : “This was way easier on sims” 😂😂

Hello : Just like all my other fleeting interests, I live life on a fast pace try to keep up

tfriend2735 : Lol. Jaxon is god! I was having a shit weekend but this put a smile on my face.

Ash Hook : love this stuff

lemonwaterr : fucking fantastic as always lads

ZxF : What’s the song on the beginning?

Abdraft 101 : Sounds like me trying to do anything

Dank Bobby : whats the song name from the start? pls

YodaDidntDie : I want to know the song at the endddddd

Rewbby : "This is way easier in sims" I'm actually crying 😂😂😂❤

Elizabeth Weber : You are the cooler virsion off maximoefoe

Dino Kovačević : Never try any new thing because they probbably wont work. If we only knew this before. Us 3 friends tried to build a treehouse in the forest. What can go wrong,we have axe,trees and nails. Turns out we could barely even climb the motherfucking tree and lets not talk about transferimg materials up there.

Kihyun's Dick : You remind me so much of maxmoefoe he's also rude to everything and everyone... Or is this a aussie thing?

Pacfam42 YT : 0:20 anybody else thought he said “Cheerios” the first time?

Our WildLife : Fucken oath

IM ZAC EFRONS WIFE : early.. ;p not..


JackJordan2 : Farm boy tries to to builds house

Geralt of Rivia : Tries to builds house?

Flufferz626 : Y'all are amazing

mohno : you're like a younger maxmoefoe

Sara Wawa : Never try new things ‘cause they’ll probably never work. Wisdom I live by

Sara Wawa : Where are all the materials?!?!?

Dave Gorman : KIDS lame.. stay on farm kid

MrJD2you : Damn straight!!

whiterun city guard : "bitch whore"

Panda Playz : U always make me smile

Septic Fx : Song at the beginning?

3ZX8Ball : laying a selid fendation

boost lord : Your gonna see this dude on the big screen someday!

ShakiraFan : “This is way easier on sims!”

AlphaHerobrine : The materials are everywhere just watch primative technology

antonio clemente : BRAVISSIMO!!!

antonio clemente : were is unesco we have the next Renzo piano here

Chille Tid : lol u bleeped one of the cuss words xD

Katie Kat : "Build meh self this structure " XD

Mollie Gaden : Your videos never fail to make me laugh even on a shitty day ☺️☺️

aaaaaadw : you always have such good music at the end