Standard Practice for 'Free Range' Eggs (Male Chick Maceration)

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Roger mc : wow i hope they're ok

Heikai : I think it's important to show people how their animal products are made. This video in particular is great because there's no sad music or narration. It doesn't come across as some vegan propaganda which is good.

HMan Gaming : Well that's horrible Still not gonna go vegan though

JOSH WILDE Official : I feel a great disturbance in the force - As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced

aklnrt : After watching this I can only imagine the horror YouTube is going to recommend to me for the next year or so.

Eddie Pacheco : More humane than modern feminism.

Soviet Russia : Can You make a ten Hour Version please? Im Tired of pressing repeat every ten minutes.

RedCherry X7 : spawn kill

jediphilosopher : Frankly, the comments I'm seeing are more disturbing than the footage. O_o

Steven Ware : I never knew the egg industry was so metal.

Serbest Bosalli : That Happen when you dont thank the Bus driver

buttered toast : *shot on iphone*

Max Martinez : Those poor eggs shells XD

dombower : Fatality!

finnlul : I’d hate the be the guy that has to clean that out every so often. Probably smells great lol

Reece Clarke : So this is what it's like, being born female in china.

Casual Weeb : I don't know if I should be sad, disgusted, or hungry...

Dutchess : but will it blend

Mindraker1 : I have a new ringtone

Cyrus McWind is a salty nigger : I see Autoplay led me to the Vegan side of YouTube. I'm going to continue eating meat and eggs. Stop telling me your vegan. I don't care.

tupz24 : That's that pink slurry for the McNuggets

Bigfoot : Future feminism

Dillon : Pretty efficient and painless

zidaneskyrim : fap fap fap

Zer0 : I've been trying to gain some weight lately but some days i struggle to eat in excess and today i was planning to skip a meal. But for some reason this video made me hungry as shit. Shoutout to you.

David Gordon : maybe there should be a service where unstable teens get to shoot them with AR-15s

Blutseuche : I am eating ChickenNuggets while watching. I dont regret anything.

Kamikaze Dust : The only reason I sometimes watch content like this is 1. Curiosity 2. Gain a stronger stomach

Liberty Prime : To be fair there is very little practical use for most male chickens and it is impractical to check the sex prior to hatching. It may be gory but these are very fast deaths that do not make the chicks suffer.

babalooey100 : Boy that was relaxing!

Jeannette Turner : Thank you for exposing the hidden truth. This is sickening and its what the egg industry don't want people to see. :'( Listen to their chippings :'(

Copperman : I think I just lost any trace of humanity. Now excuse me while I commit genocide against paper

Aaron W. Nichols : After watching this, I'm craving McNuggets!

David : Incredibly efficient

It's Lightning : this video is better at .25 speed

Human Roach : Lmao owned tbh

ICE CREAM MAN : Am i the only one that thinks this is satisfying?

Fleischsalat Comedy : Kind of satisfying.

Ali Aldabe : Learning about chick culling was a huge reason I feel like I have to go vegan instead of vegetarian.

Kyle Ferris : This is what happens when you let a feminist run the macerator

xMonsieurEcho : 9/10 needs more Gore

wonderguardstalker : Incredibly upsetting despite being humane

gluecks. piratin : ... OMG - these poor beings are cheeping for their life! It's nothing else but a perverse way of mass murder.

Fliqpy the killer : 10 minutes of Chicks getting killed, very satisfying, thanks for uploading this

Mattyew : sad. total disrespect for life.

codekey74 : 12 hour loop please and slo mo

Jar Jar Binks : Me clicking on this video: What does maceration mean? Ten minutes later: ...

Noway Yahright : PULP CHICKEN

Panther Platform : Been donating to the cause with all my other libtard windmill solar field starbucks footie jammie friends...

nhgfd juytre : I love scrambled eggs.