One man riding out Hurricane Florence on his boat

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Jenny&Brett : He's pretty good at floating 😂😋😂🤣

Simon Templar : Well, whatever floats his boat....

Jaclyn : let us know if he survives

Tomma kaze : Please interview him, or what's left of him after the storm!

yo nino G.M.G BOSS : I think he watched the perfect storm movie too many times 😂

Claire Conover : RIP guy on the boat. It’s a boat.... he should have road it up north (away from the storm).

Pink Panther : He like Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump.

sandra booker : For some reason I believe he will survive in that boat, even if he in up on the other side of the country!. I also believe for some strange reason the boat will be safer than a house or building!

Rebel Channel Without a Cause : There's always one idiot. But he has a boat! He could have boated out farther north or south to avoid the storm and slept at another dock.

Ethereal Van : Material possessions are not worth your damn life.

DisposableEgo : Lol! He's gonna swim to shore...unfnreal

Applepie6 : This planet has so many stupid's amazing

wise ass : Sounds like fun.

superplan89 : I wanna know what happens to him! Post hurricane

THAT RANDOM CHANNEL : Why this guy had to be a redneck.

傭兵Cloud : It's crazy but I wish him the best of luck.

LB CA : Idiot, its a BOAT, sail away!

SadWølf : When she says she’s home alone

minhhai kim : Didn’t they say they will arrest anyone that go on the water ?

Anarchy is order : This guy on the boat must have some good dope

Kim Davies : He must have nothing to live for.

Rico Banuelo : How stupid people can be sometimes

willam Estrada : Not only will he endanger his life for material things but also coast guards that come to his aid.

Matthew O'Neil : I like that dude I’m down with it 👍🏼🙏🏼🌊💨

William Blake : This anchorman claims that he can see the birds "struggling" to fly in the video's background. What a sack of crap. They look like they're having a blast or else they'd perch.

Ruined_ Zl1 : All my prayers Go to everybody out there riding out the storm...and may God be with them no matter what happens

Anthony Hopkins : Why didn't he just take the boat up or down the coast away from the storm. ...Guess sense he's ridding it out he is to stupid to have thought that

prophet mathis : Wow there's always one😲🤤😱.⚰

gunit 010 : Is this a joke ?

jackson7177 : He's pretty good at floating yeah like all dead things...

Commonsense Aint Common : As a person that can't even swim.... I would be Terrified! 😐

Where's The Wall? : RIP in advance to one man on boat

Josie Harrison : And putting rescue teams at risk to go and save him later

ElaineSimplyEL : I was in hurricane Gilbert and after the storm had passed, there were boats crashed into the high rise hotels a few stories up. Mother Nature is more powerful that a boat!

Z Blade : RIP Captain James

Max Rank : Idiots. Mother Nature cannot be ridden.

jdome jd : It's probably safer than being in your house on the coast right?

Richard Ralph Roehl : Frankly... I wouldn't mind risking the experience of being on that guy's boat. It would be a very interesting experience. I suspect the tanks on his yacht are filled with diesel... and the engines are primed.

Brian Elliott : God his accent is like nails on a chalk board

Sports News : Hello very bad storm

Kevin Garcia : Not very smart

Watch Destroyer : 52 foot boat vs hurricane.....

Sean : What do they think I happens in all the marinas along the entire u.s. Coastline and all the islands in the Caribbean and then the Pacific? The boats don't get destroyed we're always manned by people to stay with them the boats to get shoved into each other and crashed in to the shore are the ones that people left behind.

THAT RANDOM CHANNEL : Guy thinks he knows but has no idea. Pick up the boat idiot.

TheBlackdragon936 : Can’t blame the guy for not wanting to leave his boats and hoes. This hurricane will make landfall 2 times and be a CAT 3 when it lands both times. It will be so much more devastating that the media is saying.

Michael Longoria : That man is dead, god bless his soul😥

No Videos : Rip to my guy on the boat Rest In Peace 🙏🏽

Miss_Hell Incognito : He's done this before.... So had Steve Irwin and we all know how that turned out. R.I.P. "Cappy"....

USAGeorge Pa. : This is what you get when reporters are looking for a story. They haven't a clue as to how a boat properly handled in bay water/ anchored down properly may well be the safest place to be.Along with ridiculing people who stay in their homes even when the houses are 40 ft above sea level. Inland in low lying areas is where the lives will be lost....The media is looking for stories to tell in all the wrong places, as usual.

Hugh McCurdy : Riding out Hurricane Florence in a boat makes great sense, as long as the boat is off the shore of Maine...