Standard Practice for 'Free Range' Eggs (Male Chick Maceration)

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Footage recorded in 2016 at SBA Hatchery in Victoria, Australia. Go Vegan for 22 days: Anonymous for the Voiceless Facebook: Instagram: Website: Nutrition facts: Environment facts: Veganism could end world hunger? Watch Earthlings: The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear: Watch Cowspiracy: Vegan transition tips: Watch Forks Over Knives: Is dairy unhealthy? Is meat unhealthy? Are eggs unhealthy?


Roger mc : wow i hope they're ok

Heikai : I think it's important to show people how their animal products are made. This video in particular is great because there's no sad music or narration. It doesn't come across as some vegan propaganda which is good.

aklnrt : After watching this I can only imagine the horror YouTube is going to recommend to me for the next year or so.

Yosë : I feel a great disturbance in the force - As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

RedCherry X7 : spawn kill

Kirato : God, I hate spawn trapping

Steven Ware : I never knew the egg industry was so metal.

jediphilosopher : Frankly, the comments I'm seeing are more disturbing than the footage. O_o

Courtney Rhodes : *shot on iphone*

erushbass : God, my wanks have been getting dark recently.....

Nicole Sjolie : No chicks were harmed during the making of this video

tupz24 : That's that pink slurry for the McNuggets

Not a Phony : but will it blend

Zkh Ghost : That Happen when you dont thank the Bus driver

Soviet Russia : Can You make a ten Hour Version please? Im Tired of pressing repeat every ten minutes.

Casual Weeb : I don't know if I should be sad, disgusted, or hungry...

Bogdan Matis : The cruelty and barbarity of the whole process leaves one lost for words

— Nomady — : *Chicksabuser has been banned from the server. Reason:Spawn killing*

Serpentine Deity : About a tenth of a second of suffering. Mostly sucks for the ones that land awkwardly and bounce. Can't tell if the liked are a thanks for being educated or creepy sadists. O.o

Copperman : I think I just lost any trace of humanity. Now excuse me while I commit genocide against paper

Jar Jar Binks : Me clicking on this video: What does maceration mean? Ten minutes later: ...

Adam's Reviews : At least it wasn’t pointless, the cameraman probably got a 20 kill streak and a free tactical nuke.

CozmicK G : I hate this. At least they die quickly and painlessly I guess.

Prince TheGamer : Rip chicks 1999-2019

finn : I’d hate the be the guy that has to clean that out every so often. Probably smells great lol

Tony Soprano : Future feminism

LEGO JOEY : I don’t ever usually have my daw drop. So sad when you hear the tweeting of the chicks and then....

Deuce : W H A T I'm not surprised at the video I'm surprised it's allowed on YouTube

Dre Red : Hit or miss. I guess they never miss, huh? None of them missed that fuggin blender

____._ : This is horrible

Dark Matter : This shit makes my heart hurt

The Bird King : How would you feel if the chicks put you in a shredder

Adam H : I thought chicks didn't use Grindr

Wes B : Hopefully they ended up okay

dombower : Fatality!

Rai Na : Imagine waking up and getting chopped up

George : Chicken nuggets... :P

Kirby Thompson : So THAT'S where Chicken McNuggets come from!

bobbymonboy : We need this in slow motion, like 10,000 FPS.

Monsenanna : Now THAT'S alotta damage!

Dinky : Lmao owned tbh

Tom Albert Platon : me too Ikea Logo And His Portrait Videos

IJsbrand !MUlligan : The definitive method of expressing "I grind hot chicks" every fvcking day.

Titan06 : Hi world bye world

Neco Unal : Ahhhh man i cant watch this how can you do this if.yoi do this your dont have a hart a soul

g0ast : Pause @ 3:35 To the right, a Millennial "I'm going to go to college, get a high paying job, buy a house and a car!" To the left, reality.

Dob Schweb : Mans gotta eat Can't afford to keep every singpe thing alive when we need resources, it's just how it is in this life. Plants, animals, we gotta kill something to live. Oh well, keeps me alive.

dat boi is confirmed : This made my KFC taste even better

Riley Lammert : Wow, it's such a fun ride that one group of chicks just keep taking it for 10+ minutes!